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Late Comedian's Family Sues Over Trek's 'Farley' Fat Tires

Complaint says Trek Bicycles is capitalizing on late actor's 'fat guy' brand

(Newser) - The family of late comedian and film star Chris Farley has filed a federal lawsuit against Trek Bicycle for naming its fat-tired bikes "Farley," saying the Wisconsin-based bike company misappropriated Farley's name and traded on his "fat guy" brand of comedy, the AP reports. Farley, who... More »

Medical Costs Spike for Bike Injuries

Men account for most of it

(Newser) - Taking a bike ride can offer various health benefits, but along with those pros come the cons: notably, the risk of being seriously hurt in an accident. UC San Francisco researchers say such incidences have risen steadily for adults since the late 1990s, with more visits to the ER and... More »

Lock Stops Bike Thieves by Making Them Throw Up

SkunkLock emits 'noxious' vomit-inducing chemical

(Newser) - You wouldn't think a product that makes people lose their lunch would be a viable item to bring to market, but the inventors of SkunkLock are hoping their innovation will be a hit in the bike-riding community, the Guardian reports. The creators of the crowdfunded Indiegogo project , billed as... More »

Clever Bike Thieves Using This New Trick

They're cutting racks, then hiding the gap with tape

(Newser) - London's bike thieves are getting extra crafty. On Friday, a police officer tweeted photos of a bike rack that had been sliced through and then taped back together to hide the cuts from the city's unsuspecting cyclists, per Boing Boing . Sarah King, a councilor for South Camberwell, tells... More »

Tiny Part Just Caused a Huge Recall of 1.5M Bikes

Malfunctioning generic lever is root of problem for bikes from 13 different brands

(Newser) - In 2011, heralded the advent of disc brakes as the "biggest revolution in ride technology since integrated shifting," promising a safer, easier way to slow bikes down. But the safety part is now uncertain for some: The Consumer Product Safety Commission has ordered a recall of... More »

Bicycle Commuting Stats Surge, Still Pretty Pathetic

There are 60% more people biking to work, but that's still not very many people

(Newser) - Bicycle commuting is on the rise! It's just not rising very far. The number of Americans who bike to work has surged an impressive-sounding 60% over the past decade, a bigger increase percentage-wise than any other mode of transportation, according to a new Census Bureau report spotted by USA ... More »

For the Glistening Spin Addict: Sweat-Proof Bikes

Indoor biking classes are hot these days

(Newser) - Exercising cyclists are gushing so much sweat that two boutique spin chains are releasing new bikes of their own creation, specially designed to prevent rusting metal and soggy handles, reports the Wall Street Journal . In-studio cycling, or spinning, is surging in popularity as gym-goers seek a cheaper alternative to conventional... More »

Poop-Powered Bike to Tour Japan

Driver's feces to fuel 600-mile jaunt

(Newser) - Calling it “clean” fuel would be a bit of a stretch: Japan’s top toilet maker has built a bike that runs on human excrement. TOTO’s Toilet Bike Neo has a seat that looks like a toilet, and it’s powered by bio-gas from the driver’s own... More »

Jesse James Hawks His Stuff on eBay

Sandra's ex is 'highly recommended! Great eBayer!'

(Newser) - When Jesse James isn't busy crying about the breakup of his marriage , he's apparently unloading all his crap on eBay. The serial cheater and soon-to-be-ex Mr. Bullock has what RadarOnline terms a "vast collection" of possessions online, and eBayers are apparently bidding to get a piece of the trainwreck.... More »

Bike Theft Victims Turn to Web Posses

(Newser) - Bike owners are turning to newer technology to help nail crooks stealing their rides by posting online pleas to lookout posses, reports the Wall Street Journal. Victims use Twitter, Facebook and other sites geared toward bikers to hook into a nation of eyes watching streets and classified ads for stolen... More »

Despite Cameo, Ron Paul Plans to Skip Brüno

(Newser) - Ron Paul is more likely to be out biking this weekend than watching Sacha Baron Cohen’s Brüno, though the congressman and 2008 presidential candidate has a cameo. “Doesn’t exactly reflect my best moments,” the Texas Republican, 73, told the Hill. Paul appears in a scene... More »

YouTubers Dotty Over Bike-Riding Dalmatian

(Newser) - The latest video to hit the spot with YouTube fans is footage of a bike-riding Dalmatian in Japan, reports the Telegraph. The dog appears to pedal down the street on a small bike with training wheels, stunning pedestrians. The video has garnered hundreds of thousands of hits, with one viewer... More »

Scraper Bikes Catch Big Ride on YouTube

Passion for colorful, customized rides spreads around globe

(Newser) - Scraper bike fever is sweeping the globe, thanks to a music video posted on YouTube by teenage friends in Oakland, NPR reports. These tricked-out bicycles are named after big, bright, and bold old-model cars fitted with wheels so large they scrape the rims. Unable to afford a car, the “... More »

US Slow to Hop On Global Biking Boom

Countries that encourage self-propelled commuting see benefits instantly

(Newser) - The US remains uninspired by nations that have prodded people to save money by biking to work, the Washington Post reports. Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands installed infrastructure years ago to benefit bikers and discourage cars, but America—along with Canada, Australia, and Britain—have not. "It is very... More »

College Peddles Bike Program to Go Green

Wis. school offers freshmen free cycles for no-car pledge

(Newser) - Incoming freshmen are jumping on a Wisconsin college’s offer of a brand-new bike in return for leaving their cars at home, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Ripon College aims to save parking spots, and perhaps the planet, with its Velorution Project. The initiative, one newly minted student cyclist says,... More »

Car-Happy LA Proves Hostile Terrain for Bicyclists

Many who bike to work find a not-so-friendly attitude from drivers

(Newser) - Bicycling to work can be hazardous—and tiring—just about anywhere. Now imagine biking to work in Los Angeles, probably the country’s most car-dependent city. As more pump-pained commuters turn to biking, they’re discovering that many motorists aren’t well versed in sharing, the Wall Street Journal reports... More »

Britain to Fight Fat in 'Fit Towns'

Government would broaden eco-friendly schemes to address health concerns

(Newser) - In light of dire predictions about the cost of the obesity crisis, England wants 10 previously planned eco-friendly towns to also combat obesity by promoting healthy lifestyles, the Guardian reported today. Among the proposals: more bike lanes; safe walking routes to school and the downtown area; larger and more modern... More »

Paris Gears Up For Pedal Power

City hopes shared bikes will make a dent in ze car traffic

(Newser) - Paris began offering free bikes at stations throughout the city yesterday in a new initiative to ease car traffic. Cyclists can use any of  20,000 heavy-duty bikes parked at 750 locations around the capital by swiping a transportation card that costs $1.36 for the day and up tp... More »

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