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Kardashians Nearly Imploded, Until Kanye Saved Them

A profile at Racked explores how the sisters have become business juggernauts

(Newser) - Wish the Kardashians would go away? Keep wishing. "There's something palpably too big to fail about the Kardashians these days," writes Zan Romanoff in a lengthy profile at Racked . The story traces the clan's rise, showing how the sisters have gone from making a buck by... More »

7 Crazy Over-the-Top Celebrity Weddings

Including some even more expensive than the Kimye nuptials

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding was certainly over-the-top: It cost an estimated $2.8 million , but what do you expect when you're flying your guests from Paris to Florence via private jet, hiring Andrea Bocelli to sing, holding your rehearsal dinner at the Palace of Versailles, and... More »

26 Crazy Expensive Celeb Weddings

$2M? Seems reasonable...

(Newser) - Madonna's $1.5 million wedding to Guy Ritchie seems expensive ... until you compare it to Michael Jordan's recent nuptials, which cost $10 million. Those are just two examples of the 26 crazy expensive celebrity weddings Radar rounded up. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out... More »

Kim Wanted 'Farewell Chat' With Kris for TV Series

Humphries refused Kardashian's request

(Newser) - We can't imagine why, but for some reason when Kim Kardashian asked ex-husband Kris Humphries if they could have one last video chat to say goodbye—while cameras filmed the whole thing for Keeping Up With the Kardashians—he said no. Kim aired her desire for the Skype chat... More »

581 Days Later, Kim and Kris Are Divorced

The divorce process lasted 8 times longer than the actual marriage

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian's marriage lasted 72 days ; her struggle to end that marriage lasted 581. But it is finally over: A judgment officially dissolving the marriage has been signed by a judge, making the divorce effective yesterday, Radar reports. But this doesn't necessarily mean Kim will be running out... More »

Kim-Kris Saga Finally Over?

Kardashian, Humphries will announce in court today: sources

(Newser) - Finally, the divorce battle that has lasted about seven times longer than the actual marriage did may be coming to an end. Sources connected to Kris Humphries tell TMZ he and Kim Kardashian have settled, and it should be officially announced in court today. Humphries had apparently backed down recently... More »

Kris Humphries Had to Re-Shoot Marriage Proposal

Kim Kardashian wasn't happy with her reaction the first time around

(Newser) - Shocker: Some of the stuff you saw on Kim Kardashian's reality show may not have actually been true to life. Case in point: Court documents obtained by Life & Style reveal that when Kris Humphries proposed to Kim, she made him do it all over again so they could... More »

Kim: Kris Humphries Is Ruining My Life

She just wants him to divorce her, already

(Newser) - This should be a joyful time in Kim Kardashian's life, but—in addition to finding out that pregnancy is "not, like, fun" —the mom-to-be is also fuming at her estranged husband, Kris Humphries, who won't cooperate with her divorce plans. "Kim is seeing red because... More »

Kim: Pregnancy 'Not, Like, Fun'

But she's looking forward to it all being worth it

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian is apparently not a huge fan of carrying Kanye West's baby : "When people say that pregnancy is, like, fun and they love it, I would have to disagree. ... I wouldn't say it's been easy," she tells Entertainment Tonight . Of course, she adds, "... More »

12 Celebs Who Had a Really Bad 2012

Demi Moore, Lance Armstrong probably happy to see this year end

(Newser) - You think you're ready for 2012 to be over? Well, these dozen celebrities rounded up by the Huffington Post are probably even happier to wave goodbye to this year:
  • Demi Moore: She kicked off 2012 by inhaling too many "whip-its" and having a seizure; her year went on
... More »

Kanye Served Subpoena ... in a Nordstrom Box

Kris Humphries wants to depose him in Kim Kardashian divorce

(Newser) - We all know Kanye West loves fashion —which explains why Kris Humphries' lawyer attempted to serve him with a subpoena hidden in a Nordstrom box. Kim Kardashian's lawyer revealed the story in a hearing on the Kardashian-Humphries divorce yesterday, TMZ reports. It seems a "strange individual" rang... More »

Behind Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape ... Her Mom?

Kris Humphries claims Kris Jenner was behind it all

(Newser) - We all know that Kris Jenner, mom to the Kardashian Klan, cares more about her children's well-being than, say, their level of fame, right? So it's a bit shocking to hear that Kris Humphries, destined to forever be known as the ever-so-brief spouse of Kim Kardashian, claims Jenner... More »

Kris Humphries Calls FBI on Ex

Not Kim Kardashian ... Myla Sinanaj

(Newser) - Kris Humphries hasn't had the best luck with the ladies as of late, and his latest headache has nothing to do with Kim Kardashian. TMZ reports that the athlete's lawyers have been talking to the FBI about Myla Sinanaj, an ex who they claim is attempting to extort... More »

Obama Blissfully Unaware of Jessica Simpson's Baby

But he does know all about Kim Kardashian's marriage

(Newser) - If you feel like you can’t leave your house without hearing about Jessica Simpson’s new baby, perhaps you just need to run for president of the United States. President Obama, appearing on The View today, was given a pop quiz on pop culture—and he revealed that he... More »

Kris to Kim: No Divorce Til You Admit It Was a Sham

Humphries wants Kardashian to admit wedding was staged

(Newser) - The Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries divorce process has now officially lasted more than twice as long as the marriage itself, and there is no end in sight. Kris won't give Kim a divorce, sources tell the New York Post —and, though Kim's people are spinning it as a... More »

Kim Finally Dealing With All Those Wedding Gifts

Kardashian keeping presents, donating twice the value to Dream Foundation

(Newser) - It took her a few months, but Kim Kardashian is finally dealing with that awkward predicament of what to do with a bunch of possibly-used wedding gifts after your 72-day marriage dissolves. Answer: She's keeping the gifts, but donating the money to charity, as she had promised to do... More »

Kim Even Planned Own Proposal

Kris Humphries reveals staging to friends

(Newser) - At this point, it's common knowledge that Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries was a reality show stunt—but it turns out that Kardashian even scripted that magical moment when Humphries popped the question. Humphries has told friends and family that Kardashian actually planned "how, where, and... More »

Kim's Present for Duchess Kate: Really Ugly Shoes

Plus: Khloe's not really a Kardashian, and more K-news

(Newser) - Kate Middleton turned 30 on Monday, so of course Kim Kardashian got her a present. If by "got her a present," you mean "designed an unfortunate-looking pair of shoes and then named it 'The Duchess' in an effort to pump up sales." Glamour points to... More »

Knicks Fans Boo Kris Humphries

Resounding ding for Kim's 72-day hubby

(Newser) - Who knew so many Kim Kardashian fans like basketball? They were apparently out in force when the New York Knicks played the New Jersey Nets at Madison Square Garden yesterday—and resoundingly booed Kardashian's 72-day hubby, Kris Humphries. The Knicks crowd zinged Humphries every time he touched the ball... More »

Kris Humphries Once Dated ... Huntsman Daughter

Too bad he ended up marrying Kim Kardashian instead

(Newser) - Today in Completely Random Celebrity Couplings: Kim Kardashian ex Kris Humphries once went on a date with Jon Huntsman’s daughter, Mary Anne . Her sister, Liddy, reveals that little tidbit in a new GQ profile, to a horrified reaction ("Liddy!" says Mary Anne). Humphries was playing for the... More »

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