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Ethiopian Kids Get Tablets, Start Teaching Themselves

Even begin hacking in 'One Laptop' study

(Newser) - The people behind One Laptop Per Child wanted to see if illiterate children who don't have access to school could benefit from a tablet computer, so they dropped off a few Motorola Xooms in remote, isolated Ethiopian villages, reports the MIT Technology Review . The tablets were preloaded with educational...

Imagine That: Lennon's Back in TV Ad

Yoko Ono approves spot for One Laptop per Child

(Newser) - John Lennon is starring in a new television commercial for charity 28 years after his death, the Telegraph reports. Thanks to digital technology, the Beatles legend's voice can be heard urging Americans to purchase low-cost computers for the world’s poorest children in the ad for One Laptop per Child....

One Laptop Per Child Embraces Windows XP

Move gives new life to seemingly immortal operating system

(Newser) - Now that Microsoft has signed on to the One Laptop Per Child initiative—aimed at getting low-cost PCs to kids in poor countries—its Windows XP operating system is again getting a new jolt of life, reports The project originally used only free, open-source software such as Linux,...

Peru Distributes '$100 Laptop'

One Laptop per Child effort faces on-the-ground test

(Newser) - One Laptop per Child got a bumpy start, with the “$100 laptop” soaring to $188, for-profit competitors snatching customers, and developing countries hesitating to buy. But the true test for the nonprofit comes now, as Peru prepares to send 486,500 computers to its poorest schoolchildren. The country faces...

If $100 Is Too Steep, Wait for the $75 Laptop

One Laptop Per Child exec spins out new firm to make cheaper model

(Newser) - The former chief technology officer of the One Laptop Per Child program has formed a spin-out company that seeks to take the XO laptop a step further—and reduce the cost of the basic computer from $100 to $75. The new operation, Pixel Qi, will aim to develop a cheaper...

Intel Bails on Kid Laptop Project

Feud over rival computer sales

(Newser) - Intel has dropped out of its uneasy partnership with the "One Laptop Per Child" global nonprofit program, designed to put inexpensive computers in the hands of millions of children in developing countries. Intel has been feuding with project founder Nicholas  Negroponte, an MIT professor on leave who developed the...

$100 Laptops Fetch $600 on eBay

US consumers go nuts over discount charity laptop

(Newser) - The $100 laptop is turning into the $600 laptop on eBay, reports the San Jose Mercury News, sealing the novelty value of the computer aimed at children in developing countries. Nonprofit One Laptop Per Child is also hawking the laptops through year's end, but many shoppers shelled out extra in...

Ambition Fails for One Laptop Per Child

Visionary project lowering expectations as for-profit competitors muscle in

(Newser) - One Laptop Per Child started with a monstrously ambitious goal – build laptops for $100 each, sell them by the millions to the developing world. But since then, cost overruns and attacks from for-profit competitors have ravaged demand, the Wall Street Journal reports. A mere 300,000 are being produced...

XO: Buy 1, a Kid Gets 1 Free

XO buyers will be asked to buy 2nd laptop for needy children

(Newser) - Americans will be asked to buy XO laptops in pairs—one for themselves and one for a child in a developing nation. Organizers of the "One Laptop Per Child" program hope to distribute laptops to millions of Third World schoolchildren this way. The combined cost of the pair of...

$100 Laptop Price Hits $188

3 million orders, fourth price increase for One Laptop Per Child

(Newser) - The famous but increasingly misnamed “$100 laptop” will actually cost $188—the fourth price increase for the innovative device designed for nonprofit group One Laptop Per Child, reports the AP. While still a bargain, the bump could scare off developing governments fixed on the “fanciful $100-per-child figure,”...

Intel, Third World Laptop Initiative Join Forces

Chip giant makes peace with One Laptop Per Child

(Newser) - Intel and the One Laptop per Child initiative are making peace and embracing the notion of synergy. The chip maker and the pioneer of the $100 laptop concept will stop competing for deals with governments in the developing world and team up, the AP reports. The partnership is a big...

Strife Centers on Laptops for Third World

Intel cranks up competition to provide poor kids with cheap computers

(Newser) - The race to provide cheap laptops to the developing world is heating up, with Intel working on a second computer priced under $200 and the One Laptop per Child foundation accusing the chipmaker of undermining its efforts. The individual machines aren't expensive, but because governments will buy them in volume...

12 Stories
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