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Family: We Were Booted Off Flight Because We're Jewish

American Airlines cites a different reason: body odor

(Newser) - A family booted off an American Airlines flight while heading home from vacation says it was due to their religion, while the airline cites a completely different reason: an unpleasant scent. Per an American Airlines statement to Local 10 on Wednesday, Yossi Adler, wife Jennie Adler, and their toddler daughter...

His Odor Grounded a Plane. A Month Later, He Died

It turns out Andrey Suchilin was suffering from necrosis, which was causing the smell

(Newser) - A story that began embarrassingly has ended tragically. People reports on the death of 58-year-old Andrey Suchilin, a Russian guitarist who spurred an emergency landing of a Transavia Airlines plane in Portugal. Per De Telegraaf via WJW , Suchilin's odor during the May 29 flight from Spain to the Netherlands...

Woman Who Tried to Combat Co-Worker's Odor Gets Fired
Woman Who Tried to Combat
Co-Worker's Odor Gets Fired
in case you missed it

Woman Who Tried to Combat Co-Worker's Odor Gets Fired

Indianapolis courts employee installed air fresheners and got canned; now she's suing

(Newser) - A bizarre lawsuit out of Indianapolis revolves around life at the office and body odor. As IndyStar reports, the mess began when workers in the city's magistrate court complained about a co-worker's chronic body odor. That prompted Amber Bridges, as part of her role as lead staff, to...

Feeling Down? Smell a Happy Person's Sweat
Feeling Down? Smell a
Happy Person's Sweat
study says

Feeling Down? Smell a Happy Person's Sweat

Study suggests chemicals in body odor can affect others

(Newser) - Scientists think they've figured out a way for people to feel happier, but applying it in real life might be a little weird: It involves getting a whiff of a happy person's armpits. It seems that we humans secrete chemicals in sweat that reflect our emotional states, and...

Scientists ID Culprit Behind Your Stinky Armpits

Certain bacteria appear to be key to body odor

(Newser) - Bad BO? It's not your fault: Scientists have identified the bacteria you should blame. The smell of your armpits is a result of a clash between sweat and bacteria that creates what NPR calls "the mothership of body odor." Odorless molecules in your sweat are "broken...

San Diego Cabbies: Body Odor Test Stinks

Taxi drivers take issue with 'dehumanizing' practice at airport

(Newser) - Body odor is among 52 criteria that officials at San Diego International Airport use to judge taxi drivers. Cabbies say that smacks of prejudice and discrimination. For years, inspectors with the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority have run down their checklist for each cabbie—proof of insurance, functioning windshield...

If Sweat Doesn't Smell, Why Are We Stinky?

Turns out Bacteria is to blame for our smelly parts

(Newser) - Stuck in this week's brutal heat wave? You may be surprised to learn that sweat doesn't actually smell—and NPR has posted a video from the chemistry podcast Distillations to explain why. Turns out that there are two types of sweat glands, eccrine and apocrine; the former covers...

Old People Smell Better Than Young People
Old People Smell Better
Than Young People
in case you missed it

Old People Smell Better Than Young People

Seniors have a distinctive odor, and it's not so bad: Study

(Newser) - Old people do indeed have a distinctive odor, say scientists, but it's a lot better than reputation and bad jokes would suggest. A study involving the unenviable task of sniffing underarm pads found that those aged 75 to 95 gave off a scent more pleasant and less intense than...

We Can Determine Personality by Smell

Our ability to judge personality is nothing to sniff at

(Newser) - You are what you reek? It turns out that we can tell a lot about someone's personality just by their smell, according to the New York Daily News . Sixty people in Poland wore the same T-shirt for three nights, and did not use soap, smoke, drink, or "eat...

Stinky Flyer Booted Off Plane
 Stinky Flyer Booted Off Plane  

Stinky Flyer Booted Off Plane

'Brutal' body odor overwhelms Air Canada passengers

(Newser) - A too-smelly-to-fly controversy has followed hot on the heels of Kevin Smith's too-fat-to-fly kerfuffle. A passenger was escorted off an Air Canada regional flight this week after passengers complained about his overwhelming body odor. "People were just mumbling and staring at him,” one passenger told the Prince Edward...

Honolulu Mulls Body-Odor Crackdown
Honolulu Mulls Body-Odor Crackdown

Honolulu Mulls Body-Odor Crackdown

City delays vote barring smelly people from riding public transit

(Newser) - Honolulu's city council has delayed voting on a measure to bar stinky people from public transit, reports the Advertiser. The ordinance would crack down on people with “odors that unreasonably disturb others or interfere with their use of the transit system.” Part of the reason for the delay...

Library Rules: No Loud Yells, No Bad Smells

Homeless advocates get into lather over hygiene policies

(Newser) - Even if you haven’t been to a public library in a while you probably know the major rules: no shouting, no running, no food or drink near the books. But a rash of complaints from patrons have driven some Chicago-area libraries to institute a new prohibition: no offensive body...

Men Smell Like Cheese, Women Like Onion

Find an animal that smells like tomato and voila—pizza!

(Newser) - Working out at the gym may stimulate your appetite—or maybe it's the enticing scent of the person next to you. Sweaty men smell of cheese, and sweaty women smell like onion or grapefruit, New Scientist reports. Body chemistry accounts for the difference, say Swiss researchers who based their conclusions...

Casino Ejects Man Over B.O.
 Casino Ejects Man Over B.O.

Casino Ejects Man Over B.O.

Smelly man wants an apology

(Newser) - A gambler deemed too smelly to play is demanding an apology from New Jersey’s Borgata casino, Fox Philadelphia reports. Michael Wax, 54, had spent 17 hours gambling in the casino when an official approached him and said he had to leave because other patrons were complaining of his body...

5 Actors Who Rock 'Stink Chic'

Poor personal hygiene, grooming, and dress habits don't stop paychecks coming

(Newser) - Clean-cut is so five years ago. Today, it’s all about the “stink chic” of rumpled clothes and unwashed bods, MSNBC reports. Its top five actors who look like they smell bad:
  1. Colin Farrell: The butt always dangling from his mouth is just icing on his greasy-hair-scraggly-beard-creased-clothes cake.
  2. Matthew

Stench is in Nose of Beholder
Stench is in Nose of Beholder

Stench is in Nose of Beholder

Body odor perceived differently based on genetics, study shows

(Newser) - Good news for men with a nasty smell wafting under their arms: Scientists can prove why it's not so bad to everyone. A report published in Nature says that male sweat can invoke scents from urine to vanilla, thanks to tiny differences in a single receptor gene. How it reacts...

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