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Prehistoric Women Had Muscular Arms to Die For

Stronger than those of today's elite female rowers

(Newser) - Pummeling grains for up to five hours a day gave prehistoric women the kind of muscular arms a girl only dreams of today. That's according to researchers at Cambridge University, who used CT scans to compare the upper arm and shinbones of 83 modern women with those of 94... More »

Tiny T. Rex Arms We Laugh At May Have Been 'Vicious'

Scientist thinks they may have been used for powerful slashing

(Newser) - It's a physical mismatch that's long puzzled paleontologists: Tyrannosaurus rex, terror of the Cretaceous Period, empowered with a giant head and ferocious jaws, yet also stuck with tiny, seemingly useless arms. Per National Geographic , scientists' speculation on the arms has included using them to hang onto prey, as... More »

7 States to Change Rules After Chattanooga

Wisconsin the latest state to say it will arm on-duty National Guard members

(Newser) - Wisconsin is joining six other states in arming on-duty National Guard members after last week's deadly Chattanooga shootings . "Allowing our National Guard members to carry weapons while on duty gives them the tools they need to serve and protect our citizens as well as themselves," Republican Gov.... More »

Boy Born Without Arms Starts Playing the Trumpet

Jahmir Wallace says his sister inspired him to play

(Newser) - How's this for inspiring: A 10-year-old student born with no arms has taken up the trumpet and even played it at his school's annual winter concert, Gawker reports. Jahmir Wallace says he was inspired by his sister, who plays the piano. "So I decided maybe I should... More »

Syrian Rebels Using Exact Weapons That Took Gadhafi Down

Rebel weapon pipeline shows how US arms could end up in undesirable hands

(Newser) - Obama recently announced he'd begin sending arms to anti-government rebels in Syria, but where have they been getting their weapons until now? Many of them come from Libya, reports the New York Times , thanks to a secretive, Qatar-financed supply pipeline that sneaks in unregistered arms previously used by Libyan... More »

New Taiwanese Missiles Could Reach China

Island 'mass-producing' weapons despite closer economic ties

(Newser) - Taiwan has started work on a long-range cruise missile capable of reaching cities in mainland China—and the country is producing it en masse. A Taiwanese defense official told legislators “mass production” of the missile was “going smoothly,” following years of rumors. The Chichun missile’s development... More »

What Guys Want: Long Arms

Study finds men consistently attracted to arms, not legs

(Newser) - What part of a woman's body most excites a man? It may in fact be her arms, a new study suggests. Australian researchers asked Australian and Chinese men and women to rate the attractiveness of 96 women from videos, the Daily Mail reports. The women who were considered the most... More »

Trainer Spills Michelle Obama's Workout Secrets

First lady follows intense weight routine

(Newser) - How does Michelle Obama stay so buff? Only her personal trainer knows for sure, so good thing he's willing to dish. Cornell McClellan credits "a holistic approach that includes strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training," Women's Health reports. He says the first lady's routine includes lunges, bench presses, hip... More »

Should Ship Crews be Armed?

Piracy danger raises old questions

(Newser) - Amid the latest wave of piracy off Somalia, experts are once again questioning whether commercial ships’ crews should be armed, the New York Times reports. Ship owners had been against the idea, fearing liability and worrying that armed crews might be killed by pirates, rather than taken hostage. But increased... More »

Michelle's Muscles Rock: Dowd

First lady's biceps 'symbol of American strength'

(Newser) - With the economy in tatters and the war in Afghanistan looking grim, the “only bracing symbol of American strength right now is the image of Michelle Obama’s sculpted biceps,” Maureen Dowd writes in the New York Times. Though some grumble about her revealing clothing, the first lady’... More »

US Finds New Iran-Made Weapons In Iraq

Discovery suggests Tehran reneging on pledge to stop helping militants

(Newser) - The US military has discovered several caches of newly made Iranian weapons inside Iraq, reports the Wall Street Journal. The collection of mortars, rockets, and explosives had time stamps indicating that they were manufactured within the last 60 days, leading Washington officials to conclude that Tehran is still funneling armaments... More »

Zimbabwe Arms Ship Heads Back to China

South African dock workers refuse to unload Chinese tanker

(Newser) - A Chinese ship with a cargo of arms and ammunition bound for Zimbabwe will indeed head back to China, the Chinese foreign ministry confirmed today, after Zimbabwe's neighbors refused to let the vessel dock. The decision is a victory for the coalition of trade unionists, religious leaders, and Western diplomats... More »

Thais Nab 'Merchant of Death'

Russian arms dealer may face US trial for supplying terror groups worldwide

(Newser) - The Russian arms dealer branded "the merchant of death" was apprehended in Thailand today after US intelligence linked him to Colombia rebels, the New York Times reports. Viktor Bout is on international most-wanted lists for allegedly using his private air fleet to supply al Qaeda and the Taliban—plus... More »

Japan's Defense Force Goes on the Offense

Neighbors getting nervous; US applauds shows of might

(Newser) - Japan has been chipping away at a post-war rule that it's Self-Defense Force can only act, well, defensively. Tokyo recently completed a live-bomb training run on a small island near Guam, the Times reports, stirring tremors among its wary neighbors, but drawing support from a US eager for a powerful... More »

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