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Cops Pull Over Man Riding Horse on California Freeway

The man was charged with a DUI

(Newser) - A man was reportedly pulled over on a California freeway, where police say they found him riding a horse. According to the California Highway Patrol, Luis Perez was discovered on the white steed in Bellflower, where he was stopped. The Placentia man was administered a field sobriety test, which officers... More »

Obama Freeway Coming Soon?

Calif. state senator sure hopes so

(Newser) - Barack Obama may soon have more in common with Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln than his soon-to-be former residence. If Resolution SCR8 is passed by the California Senate and Assembly, Obama—like his aforementioned predecessors—will have a road named after him in Los Angeles, specifically a section of the... More »

Suspect in Arizona Freeway Shootings to Be Released

Leslie Merritt Jr. will be electronically monitored at home

(Newser) - A judge on Tuesday allowed a man charged in freeway shootings that rattled Phoenix last year to be released from jail amid questions about evidence authorities say links him to the crimes. The judge overseeing the case of Leslie Merritt Jr. reduced his bond to zero and said he can... More »

Vigilante 'Bolt Force' Trying to Solve Ariz. Shootings

But Phoenix cops investigating freeway shootings want Bolt Force to back off

(Newser) - They bill themselves as "the nation's first and only armed volunteer crime fighting force that specializes in law enforcement and preservation of order." And this week, members of Bolt Force are turning their attention toward solving an Arizona mystery that's been frightening residents and puzzling police:... More »

Calif. Bridge Collapse Halts Interstate Traffic

Main route to Arizona closed 'completely and indefinitely'

(Newser) - An elevated section of Interstate 10 collapsed yesterday amid heavy rains in the California desert, injuring one driver, stranding many others, and halting travel for thousands by cutting off both directions of a main corridor between Southern California and Arizona. "Interstate 10 is closed completely and indefinitely," says... More »

Crazy Scene on Freeway: Wildfire Burns Cars

20 vehicles were destroyed

(Newser) - By now, we're used to seeing images of California wildfires destroying homes. But cars on the freeway? That was the case in San Bernardino County today as fast-moving fire swept across Freeway 15, reports KTLA . The fire destroyed 20 cars that had been abandoned on the road and damaged... More »

Shootings Reported Along California Freeways

At least 4 dead in Tustin-area incidents, including shooter

(Newser) - At least four people are dead in a series of shootings along two Southern California freeways, including the suspected gunman. Police got their first call at about 4:45am from a home in the Tustin area, where they found one woman's body with multiple gunshot wounds. The suspect, a... More »

LA Buckles Up for 'Carmageddon 2'

It's baaaaaack: The 405 Freeway closes again

(Newser) - Even Los Angelenos admit that "Carmageddon" ended with a whimper , but now comes the sequel—and some say it could be horrible, Reuters reports. A new 53-hour closure of the 405 Freeway north of the Getty Center starts at midnight tonight and drags on until Monday at 5am. So... More »

Gas Gone, Small Plane Lands on Freeway

Second road landing in days

(Newser) - For the second time in as many days, a small plane has landed on a California road near San Diego. Late last night, a plane carrying four landed on Interstate 15 in Escondido. No one on the road or on board the plane was hurt in the incident, the AP... More »

Bronx Crash Occurred at Freeway's 'Bermuda Triangle'

But Maria Gonzalez was speeding when she clipped median: police

(Newser) - Yesterday's horrifying car crash near the Bronx zoo occurred at the Bronx River Parkway's "Bermuda Triangle," where accidents have happened before, a lawyer tells the New York Daily News . In fact, Eric Buckvar sued New York state and city for some of the six people... More »

'Carmageddon' Commences

405 closes, construction begins

(Newser) - It's too early yet to declare victory over Carmageddon, notes the LA Times, but Los Angeles' normally traffic-choked Interstate 405 closed at midnight without incident, converting into what the AP calls a "ghost road." "When I left work, it was like a no man's land,... More »

Wary LA Braces for 'Carmageddon'

405 closure leads to crazy discounts, viral videos, possible flash mobs

(Newser) - LA residents are planning to flee or hunker down this weekend as a 10-mile stretch of the 405, one of the nation's busiest freeways, shuts down for 53 hours. For non-Angelenos: This is a big deal, hence the nicknames "Carmageddon" and "Carpocalypse." Some of the most... More »

Kids Near Freeway May Have Greater Autism Risk

Study suggests air pollution could be a factor

(Newser) - Add this to the autism mix: A study of kids in California found that those who lived near freeways at the time of their birth—as in, about 1,000 feet—had twice the risk of developing the disorder. Researchers aren't making any definitive claims, but they say the study... More »

Hip-Hop Group Blocks LA Freeway

Seems like a good place to put on a concert, no?

(Newser) - A hip-hop band certainly got the attention it wanted when it blocked a California freeway yesterday, backing up traffic for miles. Members of the group Imperial Stars parked their truck across three lanes of the 101, then started performing atop it. Three people were arrested, the Orange County Register reports.... More »

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