Amanda Bynes retires

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8 More Stars Who 'Unretired'

They tried, but just couldn't say goodbye

(Newser) - Just five weeks into her early retirement , Amanda Bynes is back —thank goodness. “As you let the good news sink in, possibly while IMDBing who Amanda Bynes actually is,” Mary Elizabeth Williams writes for Salon , consider eight other public figures who just couldn’t quit:
  • Cher: “
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'I've Unretired': Amanda Bynes

Actress breaks career news on Twitter again

(Newser) - A month after stunning Hollywood and sparking questions about her mental stability with the news of her retirement , Amanda Bynes wants a do-over. "I've unretired," the 24-year-old on-again-off-again actress tweeted . She's a co-star of the buzzed-about high school comedy Easy A, notes People —and within minutes of... More »

Is Amanda Bynes Losing It?

Actress seemed paranoid on set of latest film, sources say

(Newser) - Amanda Bynes says she’s retiring from acting —but many are speculating that Hollywood may have retired her. She achieved TV fame at an early age, but Big Fat Liar—which she filmed at 15—was her first, and last, big-screen success. The 24-year-old actress has recently spent more... More »

Keep Amanda Bynes, Let These Actors Retire

Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart are disposable

(Newser) - News that 24-year-old Amanda Bynes is retiring from acting doesn't sit well with Richard Lawson. "There were signs of some charm in her fluffy teen pics," he writes for Gawker , and besides, plenty of other no-talent actors could quit without causing a moment's pain:
  • Kristen Stewart: Whether in
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Amanda Bynes Retires From Acting

24-year-old tweets big news

(Newser) - Onetime child star Amanda Bynes, who gained fame on Nickelodeon, has retired from acting. "I don't love acting anymore so I've stopped doing it," the 24-year-old announced at 3am yesterday—on Twitter, of course. "If I don't love something anymore I stop doing it." If she's... More »

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