lunar eclipse

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Scenes From Last Night's Eclipse

Mark your calendars for the next one ... in 2094

(Newser) - Those of you who hit the hay early last night missed a show not to be seen on the winter solstice for another 84 years: The moon, hanging high in the sky, turned reddish and went dark for 72 minutes as the Earth eclipsed it, reports the AP. Click through... More »

What to Know for Tonight's Lunar Eclipse/Winter Solstice

Here are a few tips for your once-in-372-years event

(Newser) - It's getting close to showtime, kids: The longest night of the year has begun (at least here on the East Coast), so bring on the first total lunar eclipse to coincide with the winter solstice since 1638 (NASA has apparently engaged in a bit of history-revision). Here's what you need... More »

First in 456 Years: A Lunar Eclipse on Winter Solstice

Spiritualists see energy, but scientists say coincidence

(Newser) - The longest night of 2010 could well be the darkest winter solstice in 456 years: Tuesday's solstice falls on the same day as a full lunar eclipse, a rare celestial occurrence that for some signifies great cosmic energies, reports the Montreal Gazette . Many religions associate the solstice with the rebirth... More »

Take a Peek at Lunar Eclipse

Celestial show is under way

(Newser) - The sky is putting on a show tonight. The last total eclipse of the moon until 2010 got under way about 8:45pm ET, reports. The moon went into full eclipse at 10:01, and the show will be over at 12:09. The spectacle should be visible... More »

Total Eclipse Coming Feb. 20

3 billion could see Earth's shadow blot moon

(Newser) - Nearly half the world's population will find themselves really in the dark Feb. 20 as Earth's shadow totally eclipses the moon, LiveScience reports. Visible to 3 billion residents of North and South America, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia, the eclipsed moon will create a celestial triangle in the night... More »

Western US Awaits Total Lunar Eclipse

Early birds who look to the skies will get an eyeful on Tuesday

(Newser) - The Western US will get a celestial treat early Tuesday morning: a total lunar eclipse. Residents of the Western Hemisphere and eastern Asia will get at least a glimpse of the spectacle, but Europeans will miss out—the moon will be below the horizon. tells you how to... More »

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