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Trump Has Inspired a Law and Order: SVU Episode

It's set to air 2 weeks before election

(Newser) - If you're looking for a TV show to distract you from the ugliness of the race for the White House, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit may not be the best choice: The show's Oct. 26 episode will star Gary Cole as a politician whose campaign goes "... More »

New Law & Order Series Features Menendez Case

Notorious '90s case will be back in the spotlight

(Newser) - The sensational trials of the '90s have rolled back around faster than some of the era's fashions. Parent-killing rich kids Lyle and Erik Menendez will be in the spotlight once again in a new Law & Order series that the Los Angeles Times describes as NBC's attempt... More »

Occupiers Shut Down Law & Order: SVU

Protesters weren't happy about Occupy-themed episode

(Newser) - Occupy Law & Order: SVU? That was the agenda of a group of more than 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters Friday, as they stormed a set for the TV show that was staged to look like their own Zuccotti Park encampment. "This is not us," said one. "... More »

Law & Order Filming Episode Inspired by Giffords

But a rep makes sure to note the show is fiction

(Newser) - You had to see this one coming: Law & Order: LA is filming a "ripped from the headlines" episode that echoes the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. Filming started yesterday on an episode involving a female state senator who is gunned down in public, Entertainment Weekly reports. A rep for the... More »

Gosselin Mess Hits Law & Order

Ripped from the headlines...a Jon-and-Kate inspired tale

(Newser) - The hot mess that is the Gosselin family is set to hit NBC's Law & Order—with a few twists. The Oct. 16 episode Reality Bites revolves around a show named Larry Plus 10; if you're wondering why there's no Kate in that equation, that's because she's dead: Larry's... More »

Hollywood Acts That Could Use a Bailout

MTV, Paris Hilton, the Oscars among franchises needing a makeover

(Newser) - Like Wall Street and Detroit, Hollywood is sinking under stagnant numbers and outdated business plans. The Los Angeles Times runs down some Tinseltown properties in need of a bailout.
  • MTV: The once counter-culture juggernaut should take a hint and develop edgy new dramas a la Gossip Girl.
  • Law and Order:
... More »

Ledger Tragedy to Hit Law & Order

Law & Order will borrow storyline

(Newser) - Heath Ledger’s death is set to provide Law & Order with another “ripped from the headlines” episode, the New York Post reports. An upcoming show about a male supermodel who “has a great career and gets all the ladies” is based on Ledger’s demise, say an... More »

NBC: Lots of Law, No Order

Crime drama's creator furious with NBC over handling of show

(Newser) - NBC's relationship with Law and Order producer/creator Dick Wolf has always been uneasy, but now it’s turned into all-out war, the Wall Street Journal reports. Wolf is furious with the network, which he says sells the show to its cable stations on the cheap, then reruns it too often... More »

Law & Order: Noth Out, Goldblum In

No more Mr. Big on Criminal Intent

(Newser) - Jeff Goldblum will take Chris Noth’s place in the next season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the New York Daily News reports. Contract talks between Noth and USA Network evidently didn’t pan out. Noth, also known as Mr. Big on Sex and the City, spent five years... More »

Spitzer Scandal Hits Small Screen Tomorrow

Law & Order season finale fictionalizes ex-gov's hooker exploits, with a twist

(Newser) - If disgraced New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer was ever a Law & Order fan, he probably isn't anymore. Tomorrow’s ripped-from-the-headlines season finale on NBC tells a fictionalized version of the sensational sex scandal that doomed Spitzer’s political career, the New York Post reports. Actor Tom Everett Scott guest-stars... More »

Law & Order Star Busted for Gun at LAX

Dennis Farina faces weapons charge

(Newser) - Former Law & Order star Dennis Farina was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday for carrying a concealed, loaded and unregistered .22 caliber handgun, reports E! Online. Farina, 64, had been planning  to fly to his hometown of Chicago. The actor, who has played cops and criminals in several... More »

Spitzer-Like Sex Saga Tapped for TV

Familiar-sounding tale to feature in Law & Order episode

(Newser) - An Elliot Spitzer-like sex saga is headed to the small screen, reports the New York Daily News. TV's Law & Order has begun casting for an episode that will feature a politician nabbed in a prostitution ring. Meanwhile, life is getting harder for Silda Spitzer, wife of the disgraced former... More »

Fred Stumps for Acting Roles

Former candidate turns to Hollywood

(Newser) - He won't be president next year, but maybe he'll play one on TV. Fred Thompson, the former US senator whose folksy run for the White House failed to galvanize support, is returning to acting. He has signed with Hollywood's William Morris Agency to seek new movie and television roles, reports... More »

Thompson Exits GOP Race

Politician-turned-actor-turned-politician abandons White House bid

(Newser) - Honey-voiced presidential candidate Fred Thompson has ended his campaign after a disappointing third-place finish in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, Fox News reports. The exiting hopeful, famed for his role as District Attorney Arthur Branch on “Law and Order,” has been calling friends and supporters today to announce... More »

Thompson Might Call It Quits

Expected to drop out without a strong showing in Iowa

(Newser) - Insiders say GOP presidential hopeful Fred Thompson will probably drop out of the race if he doesn't do well in Iowa, Politico reports. The former senator and "Law & Order" actor's candidacy generated a lot of excitement in its early days but never gained much traction nationwide. More »

Fred Dominates in Absentia

Thompson scored in abstentia, says Spectator's Talbin

(Newser) - Fred Thompson's campaign counter-programming last night—announcing his candidacy on Jay Leno instead of debating GOP rivals in New Hampshire—scored with the American Spectator’s John Tabin, who notes that he dominated the debate without being there. The forum’s first question was a contest to see who could... More »

Candidate or DA: Thompson Can't Be Both

If he runs, NBC will pull 'Law & Order' episodes

(Newser) - NBC will pull “Law & Order” reruns featuring DA Arthur Branch if the man who portrays him runs for president, the New York Times reported today. The self-imposed ban on those 115 episodes in which Fred Thompson appears would avoid the obligation to give other candidates comparable air time... More »

Thompson (Already) Falters

Campaign sinking before it starts swimming

(Newser) - Fred Thompson's White House campaign is in trouble before it has even officially begun, according to the Washington Post's campaign diary. Short of money and minus a manager, the unannounced Thompson is tied for last in the polls with the floundering John McCain. More »

Plot Twist: NBC Renews 'Law & Order'

'Mothership' back for season 18, but spinoff to move to cable sibling

(Newser) - In a fitting move for a show that made its name with unexpected twists, ratings-challenged "Law & Order" will return to NBC's fall lineup for its 18th season, the network announced today. The eleventh-hour deal relegates the show's "Criminal Intent" spinoff to fellow NBC Universal network USA, with... More »

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