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Former Candidate Slams 'Unqualified Lesbian' Nixon

Christine Quinn says she was a 'qualified lesbian' in mayoral run

(Newser) - Former New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn—who considers herself a "qualified lesbian"—isn't happy about Cynthia Nixon's Democratic primary challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The former Sex and the City star supported rival Bill de Blasio when Quinn ran for mayor in 2013. Nixon...

De Blasio Wins NYC Primary; Runoff Unclear

Recount looms as Thompson refuses to concede

(Newser) - As expected, Bill de Blasio will easily finish first in New York City's Democratic primary for mayor, reports the AP . What's unclear is whether he will get the necessary 40% to avoid a runoff with the second-place finisher. With 97% of returns in, de Blasio had 40.02%,...

NYC Mayoral Candidates Debate: Should Trains Run Over Kittens?

Joe Lhota says yes, Weiner says he would rescue them himself

(Newser) - Two New York subway lines were shut down for several hours this week because of a couple of kittens on the track . So New York magazine asks the city's prospective mayoral candidates the tough question: Should the trains have just run over them? Republican Joe Lhota (notably, the city'...

Frontrunner in Mayor's Race Is ... Not Weiner

Christine Quinn retakes the lead, by a lot

(Newser) - Have New Yorkers had enough? In a Marist poll last month, Anthony Weiner claimed frontrunner status in the race for New York City mayor by 5 points over Christine Quinn. This week's revelations have caused a 14-point swing: She's now in front with 25% to his 16%, reports...

Weiner, Spitzer Leading Polls

New poll finds scandal-plagued candidates are leading primary races

(Newser) - Perhaps any publicity really is good publicity. Despite their high-profile sex scandals—or maybe because of them—both Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer are leading their respective Democratic primary races, according to a new poll by Quinnipiac University. The poll of 738 Democratic voters found 25% supported Weiner for mayor...

Weiner Officially Jumps Into NYC Mayoral Race

Says 'I hope I get a 2nd chance to work for you,' admits mistakes

(Newser) - Anthony Weiner—possibly inspired by Mark Sanford's shocking comeback —has made it official: He's running for mayor of America's biggest city. The former congressman launched his run for New York City mayor with a video posted on YouTube at midnight, in which he says, "I...

Weiner Not Yet Running for Mayor—but in 2nd Place

Among Democrat candidates: poll

(Newser) - Despite spending $100,000 on polling last month, Anthony Weiner still hasn't thrown his hat into the ring for New York's next mayoral election. But if he did today, he'd enter the race for the Democratic slot in second place, behind confirmed candidate Christine Quinn, a new...

NYC's Quinn Launches Bid to Become 1st Openly Gay Mayor

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn launches campaign with a walk-and-talk

(Newser) - New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn officially launched her bid to succeed Michael Bloomberg as mayor today, in a quest that, if successful, would see her installed as the Big Apple's first openly gay mayor. Quinn's campaign launched with what the New York Times calls a "...

Bloomberg's Dream Choices for Next Mayor: Schumer, Hillary?

Ed Rendell, Hillary Clinton among floated names

(Newser) - With New York City's mayoral election coming this year, eyes are on City Council speaker Christine Quinn as Michael Bloomberg's preferred successor. But the New York Times runs through a few less-likely names being tossed about with various levels of seriousness by Bloomberg's advisers. Among them: Hillary...

Gay Marriage Pays: NYC Pulls in $259M in 2011

Nearly 11% of New York marriages last year were by same-sex couples

(Newser) - Critics of gay marriage bash its societal costs, but apparently it pays pretty well, too, with New York City pulling in a tidy $259 million last year. In the first year that same-sex marriage has been legal in New York, 8,200 marriage licenses for gay couples were issued—nearly...

Bloomberg: We Will Pass Gay Marriage Bill

The change is inevitable, timing uncertain, mayor says

(Newser) - A New York state law allowing gay marriage is inevitable, but it's unclear when it will pass, said New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who vowed to throw his support behind such a bill. The Democrats who run the State Senate have not yet been able to round up enough...

Caroline Has Been Stingy With NY Dems
Caroline Has Been Stingy With NY Dems

Caroline Has Been Stingy With NY Dems

Lack of donations may hurt efforts to gain Clinton's Senate seat

(Newser) - Caroline Kennedy has not donated much money to New York Democrats, and it could dent her appeal to Gov. David Paterson as he decides on his appointment to fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, the New York Daily News reports. Although Kennedy has given around $30,000 to federal candidates,...

Bloomberg Could Get OK for Third Run

New York City Council will consider measure to extend term limits

(Newser) - A controversial bill to ditch the two-term limit for New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and dozens of other city officials will be introduced next week, reports the New York Times. City Council members believe Bloomberg has enough support to pass the measure, though supporters and critics alike are nonplussed...

Can NY Bag Plastic Habit?
Can NY Bag Plastic Habit?

Can NY Bag Plastic Habit?

City Council members push bill for grocery sack recycling

(Newser) - Now that conservation is chic, is it time for New York City to launch an East Coast trend? City Council members have introduced a bill that would require grocery stores to collect and recycle plastic bags that would be printed with the message: “Please return this bag to a...

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