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3 Marines Dead in Virginia Base Shooting

Suspect among dead; was Quantico base staffer

(Newser) - A Marine killed two fellow Marines and then himself at a Virginia base last night, the AP reports. Authorities say it was an isolated incident, probably triggered by a relationship dispute at the Quantico base, reports NBC News . Two males and a female are dead. The shooter killed his male... More »

Manning Wins 112-Day Reduction in Any Sentence

But it falls far short of defense's hopes

(Newser) - A military judge today reduced the potential sentence for an Army private accused of sending reams of classified documents to the WikiLeaks website. At a pretrial hearing at Fort Meade for Bradley Manning, the judge found that Manning suffered illegal pretrial punishment during nine months in a Marine Corps brig... More »

Manning Acknowledges He Made a Noose in Custody

Prosecutors say it shows he needed extra-tight security

(Newser) - Bradley Manning's pretrial hearing continued today, with a prosecutor showing the court a knotted noose that the Army private made after he was charged with giving classified documents to WikiLeaks. Manning admitted that he contemplated suicide soon after his arrest in Iraq, but he said those feelings quickly subsided... More »

Manning Played Peek-a-Boo, Licked Cell Bars: Testimony

Accused WikiLeaker kept in solitary due to bizarre behavior: Daniel Choike

(Newser) - Bradley Manning's treatment at Quantico—23 hours per day spent in solitary confinement, sometimes naked—has been likened to torture , but a military commander explained to Manning's court martial yesterday that such measures were taken because of Manning's bizarre behavior, the Guardian reports. Daniel Choike, who commanded... More »

Deer Love Grazing at FBI Shooting Range

Hunting regulations make Quantico safe for animals

(Newser) - The busy FBI training ground in Quantico, Virginia, is a bit of a zoo—including foxes, turkeys, groundhogs, and free-roaming black bears. Most noticeable of all are the deer, which graze safely around the 547-acre academy despite the crackle of more than 1 million marksman bullets every month. "They'... More »

Unlikely FBI Trainers: Westboro Church

Furious agents get sessions canceled

(Newser) - The Westboro Baptist Church apparently has a thing or two to teach the FBI, so leaders were invited by federal officials to help train agents at Quantico, NPR has discovered. Churchgoers were called in to show agents what makes extremists tick, according to federal sources. Early training sessions went off... More »

Army Will Transfer Manning to New Prison

Pentagon says it's not because of criticism

(Newser) - WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning will be transferred from maximum-security Quantico to medium-security Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, reports AP . The move comes after human rights groups complained of unduly rough treatment for the Army private, though the Pentagon said the decision should not be seen as a concession, notes Politico . Manning'... More »

UN Torture Watchdog: I Want to See Manning

Pentagon is blocking unmonitored visit, official complains

(Newser) - The United Nations' torture watchdog is accusing the US of stonewalling him in his attempts to visit suspected WikiLeaker Bradley Manning. "I am deeply disappointed and frustrated by the prevarication of the US government with regard to my attempts to visit Mr. Manning," said UN official Juan Mendez.... More »

Pentagon Papers Leaker Arrested at Manning Protest

34 others nabbed at rally against 'torture' of suspected WikiLeaker

(Newser) - Pentagon Papers-leaker Daniel Ellsberg and 34 other activists were busted yesterday at a rally protesting the treatment of suspected WikiLeaker Bradley Manning. Hundreds attended the demonstration at the Quantico Marine base in Virginia, where Manning is being held in solitary confinement. Protesters were arrested when they refused to follow orders... More »

Doctor Group Blasts Manning's Shrinks

Military psychiatrists not doing their duty, group charges

(Newser) - The military psychiatrists treating Bradley Manning are violating their ethical duties, according to a leading group of doctors. The advocacy group Physicians for Human Rights says that by allowing the accused WikiLeaker to be kept in solitary confinement in a military brig, the psychiatrists are not doing their duty as... More »

In 11-Page Letter, Manning Writes of Naked Humiliation

He's forced to stand nude as guards walk past him, he writes

(Newser) - Bradley Manning has released an 11-page letter describing his treatment at Quantico's brig in his own words for the first time. The alleged WikiLeaker says he has been “left to languish under the unduly harsh conditions of max custody,” and complains that being placed on Prevention of Injury... More »

Anonymous to Hit Quantico Over Manning Treatment

Activist hackers planning attack brig where WikiLeaker is being held

(Newser) - The group of activist hackers known as Anonymous has declared war on the US military, according to a self-styled—and not so anonymous—spokesman for the collective. Barrett Brown, who calls himself a "propagandist" for Anonymous, says the group plans to disrupt operations at the brig where accused WikiLeaker... More »

UN Launches Probe Into Bradley Manning 'Torture'

Anti-torture office responds to complaint

(Newser) - The United Nations has launched an investigation into reports that treatment of the army private suspected of leaking classified information to WikiLeaks amounts to torture. Bradley Manning is being held aboard a floating brig in Quantico, Va., where he's not allowed to exercise during his 23 hours of solitary confinement... More »

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