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45% of Dads Say They Handle Homeschooling. Moms Disagree
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Who Handles Homeschooling? Answers Don't Sync

Poll shows perception divide between men and women

(Newser) - Perception is everything, and nowhere is that proving to be more true than in a recent poll on how housework and child care are being divvied up during the pandemic. Per the New York Times , the latest Morning Consult poll asked 2,200 Americans in April about these tasks, and...

'I Just Can't Do This': Harried Parents Are Giving Up

Home schooling is getting harder as the weeks go by

(Newser) - Frustration is mounting as more families across the US enter their second or even third week of distance learning—and some overwhelmed parents say it will be their last, the AP reports. Amid the barrage of learning apps, video meet-ups, and e-mailed assignments that pass as pandemic home school, some...

Texas to Decide: Do Homeschooled Kids Need to Learn?

Case could have broad implications for homeschooling families

(Newser) - Laura McIntyre began educating her nine children more than a decade ago inside a vacant office at an El Paso motorcycle dealership she ran with her husband and other relatives. Now the family is embroiled in a legal battle the Texas Supreme Court hears this week that could have broad...

9 Stars Who Homeschool Their Children

Although, for some of them, it's a bit fancier than regular homeschooling

(Newser) - OK, so a celebrity's idea of "homeschooling" is maaaaybe a little different than your idea of homeschooling ... since chances are it involves extremely high-priced tutors when a famous person's kid is the one getting educated. The Stir rounds up nine stars who homeschool; check out a sampling...

US Needs to Dump Its Entire Terrible Education System

It hurts our kids, and there is a better way: Peter Gray

(Newser) - People talk a lot about how to fix our educational system—but the only real answer is to get rid of it, or at least its traditional components, writes research professor Peter Gray on Salon . Gray, an expert on psychology and how children learn, points out that schools today retain...

Santorum Took State Cash for Kids' Schooling

...despite fact that he wants government out of education

(Newser) - Rick Santorum has been telling America it's time to take federal and state government "out of the education business," leaving schools in local hands. Indeed, he proudly home-schools his own children—but it seems he's not above using state money to do so, the AP reports....

Va. Politician Tebows After 'Tebow Bill' Passes

Robert Bell introduced bill giving homeschoolers more access to sports

(Newser) - The bill that passed in the Virginia state House last night was nicknamed the "Tebow bill," so it's only fitting that the delegate who introduced it would engage in some Tebowing after it passed. The bill would allow homeschooled students in Virginia to play sports at their...

Bachmann Campaign Swipes Homeschoolers' Email List

It was 'inadvertent,' campaign assures homeschooling group

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann's already-struggling campaign is in hot water now that it's been busted for co-opting a homeschooling email list without permission. The president of the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators informed members of the breach in a recent email obtained by the Iowa Republican , noting that two...

GOP Hopefuls Woo Homeschoolers

Support of seasoned activists could make the difference in Iowa

(Newser) - People who teach their children at home helped Mike Huckabee beat Mitt Romney in 2008's Iowa caucuses, and there's plenty of competition for the help of homeschoolers this time around, Reuters finds. In Iowa, homeschoolers are mainly Christian conservatives, and the group can provide the right candidate with...

Santorum: Government Wants to 'Indoctrinate' Kids

GOP candidate decries early education programs

(Newser) - Apparently, early education programs are a government plot. That’s the impression Rick Santorum gave yesterday at a tiny town hall meeting in Iowa. “It is a parent’s responsibility to educate their children. It is not the government’s job,” the GOP presidential candidate told a crowd...

Jackson Kids Having a Blast at School

Prince Michael, Paris, plus bodyguards off to LA prep school

(Newser) - The elder two of Michael Jackson's children have started going to school with other kids for the first time in their lives, and are thriving. Prince Michael Jackson, 13, and Paris, 12, ended homeschooling at their own request, and are enjoying attending Los Angeles' exclusive Buckley School, their famous pop's...

Court Sends Homeschoolers to Detention

Calif. says kids must be taught by teachers with credentials

(Newser) - California homeschoolers are breaking the law, an appeals court ruled yesterday, by not having certified teachers instructing their kids. California’s law has been clear since 1953, the court said: Kids must go to school full time or be tutored by a credentialed teacher. The decision puts the parents of...

Boom in Online Schooling Fuels Broad Debate

Freedom appeals to parents; critics worry over regulations, costs

(Newser) - With half a million children taking classes online, debate over virtual schooling is intensifying, the New York Times reports. The proliferation of web-based public schools has sparked concerns about public financing and the appropriateness of the model for young children. In Wisconsin, meanwhile, supporters won a fight last week to...

Bible Belt Brings Fight to Europe
Bible Belt Brings Fight to Europe

Bible Belt Brings Fight to Europe

Evangelicals attack stem cells, gays, truancy laws on the continent

(Newser) - American evangelicals have opened a new front in the culture wars—across the Atlantic. Christian groups, including Pat Robertson's legal organization, the American Center for Law and Justice, are actively challenging German laws against home schooling, defending Britons who refuse to work on Sunday, and combating same-sex marriage and stem...

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