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'Customer Feedback' Leads to Cut Ties With NRA

First National Bank of Omaha ditches NRA Visa card; Enterprise also bails

(Newser) - The nation's largest privately owned bank holding company and a major car rental chain are stopping promotions aimed at National Rifle Association members. The Nebraska-based First National Bank of Omaha will not renew its contract to issue the group's NRA Visa card, spokesman Kevin Langin said in a... More »

Restaurant's Wager Costs It 50% Off Customer Tabs

Ruth's Chris offers percent off based on Michigan game's point differential—which was 78 points

(Newser) - No one expected the University of Michigan to blow out Rutgers so utterly and completely during Saturday night's football game—least of all the Ann Arbor location of one of the country's most high-end restaurants. Now in its Monday morning quarterback role, Ruth's Chris Steak House is... More »

Admission to National Parks Free for a Week

No cash needed April 16-24 to celebrate NPS' 100th anniversary

(Newser) - The National Park Service turns 100 this year, and to celebrate, the NPS is waiving entry fees to its national parks all of next week, Time reports. National Park Week runs April 16 through April 24, thanks to a joint effort by the NPS and National Park Foundation. "We... More »

Egypt Tour Group Tantalizes Travelers With Hijacking Promo

'Maybe a hijacker will take you to Cyprus!' reads Lions Trips' too-soon promo

(Newser) - The hijacking to Cyprus of an EgyptAir plane flying from Alexandria, Egypt, to Cairo on Tuesday ended relatively peacefully, with everyone on board freed and the suspected hijacker taken into custody. So in the "no harm, no foul" vein, an Egyptian tour company decided to appropriate the incident for... More »

US Airman and French Train Hero Gets Promoted

It's now Sgt. Spencer Stone to you

(Newser) - One of the three Americans who foiled a terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train in August got himself a promotion Friday, NBC News reports. US airman Spencer Stone, 23, was promoted from airman first class to staff sergeant for his part in subduing the gunman. According to the Air Force ... More »

Now Other People Can Promote Your Facebook Posts

Whether you like it or not

(Newser) - Ever promoted one of your Facebook posts? Yeah, neither have we. But Facebook is apparently hoping we'll be more excited about promoting other people's thoughts, announcements, and cat photos. Yesterday it began rolling out a new feature that allows you to pay to promote your friend's posts,... More »

Being Overweight Pays Off Today at Casino

Mardi Gras promotion at Gulfstream Casino aims to put big butts in the seats

(Newser) - It's Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday, and the Gulfstream Park and Racing Casino in Florida is celebrating—what else?—fat people. In a promotion that's sure to make Michelle Obama cringe, the casino is offering players 10 cents in free slot machine credits for every pound... More »

Coming Soon: Real Dunder Mifflin Paper

The Office firm to put 'quabity first' in Staples deal

(Newser) - Fans of the Office will soon be able to buy paper made by their favorite company—though instead of purchasing it from Dwight Schrute, they’ll have to get their reams through Staples. The office-supply giant’s has reached a licensing deal with NBCUniversal to sell Dunder Mifflin... More »

Domino's Posts Job Offer: $31K for Hour of Work

Pizza chain offers world's most lucrative part-time job

(Newser) - Domino's is staging a publicity stunt guaranteed to attract attention in strapped times—its Japanese branch will hire an employee to work for a single hour in December. The pay? Just over $31,000. More details will be out later this month, but "basically it's anybody over 18, no... More »

Minnesota Declares 'Ladies' Night' Illegal

State charges five bars with gender discrimination

(Newser) - The Minnesota Department of Human Rights has filed gender discrimination charges against five Twin Cities bars, alleging that they violated the rights of men everywhere—by holding ladies’ night. “Gender-based pricing violates the Human Rights Act,” the commissioner tells the Star-Tribune , vowing to pursue every complaint received about... More »

Whisky Maker Revives Booze Treasure Hunt

Six cases of Canadian Club just waiting to be found

(Newser) - Assuming polar bears haven't guzzled it, a case of Canadian Club whisky stashed near the North Pole decades ago is still waiting for an adventure-seeking drinker to find it. The company has revived the "Hide-a-Case" promotion it began in 1967, and is offering drinkers a chance to join expeditions... More »

Carly Simon Sues Starbucks

Coffee chain's failed music label bungled her album's release, singer says

(Newser) - Carly Simon intended the 2008 album This Kind of Love to be her swan song, and she was excited about the record company that would release it: Starbucks-owned Hear Music. The coffee chain had wooed her with a big advance and promises of high exposure in stores, but instead Starbucks... More »

Aruba Resort Pays Guests to Make Babies

Resort's $300 'conception credit' inspired by coral reproduction, naturally

(Newser) - Getting knocked up really pays off, at least at one Westin resort in Aruba, USA Today reports. In honor of coral's spawning season, couples who shell out $399 for a daily package are eligible for a $300 “conception credit” toward their next vacation—if they conceive during their stay.... More »

Hotels Woo New Cash Cow: Kids

(Newser) - Families are traveling more often, and recession-battered hotels are ramping up their kid-friendly offerings, the Boston Globe reports. Rooms occupied by families with children accounted for 27% of the total in 2008, up from 25% in 2004, and lodgings are watching the trend. Whether it's free Wii, a dog to... More »

Your Lowly Penny Can Actually Buy Something

Retailers lure back to school shoppers with 1¢ gimmick

(Newser) - Retailers, scrambling to connect with the fragile consumer psyche, have turned to the lowly penny for a boost, offering everything from clothing to crayons for a single cent, the LA Times reports. Nearly taken out of circulation three years ago, the penny may be a lousy coin, but it’s... More »

Get Ready for Massive Leno PR Blitz

Get ready for Leno to be everywhere you look

(Newser) - Get ready for Jay—lots and lots of Jay. Though nearly 80% of viewers are aware that the Jay Leno Show is on the horizon, NBC is going to beat you over the head until you're drooling for its 10pm venture, the New York Times reports. A 24-hour webcam has... More »

Tweeting Beethoven a Noteworthy Development

Tech assist enhances classical experience

(Newser) - In a bid to win over multitaskers and technophobes, the National Symphony Orchestra will tweet along with tonight's performance of Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, the Washington Post reports. Audience members with appropriate gadgets can sit in a special section on the lawn at Wolf Trap, in suburban Virginia, and follow... More »

Twitter: It's All About Self Promotion

Tricks to being heard in the clutter

(Newser) - Without understanding Twitter's purpose, the social networking rage—which has gained 1.2 million viewers from last year—can feel "like a noisy bar where everyone is shouting and nobody is listening," Julia Angwin warns in the Wall Street Journal. "It's about promoting yourself." That's why... More »

Live Nation, Ticketmaster Reveal Merger Details

Firm will be run by Live Nation's CEO

(Newser) - Live Nation and Ticketmaster made public their merger plans today, though the combined concert-promotions and ticketing powerhouse is sure to face scrutiny by antitrust regulators, the Wall Street Journal reports.The new company is to be named Live Nation Entertainment; it's estimated the two will save $40 million by combining... More »

Ouch! Madonna Debuts Bandaged Look

Still shooting 'raunchy' photos at 50, will she be sexing it up 70?

(Newser) - So much for aging gracefully. Madonna posed for promo shots for her Hard Candy CD in an all-white getup with bandages at chest and wrist, "looking as though she’d sustained several injuries,” though at 50 she remains in exquisite shape, the Daily Mail reports. The ensemble was... More »

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