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Dad Tased After Flying Drone at Park

Travis Sanders says he didn't know flying tiny 'aircraft' was illegal

(Newser) - Travis Sanders expected a fun night when he took his family to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park on Saturday. But things took an unexpected turn when the 35-year-old Pahoa resident was Tased by a park ranger and arrested after sending up a 3-inch quadcopter drone to take video of the... More »

Guy Tries to Stop Robbery, Gets Charged With Felony

Jeff Steele reportedly threatened robber with Taser he had no permit for

(Newser) - A man who tried to stop a robbery in a Wisconsin bar has been charged with a felony because he wasn't supposed to be carrying the Taser he allegedly threatened the suspect with. According to WKBT-TV , Jeff Steele was at the King's Korner bar in La Crosse just... More »

Man Tasered at US Border Crossing Dies

He attacked officers, 4 received 'moderate injuries'

(Newser) - A man who struggled with US Customs and Border Protection agents at the San Ysidro, Calif., crossing on Christmas Eve died after being Tasered. The 40-year-old came into the US from Mexico via the pedestrian walkway around 7pm, the Los Angeles Times reports, but agents soon discovered an outstanding felony... More »

Texas Man, 76, Tasered During Traffic Stop

He was stopped for driving with expired inspection sticker

(Newser) - A police officer in Victoria, Texas, is being investigated over a routine traffic stop where he slammed a 76-year-old man onto his cruiser then Tasered him twice when he was on the ground. Dashboard camera video shows Pete Vasquez being pulled over on the way to the auto dealership where... More »

Cop on Leave for Not Tasering Suicidal Student

Other officers on the scene at CSU say his refusal was a 'failure to act'

(Newser) - As debate continues about whether excessive police force was used against unarmed men, one California officer has come under fire for the opposite reason: not Tasering an unarmed man. The California State University-Monterey Bay cop is on paid leave after refusing to stun-gun a student who was reportedly suicidal, which... More »

Electric Eels Use 'Remote Control' to Paralyze Prey

Scientists say the fish are the only ones known to do that

(Newser) - Electric eels have long been known to deliver low-voltage pulses as a form of natural sonar—but now researchers out of Vanderbilt University have discovered the eels also deliver high-voltage shocks, which they use to paralyze their prey—from a distance, with no physical contact—in just three milliseconds. It'... More »

Mo. Teen in Coma After Cop Uses Stun Gun

FBI is launching an investigation

(Newser) - The 17-year-old son of a veteran police officer was rushed to the hospital Sunday after a cop used a stun gun while arresting him during a traffic stop in Independence, Mo. Both the FBI and Independence Police Department have launched investigations while Bryce Masters' family holds vigil at an intensive... More »

Guy Sues: Cop Tased Me With a Puppy, Bro

Officer says man was being disorderly

(Newser) - It is accepted fact that holding a puppy can get a guy on most girls' warm and fuzzy side. This accepted fact does not, however, appear to carry over to the realm of Taser-wielding cops in New Mexico, reports KOAT-TV . As Eppie Cruz Montoya tells it, he was innocently trying... More »

Cops Taser Stepdad Trying to Save Son From Fire

Toddler perished in Missouri blaze

(Newser) - The outraged family of a stepfather Tasered as he tried to save his stepson from a house fire is considering suing the town of Louisiana, Missouri. Officers used the stun gun on Ryan Miller after he kicked in a front door and tried to enter the burning residence to rescue... More »

Bodyguard to the Stars Tased to Death

Norman Oosterbroek was allegedly naked, high, beating neighbor

(Newser) - Norman Oosterbroek has acted as bodyguard to Nelson Mandela, Jay Z, and Lady Gaga. The security firm he founded had a long list of famous clients, and he was known as one of the best in the business. But Florida police say that somehow the 43-year-old ended up naked and... More »

Teen Graffiti Artist Dies After Police Tasing

Death of Miami Beach 17-year-old under investigation

(Newser) - A Miami Beach teenager is dead after getting tased by police who spotted him tagging a vacant McDonald's with graffiti. The case is getting more attention than usual because 17-year-old Israel Hernandez-Llach had the reputation of a budding artist. He was "on the threshold of acclaim in Miami... More »

Lawmaker Sued Over Months of Taser Attacks

Tasings at Houston office were posted online: lawsuit

(Newser) - Most people can accept being the victim of an office prank—but Tasing seems a little much. In that spirit, a Texas man has filed suit against a GOP state lawmaker and her husband over months of alleged Taser attacks while working at their Houston car dealership, KHOU.com reports.... More »

It Takes Taser, 6 Men to Catch Fugitive Llama

Scooter the llama causes police chase after breaking out of his pen

(Newser) - When Scooter the llama busted out of his penned-in yard in Tallahassee, it took three county sheriff's deputies and a taser gun to get him back in again. The 6-foot-tall, 7-year-old llama outran the authorities in Tallahassee for a while, even leaping over a 4-foot fence to avoid capture,... More »

Cops Tase Lady Liberty

She wouldn't leave traffic median

(Newser) - It must have been quite a sight: A Fort Worth police officer Tased Lady Liberty three times at a busy intersection, reports the Dallas Morning News (as spotted by Boing Boing ). The good lady was actually a 19-year-old guy dressed in costume and waving to drivers on behalf of... More »

Guards Tase, Tie Down American Sniper Suspect

Eddie Ray Routh lashes out in jail: authorities

(Newser) - Police got rough with the alleged killer of US sniper Chris Kyle last night, Tasering him in his jail cell and tying him to a chair, ABC News reports. Authorities say guards at the central Texas jail Tasered Eddie Ray Routh , 25, when he refused to return his dinner tray,... More »

UK Cops Tase Guy With Knives Outside Buckingham

They brought stun guns to his would-be knife fight

(Newser) - How to get yourself Tased in a hurry: Show up outside Buckingham Palace waving a couple of knives during the Changing of the Guard. Such was the fate today of a man believed to be in his 50s, after police challenged him and he responded "aggressively," reports the... More »

Cop Tasers 10-Year-Old on Playground

Boy refused to help clean his car, says lawsuit

(Newser) - A police officer in New Mexico faces a lawsuit after using his Taser on a 10-year-old boy in a school playground, reports Courthouse News Service . The officer was at school for a career day, and he reportedly asked a group of boys to clean his police car. According to the... More »

Cops Mistake Blind Man's Stick for Sword, Tase Him

Colin Farmer, 61, had no idea what was going on at first

(Newser) - When police in England responded to reports of a man walking around with a sword, they stumbled upon Colin Farmer, 61, who is blind … and was carrying his white stick. Surely you see where this is going: Police, mistaking the stick for a samurai sword, set upon Farmer and... More »

Girl, 12, Tasered at Victoria's Secret

Cops: She was protecting mom from traffic ticket bust

(Newser) - A 12-year-old girl was Tasered while shopping at a Missouri Victoria's Secret by a cop hunting her mom. "He said, 'Put your hands behind your back.' I was just crying. I guess he got mad because then he took it out and just Tasered me,"... More »

Yes, Tasers Can Cause Death: Study

But sample was only 8 people, Taser rep points out

(Newser) - Tasers can indeed cause cardiac arrest and death, a study shows for the first time. The study, published in the American Heart Association's journal, looked at eight cases involving the Taser X26 ECD; of those eight cases, seven people died. The electronic stun guns can cause an abnormally fast... More »

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