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She Was Teaching in Thailand. Suddenly, She Couldn't Move

Family of 22-year-old Caroline Bradner trying to get her home after Guillain-Barre syndrome diagnosis

(Newser) - Caroline Bradner traveled nearly 9,000 miles to "teach English, to travel, and make a difference in this world." Now the family of the 22-year-old Virginian is trying to get her home after she was suddenly stricken by a rare disorder that left her paralyzed from the neck... More »

Paralyzed NYPD Cop Who Urged Forgiveness Dies at 59

Steven McDonald, shot by teen in Central Park in '86, traveled world to spread message

(Newser) - Steven McDonald spent the last 30 years of his life in a wheelchair, but the NYPD officer shot by a teen in Central Park chose forgiveness, becoming "an international emblem," per CNN . McDonald died Tuesday at a Long Island hospital at age 59, just days after suffering a... More »

At Bachelor Party, Groom Is Paralyzed in Front of Bride

Brett Greenhill dove into the Gulf of Mexico

(Newser) - They met while swimming: Meg Alexander recalls paddling over to Brett Greenhill at her new apartment complex's pool in May 2014 and, in what she describes as "the worst line ever," complimenting his eyes. He then complimented hers. Less than two years later, the Atlanta couple were... More »

She Saved Her Girls' Lives; It Left Her Paralyzed

'I'd rather be paralyzed than one of them dead'

(Newser) - A Canadian mother is paralyzed and her life upended after she threw herself in harm's way to save her children, CBC reports. Jessica Dicks was camping July 3 when a 30-foot tree started falling toward the tent that held her daughters—ages 6, 4, and 10 months. "I... More »

Kids' Football Coach Paralyzed at Team Party

Jonathan Magwood was jumping into foam pit with players

(Newser) - The coach of a youth football team in Georgia might be paralyzed for life after a freak accident at an end-of-season celebration, reports USA Today . Jonathan Magwood, 28, was with his 10-and-under Union City Eagles team at a rec facility when he tried to do a flip from a trampoline... More »

Quadriplegic Moves Hand by Thinking About It

Ian Burkhart broke his neck while swimming in 2010

(Newser) - It is, as the Washington Post writes, "science fiction come true": A 23-year-old quadriplegic managed to move his right hand last Wednesday, a hand that he'd had no power over since he broke his neck after diving into a sandbar in the Atlantic Ocean in 2010. Since then,... More »

Paralyzed Rats Regain Ability to Pee

Breakthrough gives hope that it might restore bladder control in humans, too

(Newser) - Neuroscientists working with rats have pulled off a feat raising hopes that paralyzed people might someday be able to regain control of their bladders and ditch the catheter. The scientists grafted nerves from elsewhere in the rats' bodies to their severed spinal cords, and the rats eventually were able to... More »

Good Samaritan Paralyzed While Saving Young Girl

Michael Patterson hit head while diving in to Georgia creek

(Newser) - It's just awful: Doctors say a Georgia man has been paralyzed from the waist down after hitting his head in an attempt to save a girl from drowning. Michael Patterson was at the Euharlee Creek on Saturday when he saw a 4-year-old who had been playing in the water... More »

Bride-To-Be Paralyzed by Bachelorette Party Prank

Accident leaves Rachelle Friedman unable to walk, wed

(Newser) - A North Carolina woman was paralyzed after a bachelorette party prank, and the accident has left her unable to walk and to wed because of health insurance trouble. A month before she was to marry boyfriend Chris Chapman, Rachelle Friedman was partying with her girlfriends when they decided to take... More »

Botox Numbs Emotional Response

If you can't frown, brain finds it harder to be sad, study surmises

(Newser) - If you turn your frown upside down with Botox, your brain gets the message and makes you less receptive to negative emotional stimuli. That’s the conclusion of a new study of people who had their frown muscles paralyzed with the cosmetic toxin. Researchers tested subjects on the speed of... More »

Paralyzed Rats Run in Breakthrough Experiment

Application for humans with spinal injuries not far off

(Newser) - Scientists have made paralyzed rats run again by using a new technique that could one day have wheelchair-bound people walking, reports AFP. Rats, whose spinal cords had been severed, ran when scientists applied electrical charges and drugs. "In some cases they actually walked with more consistent locomotive patterns than... More »

Cowboys Staffer Paralyzed by Tent Collapse

Two others require surgery after winds knocked over practice facility

(Newser) - A scouting assistant for the Dallas Cowboys is permanently paralyzed from the waist down after a practice canopy collapsed on him in strong winds over the weekend, reports the Dallas Morning News. His spine was severed in the accident, doctors said. The special teams coach and assistant athletic trainer also... More »

Robotic Suit Helps Paralyzed Take Big Steps

Motorized exoskeleton enables walking, bending, climbing

(Newser) - People paralyzed from the waist down may soon be parking their wheelchairs in favor of a robotic walking suit, CNN reports. Designed by Dr. Amit Goffer, a disabled engineer in Israel, the lightweight exoskeleton of motorized leg supports and motion sensors enables users to walk around. "I don't have... More »

Jaguars Player Paralyzed, Loses Left Leg

Lineman suffered infections from 14 wounds in shooting

(Newser) - Jacksonville Jaguar Richard Collier has lost a leg and is paralyzed below the waist from a shooting earlier this month, doctors said today. The third-year player suffered serious infections from 14 bullet wounds, but is close to recovery and going home. He is “very fortunate to have survived his... More »

'Rewired' Nerves Restore Ability to Walk

Promising research on mice raises hopes for human breakthrough

(Newser) - Scientists have figured out how mice that lose the ability to walk after a spinal-cord injury can regain it, a finding that could someday help human patients, Scientific American reports. When the long nerves that run from the brain to the base of the spine were severed, shorter nerves in... More »

'Catastrophic' Injury Leaves Bills Tight End in Grave Condition

Everett paralyzed, faces fight for life

(Newser) - Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett may never walk again and faces a fight for his life after suffering serious injuries in Sunday's game, doctors said yesterday. Everett , 25, suffered a fractured spine and damage to his spinal cord on a helmet-to-helmet hit during the second-half kickoff of a loss... More »

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