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Target: OK, We'll Match Amazon Prices

Will also match prices of,

(Newser) - Target is sick and tired of you walking out of its stores without buying anything—because you looked on your smartphone and found Amazon was cheaper. So its CEO today announced a new price-matching policy to combat the practice (known as " showrooming "), MarketWatch reports. Now, customers who... More »

Best Buy to Match Amazon's Prices

Congratulations, showrooming shoppers

(Newser) - Best Buy is changing things up this holiday season. Amid concerns over "showrooming"—when customers visit stores, check out products, and then buy them online—Best Buy is set to match online prices, including Amazon's, the Wall Street Journal reports. It's also going to throw in... More »

How Much Money Are Body Parts Worth?

A UK reporter tries to sell various pars of herself

(Newser) - How much money could you earn by selling bits and pieces of your body? British journalist Storm Theunissen sought to find out, and despite legal limitations, "it turns out pretty much everything God gave us can be sold," she writes in the Guardian . Some of her findings:
  • Hair:
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3 Stories