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Ingraham Issues Apology as Advertisers Pull Out

Not good enough, says Parkland survivor

(Newser) - Laura Ingraham offered an apology to Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg Thursday—after multiple major advertisers heeded his call to pull their ads from her Fox News show. Hogg, who has become a prominent gun-control advocate since the mass shooting, called for the boycott after Ingraham taunted him for... More »

Google's Big Headache Involves Its Ads, Nazis, ISIS

There's a boycott underway in the UK

(Newser) - Major British advertisers wary of being associated with Nazis, Islamic radicals, and homophobic preachers have been pulling their ads from YouTube and Google. The British government joined big banks and other companies in the ad boycott in recent days after their ads appeared next to extremist content, Mashable reports. The... More »

Limbaugh Fights Back With 'Rush Babes'

He launches Facebook group for conservative women

(Newser) - Updates in the Rush Limbaugh chronicles:
  • Rush Babes: He has created the National Organization for Rush Babes to tweak the National Organization for Women, which is continuing to encourage advertisers to bail on him in the wake of the Sandra Fluke story , reports Yahoo News . NORB is a Facebook page
... More »

141 Companies on Limbaugh Ad Exodus

McDonald's, NBC, US Army join the anti-Rush list

(Newser) - The Limbaugh advertising stampede is now officially an exodus. What was "only" 45 companies listed last week has expanded into a mass migration of 141 advertisers, according to an internal Premiere Radio Networks memo obtained by the Traffic Directors Guild of America . The memo lists 96 national companies that... More »

Rush Limbaugh Advertisers' Exodus Hits 45

Rock band Rush joins advertisers departing radio show

(Newser) - The stampede for the exits from Rush Limbaugh's radio show is showing no signs of slowing down: Some 45 advertisers have now pulled their ads, according to Media Matters , which is keeping a running tally . Many of them, including the Girl Scouts and Netflix , say they had bought advertising... More »

Rush Limbaugh Too Big to Fail

Even after Sandra Fluke comments, Rush won't go anywhere

(Newser) - Advertisers are still jumping ship from Rush Limbaugh's show in the wake of his comments about Sandra Fluke , and the Los Angeles Times notes that he has now lost 11. Which means that even for Rush, one expert notes, this controversy is pretty bad. Limbaugh is probably experiencing the... More »

Tax Firm, Radio Stations Join Limbaugh Exodus

9 companies, Hawaiian AM, Mass. FM stations Rush away

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh is still hemorrhaging advertisers—and now beginning to lose radio stations as well—in the wake of his "slut' comment. Online tax advice operation Tax Resolution Services yesterday joined AOL in deserting the uber-conservative, bringing to at least nine the number of sponsors who have dumped his... More »

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