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Warning About Russia: They Can 'Shut the Power Off'
Warning About Russia:
They Can 'Shut the Power Off'
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Warning About Russia: They Can 'Shut the Power Off'

US says hackers have gained entry to power plants, including nuclear facilities

(Newser) - A US security alert on Thursday contained a jarring warning: Russia has infiltrated the US energy grid and could wreak havoc if it chose to do so. "They have the ability to shut the power off," an exec with the digital security firm Symantec tells the New York ...

Symantec Exec: Antivirus 'Is Dead'

Norton maker just assumes hackers can get through its firewalls

(Newser) - Just how thoroughly have hackers licked antivirus programs? So thoroughly that even Symantec, which essentially invented commercial antivirus, is jumping ship on the concept, the Wall Street Journal reports. Antivirus "is dead," Symantec Senior VP Brian Dye tells the paper. "We don't think of antivirus as...

Riskiest Celeb to Google? Emma Watson
 Riskiest Celeb 
 to Google? 
 Emma Watson 

in case you missed it

Riskiest Celeb to Google? Emma Watson

Her name is a magnet for malicious sites

(Newser) - Harry Potter fans, beware: Emma Watson may pose a threat to your computer. One in eight sites that appear in a search for the actress are malicious, pushing malware or stealing personal data, according to McAfee. That makes her the "most dangerous" celeb on the Internet. Also watch out...

Hacker Releases Symantec Code After Extortion Fails

Anonymous-linked hacker tried to extort $50K from antivirus firm

(Newser) - A hacker has made good on a threat to release the source code for Symantec's pcAnywhere tool after failing to extort $50,000 from the antivirus company. The release raises fears that other hackers could find security holes in the product, but Symantec says it was prepared for the...

Huge Facebook Security Flaw Uncovered

100K apps leaked 'spare key' to advertisers ... for years

(Newser) - A major security flaw left the accounts of Facebook users exposed for years before it was fixed, security firm Symantec says. Around 100,000 Facebook applications accidentally shared users' access tokens—described as a "spare key" to the account that allow the apps to do things like post info...

Three in 4 Americans Hit By Cyber Crime

According to Norton study, two-thirds of all web surfers are victims

(Newser) - A whopping 65% of all web surfers and 73% of Americans have been the victim of online crime, according to a new survey from Symantec—the company behind Norton Anti-Virus. That makes the US the fourth-most victimized country in the world, behind China (83%) and India and Brazil (each 76%),...

Security Site Tots Up What You're Worth to Hackers

Symantec aims to raise cybercrime awareness

(Newser) - A rising number of cybercriminals make their living selling other people's online identities to thieves. Now a new security tool helps you calculate what yours is worth on the black market—and your risk of losing it, IT World reports. The Norton Online Risk Calculator aims to raise awareness of...

Microsoft to Release Free Anti-Virus Software Soon

(Newser) - Microsoft is developing free anti-virus software to compete with subscription services from Symantec and McAfee, Reuters reports. The program, codenamed Morro, will be released in beta “soon” and will likely have similar features to other companies’ entry-level products that cost about $40 a year. Microsoft made an attempt to...

Conficker Virus Comes Alive, Attacks PCs

(Newser) - Weeks after causing an April Fool's scare, the Conficker bug has come to life and used some personal computers to send out spam, Reuters reports. The computer virus, which has infected millions of PCs, downloaded the spam software onto a small percentage of them in recent weeks. One expert warns...

Experts: Apple's First Worm Nothing to Fret About

'Groundbreaking' Mac virus only affects a few thousand users

(Newser) - Malware that hijacks Macs has shown up for the first time, but it shouldn't be cause for panic, an expert tells the Globe & Mail. The malware, nicknamed iBotNet, only affects a few thousand users who downloaded a pirated copy of iWork and it's not spreading from computer to computer,...

Computer Virus Phobia Leads to ... Computer Viruses

(Newser) - Fear of computer viruses is now one of the major reasons people are getting them in the first place, Reuters reports. According to Microsoft, seven of the 25 top threats come in the form of fake security programs, which users terrified of malware like Conficker are installing indiscriminately. Losing market...

Stocks Rally; Dow Up Almost 200
 Stocks Rally; Dow Up Almost 200 

Stocks Rally; Dow Up Almost 200

Fed's latest actions draw late but rave reviews

(Newser) - Stocks rallied today on strong performances by several big tech firms, MarketWatch reports. Investors also poured money into financials in anticipation of the dollar boost the Fed will cause by holding interest rates steady after yesterday’s cut. The Dow climbed 189.87 to at 13,010.00, the Nasdaq...

Malware Threats Skyrocketed in 2007

Symantec mulling new security approach

(Newser) - Last year saw an explosion in malware threats that has Symantec considering a new approach to Internet security—“whitelisting” legitimate computer code rather than blacklisting known threats. Of 1.1 million threats the company has discovered in over 25 years, it uncovered almost two-thirds of them in 2007, Computerworld ...

Free Tool Offers Web Security
Free Tool Offers Web Security

Free Tool Offers Web Security

Former Microsoft employees run startup Haute Secure

(Newser) - A new free system designed to protect Web surfers from dangerous code is taking on the software security giants, reports the Wall Street Journal. Developers say Haute Secure, the brainchild of ex-Microsoft security experts, blocks Web pages embedded with malicious code. The public can download the program free, and companies...

Europe Now Spam King
Europe Now Spam King

Europe Now Spam King

Continent passed North America as biggest junk mail producer in last three months

(Newser) - More spam is sent from Europe than any other continent, Ars Technica reports. Symantec systems’ latest “State of Spam” report said that European IP addresses are now responsible for 44% of all junk emails sent. Only three months ago, North America produced 15% more of the world’s spam...

Small Businesses Targeted for Software Violations

Industry group reaps big settlements from little firms

(Newser) - A group representing major software companies in copyright enforcement actions has been targeting small businesses for violating software licenses, reports the AP. Almost 90% of the Business Software Alliance's $13 million in settlements with North American companies last year came from small companies. Some owners say they were punished for...

Data Thieves Smarten Up, Branch Out
Data Thieves Smarten Up, Branch Out

Data Thieves Smarten Up, Branch Out

More sophisticated hackers chip away at your online security

(Newser) - Hackers are getting smarter, more international, and increasingly well funded, a new report on Internet security reveals. One scam involves gangs acting as middlemen for other would-be criminals; some rip-off artists use social networking sites to research a mark, then send a personalized email to trick the target into giving...

Identity Theft Ring Uses Job Ads
Identity Theft Ring Uses Job Ads

Identity Theft Ring Uses Job Ads

Investigators uncover 1.6 million pieces of stolen info

(Newser) - Fraudulent job ads on and other websites have been used to obtain personal information to steal thousands of identities, reports Information Week. Researchers at security company Symantec uncovered a major database containing 1.6 million pieces of personal information on an undisclosed number of people who clicked on...

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