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She Won a Historic Election. Now, a Problem

Ocasio-Cortez, youngest woman elected to Congress, can't afford DC apartment yet

(Newser) - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made history Tuesday by becoming the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. But the 29-year-old Democratic star from New York City revealed to the New York Times that she has an unusual problem as a result, albeit a temporary one. "I have three months without a salary... More »

Only Women Show Up to Senate After Blizzard

It speaks to women's 'hardiness,' says Sen. Lisa Murkowski

(Newser) - For what might be the first time in history, the United States Senate held only women on Tuesday. Only Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska took to the Senate floor after the weekend blizzard and were tasked with delaying Senate business, reports ABC News . Then... More »

Here's Why Canada PM Made Half His Cabinet Women

Everyone say it with Justin Trudeau: 'Because it’s 2015'

(Newser) - In 1969, Judy LaMarsh, only the second woman to ever serve in Canada's Cabinet, brought up her status as a political anomaly. "Visitors in the Commons' gallery … made no effort to disguise the fact that they regarded me as a curiosity and stared whenever I could be... More »

DC's Toxicity Killed the Political Rom-Com

Bipartisanship? Powerful, likeable women? Too 'unrealistic': Chloe Angyal

(Newser) - Back in the '90s, there were plenty of Washington-based romantic comedies: The American President saw a commander-in-chief falling in love with a lobbyist who convinced him to put his ideals over politics, while Speechless told the story of Democratic and Republic speechwriters getting together. There's still plenty of... More »

Plight of Women in Politics: Articles About Their Shoes

Irin Carmon: Why are we discussing Kathryn Ruemmler's footwear?

(Newser) - Kathryn Ruemmler is the White House chief counsel (and currently in the middle of the IRS mess ), so it totally makes sense that the fourth-most-popular story in the Washington Post's political section right now would be ... an article about Ruemmler's love for flashy shoes . Wait, what? It... More »

House Committee Chairs Won't Be All-Boys Club

Candice Miller of Michigan gets picked

(Newser) - John Boehner took some heat earlier this week when his newly announced lineup of House committee chairs was made up entirely of men. But he still had two spots left, and the speaker used one of them today to select Rep. Candice Miller of Michigan to run the House Administration... More »

Pelosi, Luke Russert Spar on 'Offensive' Age Question

Nobody asked Mitch McConnell same question, she notes

(Newser) - When Nancy Pelosi announced today that she's staying on as House minority leader, NBC's Luke Russert posed a question about her age (72) that sparked some fireworks at her press conference, notes the Huffington Post :
  • Russert: “Some of your colleagues privately say that your decision to stay
... More »

Obama's Best Weapon: Single Women

They were huge this election, but now face more stereotypes: Meghan Daum

(Newser) - Mitt Romney should have put a ring on it, because it was all the single ladies who helped President Obama win a second term. So says Meghan Daum in the LA Times , who writes that the president's focus on women's health issues and the like helped him nab... More »

In New Hampshire, Women Rule

All top leaders are female, highlighting a big night for political women

(Newser) - Female candidates fared well across the country yesterday, but perhaps nowhere better than in New Hampshire. As the Union Leader points out, all the state's top political jobs will soon belong to women for the first time: Gov.-elect Maggie Hassan, senators Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte, and congresswomen... More »

10 Glass Ceilings Not Yet Cracked

White House chief of staff, Navy Seal, US prez among them

(Newser) - A dozen Fortune 500 companies may have female CEOs, but many glass ceilings remain to be cracked by US women. The BBC spots 10:
  • White House Chief of Staff. "CJ Cregg of TV's The West Wing might make the list for best chief of staff of all time,
... More »

'Hormone Case' Guys Not Fit for Politics

They can't power penis and brain at same time, notes Robin Williams

(Newser) - Get a grip, fellas. Obviously, many of you have runaway hormone issues that make it impossible for you to behave responsibly in public office. Yet popular culture has always insisted that "women can't be be trusted in positions of power because their judgment might be addled by raging... More »

2012 Not Looking Good for Women

Candidates 'provocative but unelectable': Dee Dee Myers

(Newser) - The 2008 election brought us the first victory by a woman in a presidential primary, not to mention the first female GOP candidate for national office. But 2012 isn’t shaping up so nicely for women: Those making headlines are either “provocative but unelectable” or “provocative but who... More »

Geraldine Ferraro Dead at 75

She was the first woman to run for vice president

(Newser) - Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to run on a major party's presidential ticket, has died at age 75, reports Politico . The former Queens congresswoman made political history when she accepted Walter Mondale's invitation to be his vice-presidential running mate in 1984. "If we can do this, we can do... More »

Limbaugh: Obama and His Boys Are 'Sissies'

Gates, male liberals are 'the new castrati'

(Newser) - In a column for CNN, David Gergen wrote about how "ironic" it is that the advisers who "talked Obama into using force" against Moammar Gadhafi were all women. But Rush Limbaugh was not at all surprised by the fact that "leading male advisers were opposed." Referencing... More »

These 'Hard-Core Women' Are the New Feminists

And they're 'annoying,' writes Kathleen Parker

(Newser) - There’s a new type of feminist taking Washington by storm, though these women would never stoop to the level of actually calling themselves feminists. These are the “gun-toting, breast-feeding” supermoms who “condemn government for being a ‘nanny’ and tell men to man up,” all while... More »

Civility in DC? Female Senators Show the Way

The 17 women of the chamber regularly gather for dinner

(Newser) - As Washington continues to struggle with divisive political rhetoric, one group has been quietly making strides in the opposite direction: the 17 female senators. “We committed to maintaining a zone of civility here within the institution long before it became the chic thing to do,” says Barbara Mikulski,... More »

Women Take Control of Swiss Government

Ruling council gains female majority for first time

(Newser) - Women in Switzerland, who weren't allowed to vote or run for office just 40 years ago, now control the country's government. Women gained a four-person majority in the country's ruling seven-member Federal Council with the election of Social Democrat Simonetta Sommaruga, who defeated a candidate from a right-wing party, the... More »

Women the Big Winners in Super Tuesday Primaries

Maybe voters are just tired of men

(Newser) - With disgruntled voters casting around for candidates who look like Washington outsiders, women across the political spectrum may outdo Tea Partiers as the big winners in this year's elections, Jonathan Alter writes in Newsweek, noting last night's victories for Nikki Haley, Meg Whitman, and Carly Fiorina. Female candidates may look... More »

In Today's GOP, Only the Women Have Balls

Conservatives, yes, but even Betty Friedan would be intrigued

(Newser) - Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Liz Cheney. Whether or not you agree with their politics, there's no denying that a "certain breed of fire-breathing pink pachyderm is clearly on the rise," writes Michelle Cottle at the New Republic . Disagree? Then, quick, name any male Republican who comes even close... More »

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