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ISIS Destroys Roman Theater in Ancient City

Palmyra's famous Tetrapylon is gone

(Newser) - ISIS militants have destroyed a landmark ancient Roman monument and parts of the theater in Syria's historic town of Palmyra, the government and opposition monitoring groups say. Maamoun Abdulkarim, the head of Syria's antiquities department, says the militants destroyed the facade of the second-century amphitheater along with the... More »

Tourist Shatters Historic Statue in 'Boneheaded' Selfie Attempt

24-year-old awaits trial

(Newser) - Portugal's revered King Sebastiao, also known as the child king, was crowned as a 3-year-old when his grandfather died in 1557. His father, having died two weeks before his birth, never got to meet the near-mythical figure. And now, reports the International Business Times , tourists are being denied a... More »

Stupidity Is Final Sign of Apocalypse

(Newser) - "Recession" and "depression" seem far too understated to describe our world's woes. With conflicts raging from the Middle East to Mexico—and politicians pandering to Wall Street crooks who ruined our economy—let's try another word: "apocalypse," writes David Sirota in Salon. "... More »

Destroy Earth: 10 Easy Methods

Get your evil on with these surefire ways to obliterate the planet

(Newser) - Destroying life on earth is one thing; obliterating the planet entirely is quite another. Bring out your inner supervillain with any of these 10 strategies.
  1. Hurl the earth into the sun.
  2. Release a Von Neumann machine beneath the earth's crust.
  3. Smash something large (such as Mars) into the earth.
  4. Eject
... More »

China Flood Toll Nears 700

Millions homeless in devastating deluge

(Newser) - Massive flooding, landslides, and mudflows caused by weeks of violent rainstorms have killed 652 people in China and forced 5M out of their homes. Across the country, 452,000 houses have been destroyed, and officials are forecasting continued severe rain for China's southwest, northeast, and northwest regions in the coming... More »

Twister Levels Kansas Town, Leaving 9 Dead

Greensburg, farming community of 1,400, destroyed by worst tornado in years

(Newser) - A wedge tornado more than a mile wide carried off the city of Greensburg, Kansas, yesterday, destroying virtually the entire town and killing at least nine residents. Some Kansans are calling it one of the worst twisters in more than a decade. "I can't believe the destruction I'm seeing,... More »

6 Stories