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Did You Get a Weird Text This Week? This May Be Why

Telecom glitch caused people to get 'ghost' texts from people who didn't send them

(Newser) - If you recently received a strange text that doesn't make any sense from someone you know, you're not alone—and a Maine radio station appears to have helped solve the mystery. Per Popular Mechanics , lots of head-scratching has been happening over the past couple of days, with people...

DOJ Approves $26.5B Deal. Now, a 'Disruptive Force in Wireless'

T-Mobile greenlit to take over Sprint, while Dish now enters the arena as 4th big wireless company

(Newser) - US regulators are approving T-Mobile's $26.5 billion takeover of rival Sprint, despite fears of higher prices and job cuts. Friday's approval by the Justice Department and five state attorneys general comes after Sprint and T-Mobile agreed to conditions that would set up satellite-TV provider Dish as a...

Collusion Accusations Hit Telecom's 2 Biggest Firms

Verizon, AT&T being investigated by DOJ for possibly suppressing SIM card technology

(Newser) - The word "collusion" is being bandied about again, but this time it involves the world of telecommunications, not DC . Verizon, AT&T, and standards group GSMA tell the AP the Justice Department has opened up an antitrust probe to see if they worked together to make it more difficult...

AT&T and Yahoo Forge Alliance
AT&T and Yahoo Forge Alliance

AT&T and Yahoo Forge Alliance

Yahoo nets AT&T's subscribers in search and ad deal

(Newser) - Yahoo and AT&T announced a new alliance today in which Yahoo will provide search and advertising on AT&T’s mobile phones, the San Jose Mercury News reports. AT&T in turn will get their web portal redesigned by Yahoo, through which their customers will get access...

1,000 to Lose Jobs as Yahoo Profits Fall 23%

Will continue to face 'headwinds' this year as online ad revenues sink

(Newser) - After a 23% plummet in fourth quarter profits, Yahoo's CEO said the company will face job cuts and continued "headwinds" in 2008, the Wall Street Journal reports. Facing decreased advertiser spending, the company will lay off 1,000 employees next month, though it will try to relocate some within...

Errant iPhones? No Big Deal, Analyst Says
Errant iPhones? No Big Deal, Analyst Says

Errant iPhones? No Big Deal, Analyst Says

Apple profits can withstand unaccounted for gadgets without loss

(Newser) - An estimated 1.4 million iPhones that have been either inventoried or clandestinely unlocked may not pose a significant threat to techno-juggernaut Apple's overall profit. The "missing" phones could force stock prices to dip, "but if you look at Apple," reassures analyst Ezra Gottheil, "It's solidly...

AT&T's 4Q Numbers Bolstered by Cell Sales

Other operations lagging behind

(Newser) - AT&T's quarterly numbers indicate strong wireless sales, the Wall Street Journal reports, though unimpressive figures from its landline and Internet divisions have left some analysts and investors concerned. AT&T enjoyed a quarterly revenue of $3.14 billion—up from $1.94 billion this time last year—bolstered by...

AT&T Might Filter Internet Traffic
AT&T Might Filter Internet Traffic

AT&T Might Filter Internet Traffic

Aim is to punish illegal file-sharing, but privacy concerns abound

(Newser) - AT&T is considering steps to filter the Internet traffic it provides in order to stop illegal file-sharing, the AP reports. CEO Randall Stephenson, speaking to the World Economic Forum today, likened the company's role as passive participant in copyright infringement to witnessing a crime: "It's like being in...

Analog Service Hanging Up on Customers

Digital networks soon only option, but service has its kinks

(Newser) - Phone customers still dialing up using old analog networks will be out of luck—and service—beginning Feb. 18 when the nation’s wireless companies shut down the outdated technology and switch to digital. Of the quarter-billion American cell phone users, the vast majority use digital networks, but some 1...

FCC: Economy Could Dampen Wireless Sale

In credit crunch, smaller bidders face capital shortage

(Newser) - FCC head Kevin Martin registered concern this week about the impact of the credit crunch on the government auction of wireless airwaves scheduled to begin Jan. 24, Reuters reports. The auction, which Congress has ordered to go forward, comes at a time when the meltdown of housing and subprime mortgage...

Battery Mishaps Lead to Major AT&T Recall Effort

Explosions, fires lead to replacement of 17,000 units

(Newser) - AT&T will replace 17,000 backup batteries for its U-Verse TV system after a handful of small explosions and fires, reports the Wall Street Journal. The batteries, made by a now-defunct Québec company, were housed in outside equipment cabinets. There was property damage in two cases but no...

Crickets Likely at FCC Discount Airwave Auction

Main waves to draw billions, but not so for public/private spectrum

(Newser) - What if the FCC held an auction and nobody came? In 2 weeks, the government will put a  nationwide airwave on the block starting at the low, low price of $1.33 billion. The catch? The lucky winner has to share the band with emergency responders. Right now, no company...

AT&T Considering Online Filtering
AT&T Considering Online Filtering

AT&T Considering Online Filtering

Companies may seek out and block transfers of copyrighted material

(Newser) - AT&T and several partners are considering means of implementing network filtering technology that would block the transfer of copyrighted media, according to a recent panel at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. The technology would allow an ISP to continuously scan for material that appears to be copyrighted. Privacy groups...

NSA Deepens Tense Alliance with Telecoms

Both sides await word on possible immunity for carriers

(Newser) - The telecom industry will be all ears to proceedings beginning tomorrow on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers will decide if companies helping the government’s warrantless surveillance program should receive immunity. President Bush personally lobbied Congress to further the NSA’s tenuous alliance with the industry, whose members are increasingly resistant...

Why IT Isn't Buying the iPhone
Why IT Isn't Buying the iPhone

Why IT Isn't Buying the iPhone

It's hard to accomodate this vogue

(Newser) - Your company's IT department isn't just being snotty when it refuses to support iPhones. Fortune runs down 10 ways Apple's new baby is problematic for business:
  1. Your infrastructure has to be configured to get business email and calendars
  2. It won't support third-party apps
  3. You can't encrypt data or otherwise secure

Wireless Giants Blocking New Mobile Services

Verizon, AT&T, keep competitors away

(Newser) - Wireless service giants AT&T and Verizon may be blocking other companies' devices and applications to defeat potential competition. Business Week reports that a discount international cell phone service, a wireless banking service, and PayPal, trying to bring its online payment service to wireless, were all obstructed by one or...

AT&T Adds Speed to US Network
AT&T Adds Speed to
US Network

AT&T Adds Speed to US Network

Keeping up with 21st century consumers' broadband greed

(Newser) - AT&T has begun using a high-speed backbone network to move data faster across the US, the company said Monday. The network's capacity is 40 gigabits per second -- quadruple the previous capacity -- allowing users to more quickly access bandwidth-greedy files and videos. It is the first such network...

Apple, AT&T Targets of $360M iPhone Lawsuit

Patent company says it owns 'Visual Voice'

(Newser) - Add one to the number of lawsuits Apple’s iPhone has been hit with. Klausner Technologies yesterday said it filed a $360 million suit against Apple and AT&T for infringing on its patents for “Visual Voicemail,” Reuters reports. The sleek mobile phone’s highly touted function  allows...

AT&T Disconnects Pay Phones
AT&T Disconnects
Pay Phones

AT&T Disconnects Pay Phones

Call a friend on your cell to report end of 129-year-old business

(Newser) - In 1878, one of AT&T’s ancestors introduced the first pay phone—an ordinary phone with an attendant nearby to take callers’ cash. Now the company is discontinuing its pay-phone operations, it announced today, 129 years later. With roughly 80% of Americans owning cellphones, pay phones had shrunk to...

Faster iPhone Coming in '08
Faster iPhone Coming in '08

Faster iPhone Coming in '08

AT&T CEO reveals news at Silicon Valley meeting; Apple isn't commenting

(Newser) - A faster iPhone is on the way, Bloomberg reports. Apple will unveil its 3G version sometime next year, said AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson Wednesday at a meeting of the Churchill Club, a Silicon Valley business and technology forum. AT&T is the exclusive carrier for the iPhone in the...

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