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Calif. Man OK With Getting $211M Less From Monsanto

Dewayne Johnson could have demanded a new trial

(Newser) - A Northern California groundskeeper said Wednesday that he'll accept a judge's reduced verdict of $78 million against Monsanto after a jury found the company's weed killer caused his cancer. Dewayne Johnson's attorney formally informed the San Francisco Superior Court that he wouldn't contest the judge'... More »

Pricey New Cancer Therapy Could Save Thousands

It's the 2nd treatment to turn cells into cancer-killers

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration has approved a second "living drug" to fight cancer—a personalized treatment that alters a patient's own cells to turn them into cancer-killers. The new "CAR T-cell therapy" has been approved for non-Hodkins lymphoma patients with few other treatment options, a group... More »

Artist Takes Strangers' Tattooed Secrets to His Grave

Most of the secrets inked onto Andrew Henderson's body weren't even his own

(Newser) - Andrew Henderson knew he didn't have long to live due to his lymphoblastic lymphoma, which doctors told him was incurable. And so he held a "living funeral" last weekend, per the CBC , and the "Taking It to the Grave" event was a testament to the "ebullient... More »

Bernie Madoff's Only Surviving Son Dead at 48

Andrew Madoff had battled lymphoma

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff's son Andrew died this morning of cancer at age 48, his lawyer tells CNBC . "Andrew Madoff has lost his courageous battle against mantle cell lymphoma," the lawyer says, per Reuters . "He died peacefully at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on September 3, 2014, surrounded... More »

Bushes Mourn Miss Beazley

Prez posts photo of pooch who died of cancer

(Newser) - It's not every beloved pet whose death is accompanied by a presidential statement, but George W. Bush's remaining Scottish terrier from his White House days got one. Miss Beazley died yesterday at age 9 after a fight with lymphoma, reports Politico . "She was a source of joy... More »

Veterinary First: Pig Treated for Lymphoma

730-pound Nemo's procedure a success

(Newser) - Experts are seeing a bright future for cancer treatment in big animals after a 730-pound pig was successfully treated for lymphoma, Reuters reports. When 4-year-old Nemo, a pet, was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, researchers at Cornell gave his owner a warning: They knew of no... More »

Sen. Lautenberg Diagnosed With Stomach Cancer

New Jersey Dem still plans to finish term, run again in 2014

(Newser) - Frank Lautenberg, New Jersey’s 86-year-old senior senator, is set to undergo chemotherapy today, less than 24 hours after being diagnosed with treatable stomach cancer. Lautenberg is expected to recover, and says he still expects to finish out his term, and run for reelection in 2014. “This doesn’t... More »

Docs Corral Immune System to Battle Cancer

(Newser) - After decades of false starts, doctors are tapping the immune system to help stave off cancer, USA Today reports. Using proteins from patients' tumors, American researchers have created a vaccine that can put off lymphoma relapses by 14 months. In one study, a cocktail of the vaccine and two other... More »

Judge Orders Minn. Teen to Receive Cancer Treatment

(Newser) - A Minnesota judge ordered today that a teen with cancer must receive an X-ray despite his family’s religious views, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. “Daniel Hauser is a child in need of protection,” the judge said, citing state law requiring parents to provide “medically necessary care.... More »

Lester Scores Victorious Return

After battling cancer, lefty makes taking down Indians look easy

(Newser) - In his first big-league start since being diagnosed with cancer last year, Boston lefty Jon Lester allowed only five hits in six innings on his way to a 6-2 win last night in Cleveland. The Sox staked the 23-year-old to a four-run lead, and Coco Crisp's four-run night helped secure... More »

Thompson Discloses Cancer

Could-be candidate says he had lymphoma in 2004, but is in remission

(Newser) - Fred Thompson has non-Hodgkins lymphoma—but it's in remission, the senator-turned-TV star said yesterday. Strategists see the surprise revelation as a sign that Thompson is preparing to enter the contest for the Republican presidential nomination. A new Los Angeles Times poll, conducted just before the announcement, puts him in second... More »

How We Fight: In Public and In Private

Jonathan Alter relives his own struggle with cancer

(Newser) - Fit and under fifty when diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma, Newsweek reporter Jonathan Alter talks about his own battle with cancer in the wake of a week of high-profile recurrences. Now in remission, as Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow were until last week, Alter  describes managing the fear... More »

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