Tiger Woods Rachel Uchitel

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Rachel Uchitel: I Am Not a Whore

Tiger Woods Mistress No. 1 speaks

(Newser) - Surely you've been waiting on pins and needles for this: Rachel Uchitel has, finally, given an interview ... though she refuses to discuss her highly-publicized dalliance with Tiger Woods. "People have called me all sorts of names, but they don’t know me," she tells the Mail , adding that... More »

Rachel Uchitel Hits Celeb Rehab

She's apparently addicted to pills

(Newser) - Thanks to Rachel Uchitel, Celebrity Rehab is saved. Dr. Drew was having a hard time finding big enough celebrities for the fourth season of his VH1 show, PopEater reports —what, Jeremy London isn’t a household name?—but now he’s snagged none other than Tiger Woods Mistress No.... More »

Married Tiger Slept With 121 Women: Enquirer

He confesses to tally during sex addict treatment

(Newser) - Tiger Woods confessed during sex addiction treatment that he slept with 120 women while married to wife Elin, reports the National Enquirer . He failed to mention a 21-year-old neighbor he bedded in an affair that finally pushed Elin over the edge, according to a source. Elin has definitely decided to... More »

Tiger Mistress Rachel Uchitel Pitches Reality Show

'Romancing Rachel' would follow her dating life

(Newser) - If you're tired of reality shows and Tiger Woods, this is very bad news: Mistress No. 1 Rachel Uchitel is pitching a reality show, reports TMZ . Called Romancing Rachel, it would follow her quest for true love. VH1 and the Oxygen network are reportedly considering it, while E! and Lifetime... More »

Tiger Woods' Rachel Uchitel Payoff: $10M

That's a lot more than previously speculated

(Newser) - It pretty much goes without saying that Tiger Woods paid Rachel Uchitel off—but the real amount is much, much higher than originally speculated. Early estimates put the figure at $1 million; it was later thought to be between $2 million and $5 million—but TMZ reports it’s actually... More »

'Tiger's BFF Was His Sex Czar'

Vanity Fair: Pal Bryon Bell Set Up Trysts

(Newser) - Turns out Tiger had some help managing his mistresses, especially from his BFF "sex czar." Interviews with four former flames suggest the golfer's pal Bryon Bell helped arrange his trysts. “I would always go through Bryon,” says cocktail waitress and former Tiger flame Jamie Jungers. Bell... More »

Tiger Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel: I'm No 'Hooker'

She threatens to sue Vegas comic over Facebook postings

(Newser) - Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel is threatening to sue a Las Vegas comic and showman because his Facebook page calls her a "hooker" and a "slut" among other things. Uchitel's lawyers (including Gloria Allred) ordered Jeff Beachman to take the posts down because they amount to defamation, reports... More »

Coming Soon: Tiger Mistress Beauty Pageant

At least four are set to compete

(Newser) - Get ready for at least two more weeks of Tiger Woods Mistress Mania: Four of the golfer’s alleged lovers have signed on for Howard Stern’s Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant. Participants will compete in categories like Swimsuit, Personality, and Talent for a $100,000 prize provided by cheaters’... More »

Tiger Mistress Rachel Uchitel Lands Extra Gig

She'll report on nightlife for TV show as special correspondent

(Newser) - Apparently, being one of Tiger Woods' women-on-the-side is lucrative in more ways than one. Rachel Uchitel, aka Mistress No. 1, has scored a job as a special correspondent for Extra, where she'll report on hot nightlife spots. The gig came about after Uchitel impressed Extra producers during her exclusive interview... More »

Tiger Put Mistress on Phone With Wife

Elin's friends dish about that infamous night

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ car crash on Thanksgiving started an avalanche of news stories, but what caused the crash has remained shrouded in secrecy—until now. Tiger was undone by a text message, two anonymous sources close to Elin Nordegren tell Gerald Posner of the Daily Beast . Woods had warned Nordegren that... More »

Elin Seeks Sole Custody of Tiger's Kids: Tabs

As Tiger Woods' wife waffles on divorce, Rachel Uchitel flees to Florida

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ scorned wife is definitely going to file for divorce…right? Gossip sites can’t seem to agree on that pivotal issue. Sources tell TMZ Elin Nordegren hasn’t yet decided whether to file, but Radar cites two UK tabloids claiming she is not only moving forward with the... More »

Tiger Woods Galpal No. 1 Receives Death Threats

Rachel Uchitel takes down her Facebook page

(Newser) - The first woman linked with Tiger Woods as revelations of his extramarital shenanigans unfolded has been the object of death threats. A good number of people have called Rachel Uchitel's cell phone and threatened to hunt her down and kill her; they got through using a number made public in... More »

Child Services Visits Woods' Home

Plus, no Tiger in Playgirl —and no Rachel Uchitel in Playboy

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ bad publicity woes just continue to pile on: He got a visit from the Department of Children and Families Friday, an official confirms. The visit came after a complaint, but no word on who complained about what. The case is still being evaluated, TMZ reports. More on the... More »

Tiger Lady Mulls Playboy Offer

Uchitel negotiating for 'big money' to pose nude: sources

(Newser) - Alleged Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel is considering an offer to pose nude in Playboy, sources say. The nightclub hostess "wants a lot of money" and no deal has been made, sources tell Extra. Uchitel—who hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred after the Tiger scandal broke—has been paid "... More »

Holly Sampson Brags About Tiger Sex— on Video

Plus, Rachel Uchitel gets tested and Elin broke Woods' tooth

(Newser) - If only more of us watched online porn chat, this whole Tiger Woods scandal could have broken six months ago—when porn star Holly Sampson bragged about sleeping with the golfer. Though she recently said “No comment” when asked about a relationship with Woods, E! reports, back on May... More »

Tiger Woods' Sexy Texts Revealed

Read messages, emails to Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs

(Newser) - Teaching today’s lesson on why it’s not a good idea to send sexy text messages to your mistress: Tiger Woods. In Touch got hold of texts and emails to galpals Rachel Uchitel and Jaimee Grubbs, and here are a few of the best, courtesy of the New York ... More »

Rachel Uchitel: 'I'm No Tramp'

Woods lover says she's not a homewrecker

(Newser) - Rachel Uchitel has broken her media silence to tell the world she's not a tramp. "In every story you need a villain and a hero. I've been characterised as a villain," the first woman alleged to have had an affair with Tiger Woods tells OK! magazine. "People... More »

Tiger's Next Play: Sex Addict Defense

Don't let him get away with it

(Newser) - The next trick up Tiger Woods' sleeve is bound to be the "sex addict" defense. Commentators have already laid the groundwork, with therapists like Drew Pinsky declaring that "it's safe to say that sex addiction might be part of his problem." But don't let Woods get away... More »

Inside Tiger Woods' Sleazy VIP World

Rachel Uchitel, Kalika Moquin 'madams'; porn's Joslyn James a 'mistress'

(Newser) - Rachel Uchitel and Kalika Moquin are important players in Tiger Woods’ clandestine, VIP-room existence—but not in the way you’ve heard. In a look into the scandal that could shake up the secret life of super-rich athletes everywhere, Deadspin reveals that their main job—a job that likely netted... More »

Rachel Uchitel Had 'Crazy Ambien Sex' With Tiger

Plus, Ashley Dupre, of all people, weighs in on Woods scandal

(Newser) - The Tiger Woods news just keeps on getting more disturbing: The latest revelation involves the drugs he allegedly did with Rachel Uchitel before they slept together. Uchitel, aka alleged mistress No. 1, bragged to friends about her “crazy Ambien sex” with Tiger, sources tell Radar . Why the insomnia drug?... More »

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