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5 Worst Airlines for Customer Satisfaction

ACSI rankings based on everything from in-flight services to seat comfort

(Newser) - Spirit Airlines may not be flying high after seeing the results of this year's American Customer Satisfaction Index travel report . Although the airline scored 15% higher than it did last year, it still came in dead last, with a score of 62 out of 100, per CNNMoney . The rankings... More »

Mom's Genius Review of Teen's Crop Top Goes Viral

Mom uses cat to model 'ridiculously small' top

(Newser) - A mom who wasn't happy with the skimpy crop top her 16-year-old daughter ordered off of Amazon gave the $4.99 top (full product name: "Lady Padded Bra Tops Bustier Cutout Vest Crop Top Bralette Tank Blouse") just one star on the site back in April. But... More »

Amazon's Funniest Fake Product Reviews

Uranium, horse masks, lady pens, and more

(Newser) - Satirical Amazon product reviews have become a long-running meme and an unintended drawcard of the site (remember all those hilarious Mitt Romney-inspired binder reviews? ). Now Amazon itself has embraced the phenomenon by posting a collection of its own favorites. Some highlights:
  • BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen: "I
... More »

How to Get 5-Star Reviews on Amazon? Buy Them

Watch out: Such scams might be on the rise

(Newser) - Anne Marie Logan was shocked when she received the new leather case she'd ordered for her Kindle Fire. Packaged with it was a letter urging her to write a review for the product—and promising her a refund if she did. "I was like, 'Is this for... More »

Amazon, Change Your Dumb Book Review Policy

Let only people who have bought the books write about them

(Newser) - Michael Lewis has written an acclaimed best-seller about the financial industry, but you wouldn't know it from the customer reviews on Lewis' The Big Short is getting savaged there with low ratings—by people who haven't even read it. Why? They're Kindle fans angry it isn't being made... More »

5 Stories