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Here's What Black Model in 'Racist' Dove Ad Thinks of It

Lola Ogunyemi: Outrage is understandable, but I am not a victim

(Newser) - Lola Ogunyemi grew up being told she was pretty ... "for a dark-skinned girl." So when Dove offered her the chance to model in one of its body wash campaigns, she jumped at it. "Having the opportunity to represent my dark-skinned sisters in a global beauty brand... More »

Dove Apologizes for Ad Many Are Calling Racist

It appeared to show a black woman turning into a white woman

(Newser) - Dove is once again being called out for one of its ads. This time, the ad in question showed a black woman pulling off her brown shirt to reveal a white woman in a pale shirt, who then pulled off her shirt to reveal a non-Caucasian, but still light-skinned, woman... More »

Dove's New Bottles Have a Message, and Some Hate It

They're designed to mimic the shape of women

(Newser) - Dove's latest ad idea doesn't appear on its bottles—it is the bottles. The company has rolled out "limited edition" body wash in the UK packaged in bottles of various shapes, the idea being that women come in various shapes, too. "Every woman’s version of... More »

Think You're Pretty Hot? You're Probably Wrong

Study finds we believe we're more attractive than we actually are

(Newser) - The latest video in Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign featured women describing themselves to an unseen forensic sketch artist, who drew them as they were described by themselves and then as they were described by a stranger. The sketches based on the stranger's description turned out more attractive,... More »

Stephen Colbert: How to Exploit the Ladies ... for Cash

Just follow Unilever's deodorant example

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert has certainly tackled women's issues on his show , but until last night, he had yet to address "the most pressing women's issue of all: how to make some cash off of them." Fortunately, Unilever is already on the job with the brilliant marketing of its "... More »

New Dove Deodorant Makes Underarms Prettier!

Finally, someone solved this very important problem

(Newser) - Ladies, be honest: What are you looking for in your deodorant? Clearly, you’re hoping it will curb odors, but beyond that, wouldn’t it be great if it also gave you beautiful armpits? Enter Unilever, whose Dove "Ultimate Go Sleeveless" deodorant hits stores this week and promises to... More »

Dove Wants 'Real' Beauties ...With 'Flawless' Skin

Apparently 'real' women don't have scars

(Newser) - Dove is all about “Real Beauty”—but its next “real” campaign is only open to women with “flawless skin.” Odd, since the campaign is supposed to “make a statement about all the unrealistic images of women the world is bombarded with daily,” writes... More »

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