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He Wore Gap Khakis On the Air. Now Everyone Wants Them

MSNBC correspondent Steve Kornacki's election week outfit is driving online sales

(Newser) - They call him the "Map Daddy," but Steve Kornacki may soon see his nickname change to the "Gap Daddy." The MSNBC political correspondent went viral in some circles during election week not only with his nerdy explainers on electoral math, but also with an outfit that... More »

Kanye Strikes 10-Year Deal That Might Just Save a Big Brand

The singer-songwriter joins forces with the Gap

(Newser) - "He just might make Gap cool again." That's how TMZ describes a new 10-year deal between Kanye West and the Gap to forge a clothing line. The mall brand and Kanye's company, Yeezy, say the new "Yeezy Gap" line will provide "modern, elevated basics... More »

Flagship Stores Have a Serious Problem

Even Barneys New York is looking at possible bankruptcy

(Newser) - It used to be considered the retailer's crown jewel—a large format store on a swank corridor that showed off the best of what a brand had to offer. But now the so-called flagship store is disappearing from high-profile shopping thoroughfares like Manhattan's Madison Avenue and Chicago's... More »

Your Gap Store May Be Closing Soon

As sales falter, company plans to shutter hundreds of locations

(Newser) - It looks like there's going to be a lot fewer Gap stores when Black Friday 2019 rolls around. CNBC reports that the company plans to "aggressively" close hundreds of stores in malls around the country. The reason is pretty basic: Sales continue to slump, falling 7% in the... More »

Gap: Sorry for Black Girl as 'Armrest' in Ad

Critics say GapKids photo is racially insensitive—but there's a twist

(Newser) - A new Gap ad is causing a stir on social media for what critics say is a racist depiction of a young black girl, Fortune reports. The photo features the child and three white girls. While the two girls bookending the photo strike acrobatic poses, the white girl in the... More »

Gap Closing 1 in 4 US Stores

CEO says 'lack of optimism' has affected fashion design

(Newser) - Gap plans to do two things to reverse tanking sales: make clothes that more people want to buy, and sell them in fewer locations. The company plans to close 175 of its stores in North America over the next few years, most of them by the end of January. That'... More »

Gap Workers Will Soon Make $10 an Hour

Retailer announces two-step wage hike

(Newser) - Gap is staying a step ahead of moves to raise the minimum wage by setting $9 as its minimum wage this summer and raising it to $10 in 2015. The company says the move will affect around 65,000 workers at its stores, which include Old Navy and Banana Republic,... More »

Man Orders Tie, Gets Personnel Records Instead

Banana Republic has a mailing miscue

(Newser) - With a little more than two weeks to go before their wedding, Emily Dreyfuss' fiance ordered a tie and pocket square from Banana Republic's website to go with his Navy blue suit. What the couple got in the mail instead this week would make an identity thief giddy: the... More »

Gap, Walmart Dodge Bangladesh Safety Plan

Walmart says its own voluntary plan is better, faster

(Newser) - Major European retailers are lining up to sign a Bangladesh safety plan aimed at preventing disasters like Rana Plaza , but American companies, including the Gap and Walmart, are backing away. Walmart—which blames a "rogue employee" for an order for its clothes found in the rubble of the building... More »

Ad Fail? American Apparel Pushes a Sandy Sale

The Gap also nudged those stranded at home to do some shopping

(Newser) - Where the East Coast sees disaster, American Apparel sees marketing opportunity. The retailer sent out a mass email yesterday offering customers in states affected by Sandy 20% off. You know, "in case you're bored by the storm." This was met "uniformly with derision on Twitter,"... More »

Gap Abandons Logo Change

Retailer decides to stick with the classic

(Newser) - Gap is ditching that ugly new logo . Just one week after it unveiled the cheap-looking design, the retailer announced (on Facebook) that is has decided to stick with its classic white-on-navy look. "We've heard loud and clear that you don't like the new logo," the company said. "... More »

Christian Group Boycotts Gap Over Holiday Ads

Not enough Christ in Gap's Christmas: AFA

(Newser) - A Christian group has launched a boycott of the Gap over its religion-neutral holiday ads. The American Family Association, already ticked off by last year’s campaign, which wished consumers a “Merry Gap-mas,” hit the roof over this year's “Go Christmas, Go Hanukkah, Go Kwanzaa, Go Solstice.... More »

Hollywood's Lost Its Grasp on 'Quirky'

(Newser) - Hollywood loves to make movies about allegedly quirky people—think 500 Days of Summer—but most characters are so similar they don’t seem quirky at all, writes Linda Holmes for NPR. “It may be that at this point, the quirkiest person in a Hollywood movie would be someone... More »

Dow Up 494 on Geithner Pick

Index gets back over 8,000, but lose for the week

(Newser) - News that Barack Obama’s will nominate Timothy Geithner, head of the New York Fed, as Treasury Secretary buoyed stocks today, although the major indices all lost value for the week, MarketWatch reports. The Dow closed up 494.13 at 8,046.42. The Nasdaq gained 68.23 to settle... More »

Still Mourning, Hudson Gives Ad Go-Ahead

Singer shot photos before the slayings

(Newser) - The timing isn't the best, but Jennifer Hudson has given her blessing to the inclusion of her photo in a new Gap ad, E! Online reports. The holiday ad campaign, conceived and photographed before the murders of her mother, brother, and 7-year-old nephew, features the Academy Award-winner looking cheery in... More »

Former Retail Workers Stuck in Folding Mode

Gap-style training creates a generation of neat freaks

(Newser) - Countless current and former retail workers have an obsessive urge to fold clothes ironed into their brains, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Gap started the trend for tightly folded displays in the '80s and rivals quickly followed suit. A whole generation of retail alumni spent thousands of hours folding... More »

Tanking Dow Drops 315 Points

Huge AIG, Dell losses spark sell-off

(Newser) - The Dow lost an incredible 315.79 points today to close at 12,266.39 as AIG reported the biggest losses in its history and bellwether Dell reported a year-over-year fourth-quarter profit decline of 6%. The Nasdaq slipped 60.09 to 2,271.48, and the S&P 500 lost... More »

Black Friday Getting Longer

Stores open earlier to boost profits, attract headlines

(Newser) - Stores will open earlier than ever on Black Friday, with midnight openings becoming more common, the AP reports. Wal-Mart, in fact, began its sales today. "You sell two sweaters and you've broken even,” said one analyst. But Gap chief Glenn Murphy will be out with the hordes, then... More »

Child 'Slave' Laborers Fall Into the Gap

Kids seen making Gap garments in New Delhi sweatshop

(Newser) - Ten-year-olds were found stitching Gap apparel in a filthy New Delhi sweatshop, some without pay, in an investigation by the Guardian. The kids interviewed by the paper reported long hours of unpaid work, threats and beatings. Serial numbers on the beaded blouses they were working on were ID'd by the... More »

Report: Top Retailers Pay Poverty Wages

H&M, Gap, others mislead public about plight of garment workers in Bangladesh

(Newser) - On the eve of London fashion week, a new report blasts clothing retailers for turning a blind eye to the poverty-level wages of their workers. Marks&Spencer, H&M, the Gap, and others are singled out for paying garments workers in Bangladesh such low wages that the workers must rely... More »

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