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There's Another Food No-No for Pregnant Women

A sweetener in licorice might affect cognitive function in children

(Newser) - Wine, sushi, deli meat ... licorice? Perhaps. A new study suggests that licorice consumed during pregnancy could detrimentally affect a woman's offspring. Researchers in Finland say the culprit is glycyrrhizin, a tongue-twister of a sweetener that naturally occurs in the licorice plant and is also added to teas and herbal... More »

Your Chewing Gum Is Making Your Dog Sick

Common sugar substitute xylitol can even be fatal to pups

(Newser) - If Snopes and scientific studies aren't enough, perhaps reports at the Wall Street Journal , CBS News , and Nature World News can sway you: A sugar substitute found in chewing gum and other everyday food and household items can make dogs sick and even kill them. Veterinary experts say xylitol—... More »

Brands Sour on Corn Syrup, Switch to Sugar

Selling the switch is a challenge for marketers

(Newser) - Major brands like Hunt's ketchup, Gatorade, and Wheat Thins are ditching high-fructose corn syrup, the popular but much-maligned sweetener, and turning instead to good old-fashioned sugar. "We know moms don't like (corn syrup), and they don't want to feed it to their kids," a supermarket expert tells Advertising ... More »

Stevia Sets Sights on Sweetener Market

'Natural' substitute an advertiser's dream

(Newser) - The arrival of stevia, a new artificial sweetener approved by the FDA in December, will likely upend the fake-sugar market, the New York Times reports. Sweet ’N Low, Equal, and Splenda have fought to stalemate of sorts, but stevia brings a huge advantage: Because it comes from a plant,... More »

Sugar Makes Comeback on Corn Syrup's Bad Rep

Nutritionists slam food makers' efforts to sell sugar as the healthy choice

(Newser) - Sugar, once a nutritional outcast, is back in fashion as American consumers start to turn away from high-fructose corn syrup, the New York Times reports. Manufacturers are rushing to replace the syrup—used in everything from soft drinks to spaghetti sauces—with sugar, and selling the switch as a move... More »

Coke, Cargill Team Up on New Sweetener

Based on herb called stevia, not yet approved in US

(Newser) - Coke has teamed up with Cargill to produce and market the all-natural, calorie-free sweetener rebiana, based on a South American herb called stevia. Coke and Cargill plan to market it in 12 countries that have approved stevia as a food additive, while attempting to win regulatory approval in the US... More »

6 Stories