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Bond Theme Composer John Barry Dead at 77

Barry won five Oscars and a Grammy for his soundtracks

(Newser) - John Barry, the soundtrack composer famous for scoring 11 James Bond films and winning five Academy Awards, died yesterday of a heart attack. His first Oscars came in 1967 for Born Free, earning him best score and best song, followed by best score for The Lion in Winter, Out of ... More »

Tunes Help the Hand That Operates on You

Soothing classical sounds improve accuracy, doctor says

(Newser) - Just like on TV, real surgeons listen to music in the operating room—and it may make them better sawbones. Research by a Massachusetts doc suggests that some soothing Mozart improves accuracy when a surgeon repeats a surgical task. Silence ain’t bad, either—but hearing German folk music issue... More »

LeBron Doc Soundtrack Lands Some Heavy Hitters

Eminem, Kanye West join Drake, Lil Wayne

(Newser) - Four of hip-hop’s biggest names have collaborated on a track inspired by an upcoming documentary on NBA star LeBron James, MTV reports. Forever was originally supposed to include just Drake and Kanye West, but Eminem and Lil Wayne have since jumped into the mix. The track is expected to... More »

New Rule: No Good Songs, No Best Song Oscar

Category may be skipped if year's contenders aren't deemed worthy

(Newser) - Future Academy Awards may not include an Oscar for best original song, the New York Times reports. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has changed the rules for the category: Only songs that score reach 8.25 or better in its scoring system will be nominated. If only... More »

Winehouse Too Messed Up for 007 Tune?

Producer says so as Bond theme song gets scrapped

(Newser) - Drug-addled Amy Winehouse won’t be crooning James Bond's next theme song because, her producer says, she is too troubled to make music. Mark Ronson said they started work on the track but he grew tired of her erratic behavior, the Sun reports. A Winehouse spokesman blames a creative spat... More »

Amy Singing 007's Tune?

Britain's favorite bad girl vying to land new movie's theme song

(Newser) - Though her head-butting skills may be as valuable to 007 as her pipes, Amy Winehouse is auditioning to be the theme-song girl, not Bond girl, of the upcoming pic Quantum of Solace. Producer Mark Ronson said there are no guarantees her track will be used, though he adds, “The... More »

Protest Songs Get Tuned Out

Downloading, disconnection leaving generation without a soundtrack

(Newser) - So where are all the anti-war anthems? Opposition to the Vietnam War spawned a genre of classic counterculture songs, but not so the Iraqi war, despite widespread opposition. The main reason, Politico notes, is the narrowed scope of the music industry today. Singers still sing protests songs, but only their... More »

Top 10 Musical Movie Moments

The perfect sound clip can make a scene unforgettable

(Newser) - Forget soundtracks. CNN zeros in on fleeting scenes that use image and sound to send a shiver down your spine. The top 10 marriages of audio and video:
  1. “Born to Be Wild” blasting while Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper ride down the highway in Easy Rider (1969)
  2. Mr. Blonde
... More »

Soundtrack Dylan Covers Score

Remade songs from 'I'm Not There' packed with great impersonations

(Newser) - In keeping with the movie it supports, the soundtrack for Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There is packed with imitators. Twenty-nine singers cover Dylan tracks on the 34-song tribute, which traces every phase of Dylan’s career—from folk highs to gospel lows—proving each to be “as... More »

Disney Goes Back to High School

(Newser) - The sequel to Disney's smash hit 'High School Musical' will air Friday, and with a barrage of merchandise including CDs, DVDs, musical handbags, stationery, bedding, and a board game, the two kids' flicks are expected to rake in $100M for the Mickey Mouse company, reports the LA Times. More »

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