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On Brink of Death, MoviePass Thinks It's Figured It Out

Its new model lets subscribers see 3 movies a month for $9.95

(Newser) - What would you rather do: Pay $9.95 a month to see one movie in a theater per day, or pay $9.95 to see three movies a month? It's sort of a trick question, in that option one will soon no longer exist. MoviePass on Monday announced that... More »

Netflix's Growth Comes at a Cost

Company has gained $5.1B in debt in one year

(Newser) - Netflix is sinking deeper into debt in its relentless pursuit of more viewers, leaving the company little margin for error as it tries to build the world's biggest video subscription service, reports the AP . Netflix's long-term debt and other obligations totaled $21.9 billion as of Sept. 30,... More »

New Facebook Feature Makes Stalking Even Easier!

Surely Mark Zuckerberg saw this backlash coming

(Newser) - Another day, another Facebook privacy flap: Now the social networking giant is testing a feature that Mashable calls a "stalker button." It's actually a subscription feature, allowing you to subscribe to all the actions of any of your friends—meaning you will receive notifications any time that person... More »

To Save the News, Look to iTunes

Model proves people will pay for what could be free

(Newser) - People expect their news for free these days, but online advertising revenue isn’t enough to support major operations, David Carr writes in the New York Times. But there may be hope for the newspaper industry. A decade ago, people began getting their music illegally. Now, the convenience of iTunes... More »

New Service Is Like Netflix for Magazines

Maghound will give subscribers more choice, flexibility

(Newser) - Subscribing to a magazine was once a 1-year commitment, but Time Inc.’s Maghound is changing that, reports Folio. The Netflix-like service launching this fall offers “flexibility, choice, control and personalization,” says Maghound's president. The service allows customers to swap subscriptions at any time, liberating readers from... More »

Netflix Finds Itself in House of Business Horrors

Despite profit growth, flurry of grim news troubles Wall Street

(Newser) - Netflix faced a second wave of bad news today as its stock price plummeted and its website remained inaccessible to visitors. The company announced price cuts Sunday and yesterday absorbed a triple blow: lowered sales expectations, a subscriber decline, and a Wall Street downgrade. The website crash then left the... More »

6 Stories