Super Bowl XLVI

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New Celeb Diva: Tom Cruise's Kid?

Connor Cruise cusses out former rep after Patriots tweet

(Newser) - Apparently Connor Cruise takes football very, very seriously: A tweeted joke from one of his former reps after the Super Bowl led Tom Cruise's only son to lash out via text, and may even have led to a split with the rep. It all started when Todd Krim tweeted... More »

Enough With the Outrage Over MIA's Middle Finger

It was hardly the most offensive thing about the Super Bowl: Sasha Frere-Jones

(Newser) - NBC, the NFL, and MIA herself have now all apologized for the singer's middle finger incident at the Super Bowl—but why? "Unless somebody was handing out Xanax with the foam fingers, Lucas Oil Stadium was ringing with the music of profanities" during the game, writes Sasha Frere-Jones... More »

Another Weird Victory for Eli, Giants

But in Super Bowl XLVI, Manning made a hero of himself

(Newser) - Last night's big game was intensely fought, undeniably exciting—and a little mystifying, thanks to Eli Manning's unusual brand of heroism. Analysts weigh in on the game's place in football history:
  • Last night brought us "the most Eli Manning moment of Eli Manning’s career."
... More »

Gisele: Hey Haters, My Hubby Can't Throw and Catch

Bundchen defends Tom Brady after Patriots' Super Bowl loss

(Newser) - Gisele Bundchen made headlines last week when she asked friends and family to pray for her husband's team to win the Super Bowl, but as we all know, those prayers went unheard. Bundchen was decidedly less sappy in her post-game comments last night, caught on tape as she left... More »

Giants Beat Patriots, 21-17

Tom Brady has minute to win it, but New England Patriots can't pull it off

(Newser) - Eli Manning and the Giants one-upped Tom Brady and the Patriots again, coming back with a last-minute score to beat New England 21-17 for New York's fourth Super Bowl title. It was a rematch of the 2008 NFL championship, when Manning led New York past New England to ruin... More »

Madonna's Halftime Show: Aging or Ageless?

Most of the comments surround Madge's youth ... or lack thereof

(Newser) - Madonna's big halftime show is over, and the peanut gallery is fairly evenly split—but the topic of the evening is clearly age. Plenty of people are giving her the thumbs up for looking so great at 53. Others think the cheerleader/pom-pom bit was a little ... young. She was... More »

No National Anthem Oops for Kelly Clarkson

She delivers an error-free Super Bowl performance

(Newser) - This time last year, Christina Aguilera was messing up big-time . Luckily, Kelly Clarkson more than escaped the same fate. The Huffington Post reports that Clarkson absolutely nailed the national anthem, delivering an error-free performance. And the singer is getting plenty of props on Twitter: From fellow singer @Pink : "Kelly... More »

Do Super Bowls Really Predict Elections, Stocks?

Bizarre Super Bowl myths busted

(Newser) - Do Super Bowls really predict presidential elections? Or the stock market? Do they make you hit your wife? People have claimed all of these things over the years, so the Guardian decided to take a look at what it calls "Super Bowl-ology," the "science" of making weird... More »

Giants' Website Declares Victory

Ad promoting official Super Bowl gear is quickly taken down

(Newser) - Kickoff in tonight's Giants-Patriots contest is still hours away, but New York is apparently already hawking T-shirts commemorating their victory. In a flub caught by the New York Post , the team's website yesterday briefly featured an ad touting the team's victory in Super Bowl XLVI, and offering... More »

Super Bowl XLVI? Kids Have No Idea What That Means

Roman numerals don't translate quite as easily for this generation

(Newser) - Quick, how many Super Bowls have we had if this year's is XLVI? You may be able to come up with an answer off the top of your head, but most modern-day kids have no idea that XLVI translates to 46—even if they know what one or two... More »

Giants' Rookie: 'Take That, Cancer'

Mark Herzlich wasn't supposed to walk again after cancer diagnosis

(Newser) - Rookie Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich is happier than most to be playing in the Super Bowl: “2 yrs ago I was told I might never walk again. Just WALKED off plane in Indy to play in the Super Bowl. Take That Sh*t Cancer," Herzlich tweeted after arriving in... More »

The Awesome Ferris Bueller Ad Is Here

Matthew Broderick stars in 'Matthew's Day Off' for Honda

(Newser) - The full-length Ferris Bueller-inspired Super Bowl ad is here, and AdWeek dubs it "awesome." Matthew Broderick stars in "Matthew's Day Off," a Honda ad in which he calls in sick to a film shoot in order to do all sorts of fun stuff in his... More »

How Much Will We Spend on Super Bowl Snacks?

$1.02B, according to TurboTax

(Newser) - It's not nearly as much as we spent on Halloween candy , but it's significant: Americans will spend $1.02 billion on Super Bowl snacks this year, according to a TurboTax infographic obtained by AdWeek . That includes $184.4 million on potato chips, $40 million on pretzels, and $36.... More »

Super Bowl Ads Sell Out, and 30 Seconds Cost...

...about $3.5M, up from last year's $3M

(Newser) - Big money, big money, no whammies? When it comes to Super Bowl XLVI, the big money sure has poured in: The commercial slots are officially sold out, at a cost of about $3.5 million for 30 seconds. The no whammies part remains to be seen... The Wall Street Journal ... More »

This Year's Super Bowl to Be Rocked By...

The Material Girl herself

(Newser) - After weeks of rumors , the NFL and NBC confirmed last night that Madonna will perform at this season's Super Bowl halftime show. And the Feb. 5 performance is sure to be a spectacle, because the AP reports she's collaborating with Cirque du Soleil on her act. New York... More »

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