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McDonald's New Ad Turns Out to Be Mexican Diss

Smug Facebook post informs country tamales 'thing of the past'

(Newser) - A McDonald's ad posted to Facebook has prompted outrage, ultimately forcing the company to take it down and apologize. The spot advertised the McBurrito as a replacement for tamales, Fusion reports. "Tamales are a thing of the past," the ad proclaimed in Spanish. But tamales are a... More »

Are Companies Blowing Cash on Fake 'Likes'?

Phony Facebook users add to advertising concerns

(Newser) - The effectiveness of Facebook advertising is drawing more scrutiny, this time at the hands of the BBC . Companies shell out big bucks on ads designed to get users to "like" them—but many of the users who do so may be fake. One marketer who helped firms garner Facebook... More »

Facebook Ads a Flop: Poll

Ads, comments only influence a fifth of users

(Newser) - General Motors was right when it said Facebook ads weren't effective , a Reuters poll finds. Only a fifth of Facebook users say they have ever bought something because of ads or comments on the social network, the poll found—and 34% say they are spending less time on the... More »

Facebook's Ad Pitch 'Backfired': GM Insiders

Facebook apparently touted ... free pages

(Newser) - A key reason for General Motors' decision to drop paid Facebook ads : A pitch meeting didn't go so well. Sources tell Reuters that GM met with Facebook honchos in the last few weeks; in the meeting, marketing reps reportedly pointed to the effectiveness of their free pages. The paid... More »

GM Ditching Facebook Ads

Effort wasn't drawing in customers, says company

(Newser) - Bad news for Facebook ahead of its IPO: General Motors, the third-biggest advertiser in the US, has decided to stop running paid ads on the site. GM execs have found the ads aren't very effective—a conclusion other advertisers have apparently reached as well, the Wall Street Journal reports.... More »

5 Stories