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Trump's Son Receives a Threatening Letter

Was sent to Eric Trump's apartment, with Massachusetts postmark

(Newser) - Donald Trump says he's got "many, many millions of people" behind him, but apparently not everyone is a Donald devotee. Someone who apparently falls into the latter camp took out their frustrations via his 32-year-old son, Eric, who is said to have received a threatening letter Thursday in... More »

US Embassy in Sweden Evacuated

Threatening letter contained mysterious substance

(Newser) - The US embassy in Stockholm was evacuated today, after receiving a threatening letter with a mysterious white powder inside, Reuters reports. Police briefly sealed off the area, which is in a wealthy neighborhood of the Swedish capital, but eventually allowed the staff of about 150 reenter the building. "We... More »

German Bank Evacuates 700 Over White Powder

40 Deutsche Bank workers who may have had contact being checked

(Newser) - About 700 people were evacuated from a Deutsche Bank office in Germany today after white powder was found in a letter at the building, Reuters reports. Forty bank employees who may have had contact with the powder are undergoing health checks. The Schkeuditz building was used for back-office operations, and... More »

Biden's Brother Hospitalized by Mystery Package

White powder apparently sent from India

(Newser) - Joe Biden's brother received a mysterious package full of white powder yesterday that sent him to the hospital and sparked a Hazmat emergency, the Palm Beach Post reports. Francis Biden, 57, opened the package at his Ocean Ridge, Florida, home and saw the powder pour out onto his skin.... More »

Craig Ferguson Latest to Get Death Threats

White, anthrax-like powder mailed to show from Europe

(Newser) - Just days after David Letterman received death threats from an angry (and apparently confused) jihadist , follow-up program The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson received a threatening letter from Europe containing a mysterious white powder, reports the AP . Two staffers who came in contact with the substance were held for... More »

House Chamber Evacuated Over Suspicious Powder

Substance determined to be harmless, authorities say

(Newser) - The House chamber was evacuated today after a suspicious white powder was found on the gallery floor, the Washington Post reports. "Nothing hazardous was found," a police spokeswoman said this afternoon. The House is still on recess until tomorrow, so only pages were present in the chamber when... More »

6 Stories