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9/11 Responders Finally Get Health Payouts

Rewards range from $10K to $1.5M

(Newser) - The federal government's 9/11 health care fund finally gave its first payouts yesterday, bestowing awards ranging from $10,000 to $1.5 million on a group of 15 first responders. The recipients are being kept anonymous, but 14 are firefighters, with the other being a corrections officer. Most were... More »

Feds to Cover Cancer of 9/11 Responders

US adds 50 types despite lack of direct evidence

(Newser) - On the eve of 9/11's anniversary, the federal government has added 50 kinds of cancer to the list of ailments covered by the Twin Towers health program, the AP reports. The National Institute for Occupational Safety made the announcement today after years of lobbying by 9/11 first responders, office... More »

9/11 Health Fund to Cover Cancer

Science still out, but official says covering victims more important

(Newser) - After years of the government refusing to cover cancers developed in the aftermath of 9/11, a federal health officer has reversed course, adding 50 types of cancer to the $4.3 billion fund set up to treat first responders as well as people who lived, worked, or attended school in... More »

Cancer Rates Triple for 9/11 Cops

Nearly 300 NYPD first responders have been diagnosed

(Newser) - The federal government denies any cancer danger for 9/11 first responders, but a new study begs to differ. The New York Patrolmen's Benevolent Association released data today that cancer rates have nearly tripled among NYPD officers since the terror attack, the New York Post reports. The first-of-its-kind study also... More »

More 9/11 Cops Died of Cancer Than in 9/11 Attacks

Yet they are not eligible for compensation: NYDN

(Newser) - Since September 11, 2001, 45 NYPD officers have died of cancer. It may not seem like a huge number, until you consider that it’s nearly twice as many as the 23 who died in the 9/11 terror attacks—and that hundreds of other cops also have the disease. But... More »

9/11 First Responders Aren't Terrorists, FBI Confirms

They're now eligible for health care

(Newser) - The FBI has finished screening the 60,000 September 11 first responders against the terrorist watch list to determine if they’re eligible for health care benefits and—surprise!—all of them passed, sources tell the Wall Street Journal. New York lawmakers decried the screenings, which were thrown into... More »

Stewart: Who Cares If 9/11 Caused the Cancer?

Umm, so the law covers carpal tunnel syndrome ... but not cancer?

(Newser) - Jon Stewart hasn’t been shy about advocating for the 9/11 first responders health care law . So you can imagine he was just a bit peeved when he discovered that it doesn’t cover cancer . In a Daily Show segment last night entitled "I Thought We Already Took Care... More »

No Benefits for 9/11 Responders With Cancer

Not enough evidence links WTC toxins to cancer, review decides

(Newser) - There isn't enough evidence linking working at Ground Zero to cancer to justify compensating 9/11 responders for cancer treatments, a federal review has concluded. The benefits-providing Zadroga Act that was signed into law earlier this year requires periodic reviews of any evidence of cancer, the New York Times reports.... More »

Congress Gets in One Last F*** You to 9/11 Responders

Not even Libyan rebels get screened against watch list: Stewart

(Newser) - Apparently, it wasn't enough that it took more than nine years to pass the 9/11 health bill—Congress still needed to deliver "one final kick to the nuts of the first responders, one final Congressional 'f*** you very much,'" Jon Stewart said last night . That... More »

FBI to Screen 9/11 Responders Against Terror List

Names of cops, firefighters to be compared to watch list

(Newser) - Police, firefighters, construction workers, and anyone else covered by the 9/11 responders bill will be warned that their names must be compared to the FBI's terrorist watch list before they can receive benefits, according to a letter obtained by the Huffington Post . The requirement was added by GOP Rep.... More »

Get a Grip: Jon Stewart Is No Murrow

He's mostly a comedian, guys

(Newser) - Jon Stewart’s push for the 9/11 first responders bill has been getting him lots of praise, and drawing some lofty comparisons—the New York Times even likened him to Edward R. Murrow . But “Murrow didn’t do fart jokes,” argues Steve Krakauer of CNN . “Stewart is... More »

Most Productive Congress Since 1960s Adjourns

111th passed vast legislation in 'dysfunctional' environment

(Newser) - The 111th Congress adjourned last night, after passing more key legislation that affected more Americans than any since Lyndon Johnson’s 1960s “Great Society,” Bloomberg reports. That included $1.67 trillion spent to save the economy, health insurance for 32 million people, and new regulations on Wall Street;... More »

Stewart Stirred the Pot on 9/11 Health Bill: White House

Even so, bill may not be passed this year

(Newser) - Jon Stewart is getting a lot of credit for the attention he brought to the 9/11 first responders bill—including the White House itself. The Daily Show host “put the awareness around this legislation,” says Robert Gibbs. “If there's the ability for that to sort of break... More »

With 9/11 Bill, Jon Stewart Steps Off the Sidelines

Christopher Beam: Now the question is, will he stay there?

(Newser) - Jon Stewart has always maintained he's a comedian, not a politician or an activist. But his stalwart advocacy of the 9/11 first responders bill—he may have single-handedly saved it—looks different. Stewart labeled the non-passage of the bill “an outrageous abdication of our responsibility” to the 9/11 responders.... More »

Gillibrand, Schumer: We'll Pass New 9/11 Health Bill

Revamped version said to pay for itself

(Newser) - Smile, Jon Stewart : the fight for a 9/11 health care bill may not be over, despite Republicans having blocked it weeks ago. New York’s senators have edited their bill to provide care for first responders, and they hold that the new version will "pay for itself," Reuters... More »

Angry Stewart Devotes Entire Last Show to 9/11 Responders

'I feel … so angry inside that I feel like I cannot articulate'

(Newser) - In case you missed it, Jon Stewart is really , really angry about the Republican filibuster of the 9/11 first responders health care bill . So angry that he devoted the entirety of last night’s Daily Show—the last of 2010—to the issue, the Huffington Post reports. First he blasted... More »

Senate Republicans Block 9/11 Health Bill

Democrats hope to insert it into tax-cut deal

(Newser) - GOP senators stopped a $7.4 billion bill to help rescuers who suffered injuries in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the New York Times reports. The Senate voted mostly on party lines to extend debate on the 9/11 health bill, effectively sending it to be considered by the next... More »

Immigration Fight Threatens 9/11 Health Bill

House leaders will cancel vote if Republicans add amendment

(Newser) - Illegal immigration might scuttle a bill to provide health care for people who worked at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11. House leaders are considering canceling today’s planned vote if Republicans introduce an amendment barring illegal immigrants from benefiting from the bill, the Wall Street Journal reports. Democrats... More »

NY Politicians Enraged That Obama Opposes 9/11 Health Bill

$11B, over 30 years, at odds with budget freeze

(Newser) - Funding for a bill that would set aside $11 billion over the next 30 years to address health issues resulting from the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks in New York looks to be a casualty of President Obama’s proposed budget freeze—to the outrage of the state’s congressional... More »

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