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Man Downloads Fallout 4, Loses Wife and Job

Russian is now suing game's creator, claiming he developed an addiction

(Newser) - A 28-year-old gamer from the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk is suing Fallout 4 maker Bethesda Game Studios for an addiction he says cost him his wife, job, and health. After seeing an ad and downloading the game last month, he found himself emerging from a bunker into a post-apocalyptic world,... More »

Dad Hires Online 'Assassins' to End Son's Gaming

Son's character was killed off every time he logged on

(Newser) - A father in China worried about his unemployed son's obsession with online gaming put a hit out on the 23-year-old's avatars in his favorite games, paying "assassins" to kill his son every time he logged on. The two reportedly reconciled after the son discovered the plot, though... More »

Cops: Vietnam Girl Is Killed for Online Game Money

Teen boy allegedly stole 7-year-old neighbor's earrings

(Newser) - A Vietnamese teenager who allegedly killed his 7-year-old neighbor to steal her gold earrings to pay for computer games has been arrested. The 15-year-old was taken into custody a day after he allegedly beat the girl's head with rocks and fled with her earrings. The girl died of brain... More »

How CityVille Sucked In a Hardcore Gamer

Online game's accessibility and simplicity turns busy man into addict

(Newser) - The online city-planning game CityVille is meant for “casual gamers,” and there are plenty of them: 92 million active monthly users, to be exact. But such simple gameplay and basic graphics would turn off any sophisticated player, right? Wrong—as JP Mangalindan, writing in Fortune , found out. A... More »

Teens Hit With Midnight Video Game Curfew

6-hour 'Midnight Shutdown' aims to get underage gamers some sleep

(Newser) - Here's a novel sort of curfew: Teenagers in South Korea will be prevented from staying up all night to play online video games by a 6-hour blackout period. It's being called the "Midnight Shutdown," but the culture ministry's decree actually gives underage gamers the choice of midnight to... More »

5 Stories