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Obama's Next Singing Gig: Inauguration Day?

White House press secretaries joke about what that means, though

(Newser) - President Obama has been singing a lot lately—first soul , then the blues —so when can we expect him to bust out in song again? White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has one cheeky theory, USA Today reports: "at the inauguration next year." Of course, that drew...

Pro-Life Komen VP Pushed Defunding: Report

 Komen VP 
says source

Pro-Life Komen VP Pushed Defunding

Karen Handel painted move as non-political: insider

(Newser) - Susan G. Komen Foundation leaders have given several reasons for the charity's now-reversed cuts to Planned Parenthood funding —but here's one they didn't mention. Komen's VP for public policy, abortion-rights opponent Karen Handel, fueled the decision, an insider with the group tells the Huffington Post...

Ari Fleischer: Fire Helen Thomas

She tells Israelis to go back to Poland, Germany

(Newser) - Helen Thomas continues to draw serious heat for a YouTube interview (see it in the gallery) in which she tells Israelis to "get the hell out of Palestine" and go back to where they came from. Former Bush press chief Ari Fleischer has joined the chorus, calling for Thomas...

Woods, Spin Doc Fleischer Part Ways

Former Bush flak won't spill on reasons

(Newser) - Tiger Woods is getting ready to get back on the golf course, but he won’t have Ari Fleischer to help spin off-the-course happenings any more. The former Bush press secretary confirmed last night’s Golf Channel report that he and Woods have parted company, but wouldn’t elaborate in...

Tiger Woods Hires Ari Fleischer, Plans Return

Bush's old PR guy reportedly helping with March 25 return

(Newser) - Tiger Woods is expected to return to golf at the Arnold Palmer Invitational on March 25, and he’s hired none other than former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer to help him plan the comeback. “They were in his living room this week going over a strategy for...

He Can't Say It Like He Wants to Anymore
 He Can't Say It 
 Like He Wants to Anymore

He Can't Say It Like He Wants to Anymore

(Newser) - President Obama has backed off a bit on his “acted stupidly” comments concerning the arrest of black scholar Henry Louis Gates, saying they were not properly “calibrated.” But, aides say, it “was not a slip of the tongue,” Peter Baker writes in the New York ...

Bush Press Flak Fleischer Now Coaches Jocks

Longtime fan Fleischer brings media know-how to NFL, MLB

(Newser) - President Bush’s onetime press secretary has embraced another passion: sports, the Washington Post reports. Helping athletes from the NFL, Major League Baseball, and elsewhere deal with the media blitz was an easy transition, Ari Fleischer says: “The only two institutions in our society that have their events covered...

Fleischer: Subpoena Me —I Dare You

Ex-Bush spokesman would 'be proud to testify' about torture

(Newser) - Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer doesn’t think there should be an investigation of his boss’s torture program. But “I’ll be proud to testify if I get a subpoena,” he said during a panel discussion yesterday. “I’m proud of what we did to protect...

20 Years Later, Young MC Still Busts a Move

(Newser) - It’s been 20 years since self-described “1 Hit Wonder” Young MC released Bust a Move, but the rapper is happy the song has held up as well as it has, he tells Rolling Stone. People aren’t “going to get a babysitter to go to a club...

Bushies Work to Salvage Boss' Rep
Bushies Work
to Salvage
Boss' Rep

Bushies Work to Salvage Boss' Rep

Rove, Fleischer, Perino look to set the record straight, combat spin

(Newser) - Two months out of office, President Bush rarely warrants mention these days, but his old aides quietly work at rebuilding his reputation, reports Politico. “We’re invited to comment on the events of the day and along the way, we remind people that there was, indeed, good news under...

Right-Wing MoveOn Rival Raises $250M

Bush allies launch advocacy arm to target 2008 races

(Newser) - A new political advocacy group pitching itself as a right-wing answer to MoveOn is mobilizing to spend $250 million to support candidates in 2008, more than twice the figure spent by the largest liberal group in 2004. Freedoms Watch's principals are two former Bush officials, Talking Points Memo reports, and...

Group Drops $15M on Pro-Surge Campaign

TV, Internet, radio ads backed by GOP heavies

(Newser) - Launched today by ex-White House PR man Ari Fleischer and a laundry list of pro-Bush bigwigs, a new group called Freedom's Watch has spent $15 million on ads to support the president's troop surge in Iraq, Politico reports. The group aims to fill a conservative "vacuum" ahead of September's...

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