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Ex-NYT Editor, Wife Question Cancer Blogger, Outrage Ensues

Bill, Emma Keller wrote about Lisa Bonchek Adams

(Newser) - A pair of columns questioning a woman's very public battle with Stage IV breast cancer are lighting up the Internet. Former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller and his wife, writer Emma Gilbey Keller, both wrote pieces on Lisa Bonchek Adams, who is chronicling her fight via Twitter... More »

NYT, Greenwald Go Mano a Mano—in NYT

Exchange with Bill Keller focuses on objectivity, sideswipes David Brooks

(Newser) - Glenn Greenwald thinks the New York Times is a "nationalistic" source that has printed "quite toxic smears of government critics without any accountability," and you could learn that by reading today's New York Times . Columnist Bill Keller had a very lengthy back-and-forth with Greenwald about... More »

Forget WikiLeaks: Manning Should Have Gone to NYT

He might have seen more leniency: Bill Keller

(Newser) - Bradley Manning told a military court that he'd tried to contact the New York Times with the host of diplomatic cables that ended up hitting WikiLeaks. Things might have been different if he'd succeeded, speculates Bill Keller in the Times. Private Manning might have benefited: "I suspect... More »

Reporting Overseas: Why It's Worth Dying For

Bill Keller talks about the importance of international reporting

(Newser) - While reading a piece on the death of ambassador Chris Stevens recently, New York Times columnist Bill Keller hit on a line that hit rather close to home. The death was described as "the occasional price of a noble but risky profession." For a Times veteran, that sounded... More »

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a War

Bill Keller offers lessons from Iraq

(Newser) - As the drum-beating grows louder on Iran and Syria, Bill Keller looks back on Iraq and beyond. To avoid a debacle, there are five questions we should ask ourselves before entering a war, he writes in the New York Times :
  1. "How is this our fight?" Are American interests directly
... More »

Candidates' Faith Is Our Business

Candidates need to answer clearly about their religious beliefs

(Newser) - It's time to "get over" our squeamishness of talking frankly about religion in public life, especially when so many Republicans running for their party's presidential nomination have such unusual and strong religious beliefs, says Bill Keller in the New York Times . Two are Mormons, and three others... More »

Abramson Named as NYT's First Female Editor

Bill Keller resigns, will write full time

(Newser) - Jill Abramson will become the New York Times ' first female executive editor in 160 years, succeeding Bill Keller, who is leaving the post to write full-time for the paper. Abramson, a former investigative reporter and Washington bureau chief, has served as managing editor since 2003. Born and raised in... More »

Times, Guardian Vow to Back Assange in Court

If he's ever prosecuted for his WikiLeaking ways

(Newser) - If the US ever tries to prosecute Julian Assange for his various information leaks, the editors of the Guardian and the New York Times say they’d have his back. “If, God forbid, ever this came to court, I would be completely side-by-side with him,” said Guardian editor... More »

NYT's Criticism of 'Arrogant' Assange Still Ringing

Editor Bill Keller calls him 'conspiratorial,' and WikiLeaks fires back

(Newser) - New York Times editor Bill Keller's lengthy essay on dealing with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange continues to ricochet around the blogosphere, with most of the attention focused on his not-so-flattering assessment of Assange as a person. He describes the WikiLeaker as "arrogant, thin-skinned, conspiratorial, and oddly credulous" and says... More »

Ground Zero Evangelist: Glenn Beck a 'False Prophet'

Bill Kellar rages against Islam, says Ghandi's in hell

(Newser) - Internet Evangelist Bill Keller held the first meeting for his “9/11 Christian Center at Ground Zero” yesterday, slamming Glenn Beck, Imam Feisal Rauf, and … Ghandi? Keller wants to build a church near Ground Zero as a counterpoint to the proposed Islamic Community Center, which he has called "... More »

Media Kept Quiet on Journalist's Kidnapping

Times convinced all to put reporter's safety first

(Newser) - Media outlets ranging from major newspapers to blogs agreed to stay quiet on the kidnapping of New York Times reporter David Rohde, who escaped Taliban captors Friday after seven months, out of fear for his safety, reports the Washington Post. Times executive editor Bill Keller decided sit on the story... More »

NYT Reporter Escapes Taliban After 7 Months

(Newser) - A reporter for the New York Times held by the Taliban for 7 months in the tribal regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan has escaped, the paper says. The Times kept David Rohde’s abduction secret out of concern for his safety and had been in sporadic contact with him and... More »

Daily Show Tours 'Creaky Old Rag' NYT

Correspondent compares paper to 'Colonial Williamsburg'

(Newser) - The Daily Show took a withering look at the state of the New York Times last night, comparing its newsroom to “Colonial Williamsburg,” Gawker reports. “Do you know they still make paper newspapers today?” Jason Jones asks viewers before interviewing Times staff. “Why is aged news... More »

Times Weighs 2 Pay Models for Web Content

One scenario is 'tricky;' the other will get you a T-shirt

(Newser) - The New York Times will decide how to charge users for its web content by the end of next month, the New York Observer reports. In his semi-annual newsroom meeting Wednesday, executive editor Bill Keller outlined two proposals the company is considering: a meter system based on word count or... More »

Journal Poaches Times' Ad Dollars

Expansion of coverage under Murdoch has lured high-end retailers to WSJ

(Newser) - The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are in an advertising war, and it appears the Journal is winning, Bloomberg reports. Notable accounts, particularly in the luxury market, are fleeing to the Times’ rival. “They’re definitely stealing advertising dollars,” one analyst said of the Journal,... More »

McCain Story Spurred Turmoil at Times

Editor pushed for better evidence of affair, irking reporters amid buzz

(Newser) - Today’s New York Times bombshell alleging improper ties between John McCain and a lobbyist dropped only after three months of feuding between reporters who thought they’d “nailed” a story and the Gray Lady’s unsatisfied editor, the New Republic reports. One writer quit the paper over the... More »

Times Staffer Slain in Baghdad

Reporter-interpreter becomes 110th journalist killed since 2003 US invasion

(Newser) - An Iraqi reporter in the New York Times Baghdad bureau was shot and killed today on his way to work. Khalid Hassan, 23, is the second Iraqi Times employee and the 110th journalist killed in Iraq since 2003. Bureau chief John F. Burns described Hassan, a  4-year Times veteran, as... More »

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