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Perez Hilton Rips Drew, JLo
 Perez Hilton Rips Drew, JLo 

Perez Hilton Rips Drew, JLo

True Bloggywood Stories not so nice to Barrymore, good to John Mayer

(Newser) - Perez Hilton has a new book coming out tomorrow, and a few celebs should be scared. The New York Daily News spills some of the juicy tidbits in True Bloggywood Stories: The Glamorous Life of Beating, Cheating, and Overdosing:
  • Probably not a shocker, but Drew Barrymore likes to party. "

Perez Puncher Apologizes; Charges Dropped

Black Eyed Peas manager writes letter, accepts conditions

(Newser) - The Black Eyed Peas manager who slugged Perez Hilton had assault charges dropped in court today after he wrote a (qualified) letter of apology. Juan Molina also agreed to steer clear of Hilton and donate $500 to a women's shelter. He punched Hilton in June after the gossip blogger got...

Kanye Cameo Likely During Swift's SNL Gig
 Kanye Cameo Likely 
 During Swift's SNL Gig 

Kanye Cameo Likely During Swift's SNL Gig

(Newser) - Just when the Kanye West-Taylor Swift meme was starting to ebb a bit, there’s this from the rumor mill: West, awards-show interrupter, will make a cameo when Swift, awards-show interruptee, hosts Saturday Night Live on Nov. 7. Quoth gossip maven Perez Hilton: “Sources tell us this is very...

Celebs Bitch Away on Twitter—at Their Peril

More and more, stars are using social networking to rant about other stars

(Newser) - Thanks to Twitter, celebrities are getting candid and crass in public: The social networking site offers “a kind of faceless anonymity,” one editor tells the Los Angeles Times, leading stars—who might otherwise hide behind a publicist—to tweet their dirty laundry for all the world to see....

'God Chose Me' to Defend Marriage: Prejean

'I had the courage and the bravery that a lot of people don’t have': ex-Miss Calif.

(Newser) - Carrie Prejean says she believes she was divinely chosen as a defender of traditional marriage, Politico reports. “God had a plan for me” when he arranged for her to answer Perez Hilton’s question on gay marriage during the 2009 Miss USA pageant, Prejean told the Value Voters Summit...

In Feud With Demi, Perez Dissed Tyra

(Newser) - Turns out Perez Hilton didn't just bring down the wrath of Demi Moore when he linked to pics of daughter Tallulah Willis, 15, in skimpy clothes last week: He broke his promise to Tyra Banks, the Daily News reports. On an episode of her talk show that airs today—but...

Demi Threatens Lawsuit Over Pics of Daughter

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton linked to photos of Tallulah WIllis

(Newser) - Demi Moore has threatened to sue gossip blogger Perez Hilton over photos of her 15-year-old daughter, E! reports. Hilton didn't actually post the pics, which show Tallulah Willis in revealing clothes, but he linked to them and made snarky remarks."Clearly Perez Hilton isn't taking violating child pornography laws...

Jon and I Had Sex While Kids Slept: Kate 2.0

Ex- Star reporter dishes on their affair, how he dumped her by text

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin’s ex-fling Kate Major is still mad about being dumped for Gosselin’s other ex-girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, Perez Hilton reports, and is spilling the beans on their sleazy affair. She shared some highlights with Life and Style:
  • “Jon said he couldn’t be seen having a girlfriend,

Kid Chorus Rides Lady Gaga, Coldplay Covers to Viral Hits

PS22 students are the latest YouTube stars

(Newser) - The newest viral video stars are the fourth- and fifth-grade members of New York’s PS22 Chorus, thanks in part to celebrity blogger—and fan—Perez Hilton. “He’s the one who really got these kids on the map,” chorus director Gregg Breinberg tells MTV. But it’s...

Perez Admits 'Mistakes,' Not Sorry
 Perez Admits 
 'Mistakes,' Not Sorry 

Perez Admits 'Mistakes,' Not Sorry

Admits 'mistakes' in debacle

(Newser) - Perez Hilton has gone from “celebrity watcher” to “quasi-celebrity.” Public scuffles with Carrie Prejean, Dustin Lance Black, and have thrown the bitchy blogger into the spotlight—but who is he really? He’s happier than ever, on a quest to get healthy, and “...

Perez Claimed Jackson 'Faked' Death Collapse

(Newser) - Perez Hilton screwed up again yesterday when the gossip blogger claimed Michael Jackson's trip to the hospital was a "stunt" like when he collapsed getting ready for his 1995 HBO special. "We are dubious!" Hilton breathlessly posted. He later yanked the post, reports Gawker, who saved it...

Perez Sorry for Gay 'F Word'
 Perez Sorry for Gay 'F Word' 

Perez Sorry for Gay 'F Word'

(Newser) - Celeb blogger Perez Hilton has apologized for using the "F word" gay slur in his dust-up with the Black Eyed Peas. Band manager Polo Molino has been charged with assault for allegedly punching Hilton after the gossip maven dissed after a video awards show in Toronto....

Perez Eyes Lawsuit in Melee

Manager charged with assault after awards show

(Newser) - The scuffle between Perez Hilton and the Black Eyed Peas has only just begun. Polo Molina, the band’s manager, “is being prosecuted for assault in Toronto” after Sunday’s alleged assault on Hilton, Hilton’s lawyer tells the New York Daily News. Hilton “intends to take immediate...

GLAAD to Perez: Apologize for Calling Gay Slur

(Newser) - The manager of the Black Eyed Peas punched Perez Hilton after the gossip blogger called a faggot during a heated argument, reports the Los Angeles Times. Now the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is demanding that Hilton apologize for using the gay slur. "I made... Assaulted Me: Perez Hilton

Singer denies attack; Twitter activity flurries

(Newser) - The Twitterati are aflutter with reports that Perez Hilton was allegedly assaulted early this morning by of the Black Eyed Peas, the Huffington Post reports. But the Peas’ general manager is the one who turned himself in to police, according to TMZ. Celebrity gossip blogger Hilton tweeted...

Right-Wing Radio Host Calls Maddow 'Little Boy'

Andrew Wilkow also attacks Perez Hilton

(Newser) - A right-wing radio host's rant on Tuesday got nasty—even for talk radio. Andrew Wilkow of Sirius/XM, filling in on the syndicated "Mark Levin Show," called MSNBC's Rachel Maddow a "nice little boy" and Perez Hilton a "vile sodomite," Salon reports. "It just sounds...

Trump: Miss Cali Stays
 Miss Cali Stays  

Trump: Miss Cali Stays

(Newser) - Donald Trump declined to fire the embattled Miss California today, TMZ reports. In a press conference, Trump, the owner of the Miss USA pageant, praised Carrie Prejean for answering a "tough" question about gay marriage 'honestly"—the same way, he noted, the president and the majority of Americans...

Prejean: 'Satan Set Gay Trap for Me'

She rejected devil and 'stood up for God' on gay marriage, Prejean tells Dobson

(Newser) - Miss California has told a Christian radio program that "Satan tried to tempt me" with the gay marriage pageant question that rocketed her into controversy. "I wanted to sound politically correct" and win the Miss USA pageant, Carrie Prejean told evangelical leader James Dobson yesterday. "Then God...

Miss California 'Made Me Laugh': Rosie

Comedian found gay marriage comment funny

(Newser) - It was only a matter of time before Rosie O’Donnell commented on Miss California’s gay marriage drama, but the comic wasn’t too harsh. Carrie Prejean’s comment “made me laugh,” O’Donnell told the New York Daily News. “She said, ‘In America, you...

Perez, I Pray For You, Miss Cali Retorts

Pageant judge Hilton admits answer may have cost her crown

(Newser) - Miss California's gay-marriage stance has stirred a media frenzy among pundits and beauties alike, but none more heated than the crossfire between her and Miss USA judge Perez Hilton. "Perez, I feel sorry for you," Prejean told Fox News after he called her a "dumb bitch....

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