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Pediatrics Group to Parents: No Spanking, Yelling

AAP comes out with a much stronger policy statement against 'aversive' discipline

(Newser) - It's been two decades since the American Academy of Pediatrics issued an official stance about discipline, and in that time, the group's opinion has changed quite a bit. Its 1998 guidance recommended that "parents be encouraged and assisted in developing methods other than spanking in response to... More »

Education Chief to Schools: Stop Hitting Kids

John King says corporal punishment is 'harmful,' 'ineffective'

(Newser) - Education Secretary John King has a message for states where physical discipline is permitted in schools, per USA Today : Quit it. In a letter to governors and state school chiefs, King says 22 states—mostly in the South and West—still allow corporal punishment or don't forbid it. He... More »

How We Discipline Kids Has Changed, or So Say Parents

Moms report less spanking, more time-outs

(Newser) - A long-range study on how parents discipline their kids shows a clear trend: spanking is down and time-outs are up. The Georgetown researchers looked specifically at national surveys involving mothers with kindergarten-age kids and found that modern parents across all income levels report spanking their children less than their counterparts... More »

Mom's Craigslist Ad Selling Daughter's Truck Goes Viral

She's just one of 2 'meanest moms' to go viral this week

(Newser) - A Minnesota mom is getting a lot of attention for her Craigslist post selling her daughter's 1998 Dodge Ram, which starts off, "So, because I'm the World's Meanest Mom..." Amy Adams' 15-year-old daughter has been acting out, Adams tells WFMY , and the final straw was... More »

Barber Gives Naughty Kids 'Old Man' Haircuts

Georgia's Russell Fredrick offers free 'Benjamin Button Special' to fed-up parents

(Newser) - If you're a frustrated parent in Snellville, Ga., who doesn't know how to get your child to behave, there's a barber who thinks he knows how to cut that naughtiness off—by literally cutting your child's hair off. Three days a week, A-1 Kutz owner Russell... More »

UK Children's Official: Ban All Parental Smacks

Maggie Atkinson says it's strange that pets get stronger protection

(Newser) - Britain's official in charge of children's welfare may have just launched a national debate on the nanny state. Maggie Atkinson tells the Independent that she thinks parents should face criminal punishment for even mild smacks of their kids. The quote roiling up the British press:
  • “Personally, having
... More »

FBI's New Crisis: Too Much Sexting

Records reveal range of disciplinary issues

(Newser) - FBI agents have received a stern rebuke in internal reports: Time to stop the sexting. An assistant director says the agency has been dealing with a "rash" of dirty texts and naked photos, some sent on government-furnished devices, CNN reports. "When you are given an FBI BlackBerry, it'... More »

School Handcuffed First Graders for Talking: Lawsuit

Mother seeking $100K from Chicago schools

(Newser) - A Chicago mom is suing the city’s public school system, alleging that a school security guard handcuffed her son and several other 6- and 7-year-olds for talking in class. When asked by school officials to discipline the kids in March 2010, the guard allegedly took them to an empty... More »

Judge Admonishes Mom for Spanking Daughter

She gets five years' probation, must attend classes

(Newser) - A mother in Texas who got arrested after spanking her toddler received five years' probation and a stern lecture from the judge this week, reports KZTV . "You don't spank children today," District Court Judge Jose Longoria told Rosalina Gonzales. "In the old days, maybe we got... More »

NC Restaurant Bars Screaming Kids

Owner says the new signs are a hit

(Newser) - A North Carolina restaurant has angered some families—and relieved some diners—by putting up signs that say, "Screaming children will not be tolerated." The upshot? "It has been a good thing for us," the owner of the Olde Salty restaurant in Carolina Beach tells WECT... More »

Texas Town's Schools Bring Back the Paddle

'A good crack might not be a bad idea,' says resident

(Newser) - A small town in Texas is reviving an old disciplinary technique: hitting students with paddles. Temple lifted its ban on the practice last May. Without paddling, "there were no consequences for kids," says the head of the school board, who adds that high school students have become much... More »

Spanking Makes Kids Aggressive

Docs recommend time-outs rather than corporal punishment

(Newser) - Spanking an unruly child may make a parent feel better in the moment, but the effects on the spank-ee are negative and long-lasting, new research shows. Tulane University scientists looked at 2,500 3-year-olds, waited 2 years, and controlled for other factors that might have influenced their behavior. "The... More »

Football Players Key Bloody Dorm Melee at Michigan St.

Two kicked off team after ski-mask-wearing men storm hall

(Newser) - Two Michigan State football players are off the team tonight after an incident Sunday in which they and as many as 20 fellow Spartans, many wearing ski masks, stormed a dorm and beat fellow students, including women. “I walked up and said, ‘It isn’t worth it,’... More »

Spanked Kids Have Lower IQs

Offspring of hands-off parents test better: scientists

(Newser) - American children whose parents use spanking for discipline have lower IQs than those who aren't spanked, a new study finds. Researchers assessed about 800 2- to 4-year-olds and 700 5- to 9-year-olds and revisited them 4 years later, reporting a dropoff of up to 5 IQ points in kids whose... More »

White Philly Cop Busted Down to Desk for Cornrows

Hair didn't look 'professional,' though several black officers wear cornrows

(Newser) - A white Philadelphia police officer with cornrows was ordered by a black superior to cut his hair and was temporarily busted down to desk duty because of the braids, reports the Philadelphia Daily News. Thomas Strain was ordered to cut his hair to look more "professional," even though... More »

Biden's Big Mouth Irks Obama: Book

(Newser) - The rocky relationship between President Obama and Joe Biden comes under scrutiny in a new book by a Newsweek reporter, Fox News reports. In Renegade: the Making of a President, Richard Wolffe writes that Obama is “distracted by his vice president's indiscipline” and has had to personally rebuke his... More »

Prosecution in 'Baby Grace' Trial to Call Final Witness

Mother faces life in prison for toddler's murder

(Newser) - Prosecutors will call their final witness today in the case against Kimberly Dawn Trenor, the Texas mother accused of beating her 2-year-old daughter to death, the AP reports. The Galveston County medical examiner will testify today as the prosecution finishes presenting evidence that Trenor, 20, with her husband, killed Riley... More »

Woods Upset at Caddie for Ripping Mickelson

Pal Williams has been 'dealt with' over calling rival 'prick,' fat joke

(Newser) - Tiger Woods is “disappointed” in longtime caddie Steve Williams for making derogatory comments about rival Phil Mickelson, the Times reports. “It was inappropriate. The matter has been discussed and dealt with,” Woods said in a statement. Williams told a large crowd in his native New Zealand that,... More »

Schools Accused of Abusing Time-Out Rooms

Experts say seclusion rooms being misused to discipline troubled kids

(Newser) - The practice of locking misbehaving children in school "time-out rooms" is troubling a growing number of parents and educators, the AP reports. The rooms—often tiny converted storage spaces—are meant to give kids a place to calm down, but experts say they are being used instead to discipline... More »

UCLA Staff Peeked Into Brit's Records

Hospital moving to fire 13 after second wave of Spears snooping

(Newser) - A California hospital is trying to terminate some 13 employees, and has already disciplined others, for poking around in Britney Spears’ medical records, the Los Angeles Times reports. The firings come after bosses at UCLA Medical Center specifically warned employees about unnecessary perusal of patient files on the morning of... More »

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