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Gamers: Nintendo 3DS Makes Us Sick

Nintendo: Don't play it so much then

(Newser) - Gamers— including some reviewers —who have tried out Nintendo's new 3D-effect console say it has left them feeling distinctly woozy. Customers complain that the Nintendo 3DS, which flashes separate images into each eye, has caused headaches and nausea, and now they're having trouble getting full refunds from retailers, the... More »

Nintendo 3DS Promising, but a 'Headache Machine'

Augmented reality, 3D effects snazzy though

(Newser) - Nintendo's much-hyped 3DS, which features glasses-free 3D effects, launched yesterday. Does it pass muster? Here's what critics are saying:
  • The 3D screen is “a wonder to behold,” but it’s also a “sure-fire headache machine,” writes Adam B. Vary of EW . But the eye strain and
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Nintendo to Little Kids: Don't Use Our 3D Console

Those under age 6 risk damage to vision

(Newser) - As Nintendo prepares to unveil its highly anticipated 3D gaming system , the company is warning that kids under 6 should steer clear. Because their eyes are still developing, the 3DS system could damage their vision, it says. In fact, users of all ages should be wary of eye fatigue with... More »

Americans Want 3DTVs —Until They Watch One

Then their interest is cut in half

(Newser) - American consumers are eager to buy 3DTVs, until they actually try to watch one. In a new Nielsen study, 25% said they were “very likely” to buy a 3DTV in the next year. But after donning the glasses for themselves, that number dropped to just 12%, while the number... More »

Nintendo Rolls Out 'Stunning' No-Glasses 3D Game System

Nintendo's 'stunning' 3DS can also take 3D pictures

(Newser) - Nintendo made a deep splash at E3 last night with the 3DS, a 3D version of its portable system. The device doesn’t require any glasses to produce the illusion of 3D, and can turn the effect off if your eyes ever get tired. It can also play 3D movies... More »

Nintendo Going 3D, Without Glasses

Handheld DS system will be upgraded eventually

(Newser) - Nintendo is planning to release a 3D version of its portable DS system, with one really intriguing twist: there won’t be any glasses. Dubbed the Nintendo 3DS, the company is calling the device the successor to the current DS series. Nintendo won’t reveal any more details until June,... More »

6 Stories