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New AARP Cover Boy: Luke Perry
New AARP Cover Boy:
Luke Perry

New AARP Cover Boy: Luke Perry

Yes, he's 50

(Newser) - He used to be on magazine covers geared to a much different age set, but Luke Perry just had a milestone birthday. As a result, the former 90210 star is on the front of AARP's magazine, notes CNET . Perry turned 50 earlier this month, officially putting him in the...

AARP to Brad Pitt: Happy 50th, Join Up!

Organization reminds actor he's now eligible to join its ranks

(Newser) - Not many would think of Brad Pitt as a card-carrying member of AARP, but the actor turns 50 today, which makes him eligible to join—and the organization isn't exactly letting him forget it. It put out a mock cover of its magazine featuring a picture of Pitt, People...

Weiner Calls Rival 'Grandpa' ... at AARP Forum

GOP rival gets in ex-congressman's face

(Newser) - Rule No. 1 of politics: Know your audience. If, for example, you're at a debate hosted by the AARP, you should probably avoid calling your opponent "grandpa." But that's what Anthony Weiner did yesterday, when Republican rival George McDonald, 69, took offense to Weiner patting him...

At Fiscal Cliff, a Debt Ceiling Showdown Now Looms

Fiscal cliff debate roaring through Washington

(Newser) - Wrangling at the edge of the fiscal cliff is the main event in Washington right now, and the stakes might be even higher than most people realize. At President Obama's first meeting with John Boehner, he asked him to raise the debt ceiling before the end of the year,...

Retirees Boo Paul Ryan as He Slams ObamaCare

AARP members pounce on vice-presidential candidate

(Newser) - Paul Ryan evoked boos and jeers from an audience of retirees in New Orleans today when he promised to repeal ObamaCare—but he continued his argument apparently unfazed, Raw Story reports. "The first step to a stronger Medicare is to repeal ObamaCare," said Ryan at a meeting of...

The Elderly Are Doing Just Fine

 The Elderly Are 
 Doing Just Fine 

The Elderly Are Doing Just Fine

Charles Lane thinks seniors can afford Medicare cuts

(Newser) - Paul Ryan's plan to reform Medicare has Democrats itching to resurrect their "Mediscare" campaign, depicting the elderly as victims. "I admire and like the elderly," writes Charles Lane of the Washington Post , playfully noting that "I myself hope to be elderly someday." But "...

One in 30 Homeowners Over Age 75 in Foreclosure
One in 30 Homeowners
Over Age 75 in Foreclosure
sad stats

One in 30 Homeowners Over Age 75 in Foreclosure

AARP says delinquency growing among the over 50 crowd

(Newser) - Older Americans are increasingly feeling the hovering specter of foreclosure, after years of not suffering as acutely from the housing crisis, according to a new AARP report. While younger Americans still have a higher rate of serious delinquency, older Americans are now falling behind at a much faster rate, the...

AARP: Families Provide $450B in Unpaid Care

One in four adults caring for a family member at home

(Newser) - About one in four US adults provided unpaid care for a sick or disabled family member at home in 2009, and AARP estimates the dollar value to be $450 billion, the AP reports. These 42.1 million people provided an average of 18.4 hours of care per week, up...

AARP Open to Modest Cuts in Social Security Benefits

It denies major shift in policy, but move shakes up debate

(Newser) - The debate on entitlements reform got a jolt today when the Wall Street Journal reported what it sees a major shift in policy at AARP: The group will no longer oppose cuts in Social Security benefits. Given the group's massive clout, the story raised a ruckus on Capitol Hill...

Old People Rule America
 Old People Rule America 
Robert Samuelson

Old People Rule America

Budget shows that AARP has all the power

(Newser) - The unspoken question looming over Washington’s budget battle isn’t how much discretionary spending tol cut; it’s “whether our elected politicians will take back government from AARP,” writes Robert Samuelson of the Washington Post . Both parties obviously quake in fear of the senior citizens’ lobby, unwilling...

Anti-AARP Group Launching
 Anti-AARP Group Launching  

Anti-AARP Group Launching

Alliance for Retirement Prosperity is against 'ObamaCare'

(Newser) - The American Association of Retired Persons ... sounds so non-threatening, right? Yet an anti-AARP group is coming out swinging against the nonprofit. Led by a longtime Republican adviser and head of the Social Security Institute, the Alliance for Retirement Prosperity will launch Wednesday with the goals of repealing the Obama administration's...

Workers May Get Automatic Retirement Accounts

Democrats want all employees enrolled

(Newser) - Democrats plan to introduce legislation that would automatically enroll private-sector workers in retirement savings accounts, the Hill reports. The measure, being heavily pushed by the AARP, would apply to those whose employers don't offer 401k accounts. Workers would be able to opt out of the plan, whose backers don't expect...

AARP Will Endorse House Dems' Health Bill

Seniors group helped Bush get drug plan through Congress

(Newser) - In a coup for House Democrats, AARP will endorse sweeping health-care overhaul legislation, officials said today. An endorsement from the seniors' lobby was crucial when then-President Bush pushed the Medicare prescription drug benefit through a closely divided Congress in 2003. House Democrats are hoping it will work the same political...

GOP Ramps Up Attacks on AARP Over Health Care

Republicans see 'backroom deals' over reform

(Newser) - The "right-wing commentariat" has a new villain to replace ACORN, and it has a far more familiar acronym: AARP. The basic line of attack is that the AARP has struck "backroom deals" with Democrats on health care reform to steer insurance business its way, writes Evan McMorris. The...

Dems, GOP Fight Over Medicare Rates
Dems, GOP
Fight Over Medicare Rates

Dems, GOP Fight Over Medicare Rates

Republicans say foes are trying to hide true cost

(Newser) - A new health care-related bill is in the spotlight on Capitol Hill, as senators battle over a Democratic proposal to freeze Medicare rates for doctors at the current rate for 10 years—overriding a 21% cut scheduled for January. Democrats say the bill, which is backed by lobbyists from the...

Health Reform's Enemy No. 1? Seniors

(Newser) - Scan the ranks of health care reform malcontents at your local town hall, and you’ll notice a lot of older faces. With Democrats aiming their sales pitch mostly at middle-class Americans and the uninsured, seniors have come to fear that Medicare, their own beloved government-run health care, will face...

Seniors Spooked by 'Kill Granny' Health Bill Campaign

(Newser) - Conservative radio hosts are scaring America's seniors with a campaign against an end-of-life counseling proposal in the health care reform bill, the Washington Post reports. Under the proposal doctors would be reimbursed for consulting with elderly patients about what medical interventions they would prefer as the end nears, but opponents...

Tucson Tops 'Simple Life' List
 Tucson Tops 'Simple Life' List 

Tucson Tops 'Simple Life' List

(Newser) - Of all the cities and towns in America, Tucson, Ariz., offers the simplest and most rewarding living, USA Today reports. The AARP studied demographic information and a city’s stress index—a measure of suicide, crime, and divorce rates—to pick places a retiree might relax easily, and cheaply. The...

Senate & White House Battle Today Over Stimulus Plans

House & Senate back rival packages

(Newser) - The Senate and White House face off today over economic stimulus packages designed to get consumers spending again. With bipartisan support, the Senate Finance committee approved a $157 billion plan that would give more than $1,000 to almost every family in the US. A White House proposal, backed by...

Jack Still a 'Fool for Love' at 70
Jack Still a 'Fool for Love' at 70

Jack Still a 'Fool for Love' at 70

Nicholson still looking for romance, worries about 'undignified' advances

(Newser) - Notorious ladykiller Jack Nicholson is ready for a new romance, though he admits he remains, at 70, "a fool for love." "Ask any old friend of mine, they'll say, 'Jack's pretty smart, but in this area the man is beyond the pale. Don't ask him anything about...

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