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Parents Who Lick Kids&#39; Pacifiers Thwart Allergies
Parents Who Lick Kids' Pacifiers Thwart Allergies

Parents Who Lick Kids' Pacifiers Thwart Allergies

Exposure to harmless bacteria may help ward off allergies

(Newser) - If your child's pacifier falls on the floor, a new study suggests you're doing the kid a disservice by rinsing it off in the sink. Instead, you might just want to pop it in your own mouth before giving it back to Junior. Parents who did that saw...

Study Finds Link Between Kids' Asthma, Fast Food

Eczema also associated with the meals: study

(Newser) - The threat from fast food may be growing larger. A new study of hundreds of thousands of kids and teens worldwide finds the stuff is associated with a higher risk of asthma, rhinitis, and eczema, Time reports. Fortunately, there's a simple path to some protection: Eat more fruit. Researchers...

Drying Laundry Indoors Is Unhealthy

Can promote allergies, asthma: study

(Newser) - Got allergies or asthma? You may want to avoid drying your clothes inside your home: A study finds that many households suffer from too much moisture, and laundry is to blame for up to a third of the damp, the BBC reports. "Going into people's homes, we found...

Asthma Drug Stunts Kids&#39; Height for Life
 Asthma Drug Stunts 
 Kids' Height for Life 
study says

Asthma Drug Stunts Kids' Height for Life

Called budesonide, it's still too effective to give up

(Newser) - A decade after an asthma drug was found to stunt children's growth, scientists today announced a rather unpleasant find: The hampered growth seems permanent. On the bright side, however, it doesn't get any worse, NBC News reports. "This was surprising because in previous studies, we found that...

India's Bizarre Asthma Cure: Sardines, Swallowed Live

Tens of thousands down the fish in annual ritual

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of asthma-sufferers mobbed a southern Indian stadium today to swallow live sardines smeared with a yellow herbal paste they believe will cure their breathing problems. Despite doctors' criticism, the Goud family has drawn throngs of people for years with a secret fish and herbal formula it says...

Study: Microwaves, Electromagnetic Fields Tied to Childhood Asthma
 Study Links 
 Microwaves to 
 Kids' Asthma 
in case you missed it

Study Links Microwaves to Kids' Asthma

Exposure to EMFs in household devices worries researchers

(Newser) - A pregnant woman’s exposure to microwaves, power lines, hair dryers, and other devices with electromagnetic fields may increase her child’s risk of asthma, a study suggests. Scientists checked pregnant women’s levels of exposure to low-frequency magnetic fields and compared the data to the frequency of asthma in...

Philippines: Geckos Won't Cure AIDS

Health officials suggest trying actual medicine

(Newser) - Put down that gecko: The Philippine health department is warning citizens that using geckos to treat AIDS, asthma, and tuberculosis doesn't work and endangers those who don't seek proper treatment. There's no scientific evidence to the folklore behind the practice, and it's caused an increase in...

Facebook Can Trigger Asthma: Docs

One asthmatic's 'peak expiratory flow' dropped 20% after logging on

(Newser) - Facebook: a potential minefield for debtors , married couples , and ... people with asthma? Apparently, according to a group of Italian doctors who recount an odd case in the medical journal Lancet. It seems an 18-year-old asthmatic had been in good health until he stumbled upon his ex-girlfriend—and her bevy of...

Having Allergies Protects Against Cancer

The pollen that irks you could also be saving you

(Newser) - If pollen leaves you cursing your runny nose and itchy eyes each year, take solace in this upside: Allergy, asthma, and hay fever sufferers have significantly lower risks of developing many cancers. New studies show that asthmatics are 30% less likely to get ovarian cancer, while kids with airborne allergies...

A Few Nasty Germs May Actually Help Babies

Scientists investigate healing power of dirt

(Newser) - Babies in America tend to be a lot cleaner than those in, say, Namibia, and that has some advantages—most notably a drastically lower infant mortality rate. But scientists are beginning to wonder if our obsessively sanitary culture has actually given rise to various health issues, they tell the Wall ...

Burger, Fries Aggravate Asthma
 Burger, Fries Aggravate Asthma 

Burger, Fries Aggravate Asthma

Eating a high-fat meal worsens inflammation

(Newser) - Looks like a fatty diet affects more than your pant size: It may make asthma worse. A group of 40 asthma suffers were given either burgers and hash browns or yogurt. Those who ate the high-fat meal, which clocked in at 52% of calories from fat, had inflammation in their...

Go Easy on the Candles
 Go Easy on 
 the Candles 
health study

Go Easy on the Candles

(Newser) - Don't go overboard on the candles, researchers warn. The fumes of paraffin wax candles can contribute to cancer and asthma, though it would take years of heavy use to cause a problem, the BBC reports. “An occasional paraffin candle and its emissions will not likely affect you,” says...

Asthma Breakthrough Holds Promise

'Cellular pump' suggests possible treatments

(Newser) - Scientists have found a “cellular pump” that appears central to the development of asthma, pointing the way to possible new treatments, the BBC reports. The pump, called SERCA2, helps airway muscles relax. People with asthma had reduced SERCA2 levels, researchers found; replacing it in airway muscle cells could help...

Woman Becomes Canada's First Swine Flu Death

(Newser) - An Alberta woman is the first Canadian to die in connection with swine flu, though the province's heath chief said today she also had serious underlying medical conditions, the AP reports. A source told the Globe and Mail the woman, in her 30s, had asthma; she died April 28. Her...

Have Asthma? Go Outside: Study

(Newser) - Children with asthma might want to get outside more. According to a recent study, children with lower levels of vitamin D are likely to have more severe asthma symptoms, ScienceDaily reports. In the first in vivo study on the subject, researchers looked at 600 Costa Rican children with asthma. Those...

Study Links TV to Child Asthma Risk

Young kids who watch more than 2 hours a day twice as likely to develop asthma

(Newser) - Young children who watch over two hours of television a day are twice as likely to develop asthma later in childhood. Researchers, who tracked the health of 3,000 children from birth to 11, believe that the TV-watching is symptomatic of sedentary lifestyles, the BBC reports. They speculate that more...

Scientists Map Common Cold's Genome
Scientists Map Common Cold's Genome

Scientists Map Common Cold's Genome

Makes creating a cure possible, but still pricey and unlikely

(Newser) - Researchers have completed a “family tree” for the common cold, paving the way for an eventual cure to one of mankind’s most stubborn ailments, the New York Times reports. Scientists mapped the genomes of the 99 variations of rhinovirus, which causes most colds, and have cataloged the weaknesses...

Study Links Child Abuse, Asthma
Study Links Child Abuse, Asthma

Study Links Child Abuse, Asthma

Stress seen as possible cause of respiratory condition

(Newser) - Abused children are twice as likely to develop asthma as kids who are not abused, a new study says. Although the research doesn't conclusively establish a cause-and-effect link, it does suggest doctors should consider looking for evidence of physical and sexual abuse in young patients with hard-to-treat asthma, the Boston ...

Docs Link Ulcer Drop, Asthma Boom

Decline in stomach bacteria might link to asthma boom

(Newser) - A lack of ulcers may be driving the increased incidence of childhood asthma, Reuters reports. In a study of children infected with the H. pylori bacteria, which causes ulcers, those who had the infection were 59% less likely to have asthma than those who didn't. H. pylori infection has been...

Why Is 'Supermom' Getting the Bonds Treatment?

If it weren't for McNamee, maybe we'd still be happily naive about sports doping

(Newser) - Some are calling five-time Olympic swimmer Dara Torres "Supermom," but Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star thinks that "Wonder Woman" might be more appropriate. Everyone's wondering how a 41-year-old new mother could come back from retirement and surgery to take first place at her fifth qualifiers....

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