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A Surprise Turns Up in Hardware Store Work Glove

Ace Hardware owner Mark Driscoll still seeking the owner

(Newser) - An Illinois hardware store is looking for a man who apparently tried on a pair of snug work gloves and left a ring inside, the AP reports. Mark Driscoll, owner of Ace Hardware in Sugar Grove, Illinois, says he found the ring when he went to buy a pair of... More »

88 Ace Hardwares Now Sell Zombie-Fighting Gear

Get your chainsaws, shovels, and deadbolts here

(Newser) - With Halloween on its way, it's important to protect your home from a potential zombie attack—but it can be tough to find the proper supplies. Fortunately, a hardware chain with 88 shops in the Midwest and Southwest now covers all your zombie needs. As of last week, Westlake... More »

Google Phone's Hardware Rules

Nexus' CPU will be twice as fast as the Droid's

(Newser) - Google’s secretive, much-hyped Nexus One is going to have some real horsepower under its hood. The fine hackers over at TheseAreTheDroids have pored over a leaked ROM of the new phone’s software to figure out what hardware will be in it, and the news is all good. The... More »

Jokey Bush Applies for, Turns Down Job

Former prez could have had free parking, discount in greeter gig

(Newser) - George W Bush made a surprise visit to the hardware store that published a job offer for him in a Dallas paper, joking that he was "looking for a job." The owner provided him with a jacket and nametag ("W"), and the former president spent... More »

Vista Stumped Microsoft Bosses

Company emails reveal execs struggled to get OS working on PCs

(Newser) - Many Windows Vista users have struggled to make the operating system work with their hardware, and emails released this week reveal that even Microsoft bosses had a tough time, PC World reports. The emails have been made public as part of a lawsuit that claims Microsoft deliberately misled consumers by... More »

Google's Build, Don't Buy Ethos

CNET blogger looks at the Internet giant's increasing vertical integration of its tech

(Newser) - Is Google moving in the direction of writing its own platform software and building its own hardware? That's what Gordon Haff argues on CNET's The Pervasive Datacenter blog, citing recent news about Google designing its own network switches and writing its own virtual machine for its cellphone platform, on top... More »

Prankster's 1st Computer Virus Turns 25

'Dumb little practical joke' led to $38 billion security industry

(Newser) - A prankster who wrote the first computer virus 25 years ago says only, “It was some dumb little practical joke.” Yet Richard Skrenta’s desire to infiltrate other Apple II’s with a poem (“It will get on all your disks; it will infiltrate your chips”)... More »

7 Stories