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Kitchen Gender Gap Widens, Reversing Course

Worldwide, women prepare 4.7 more meals per week than men, though it's 1.7 in North America

(Newser) - Despite scores of people discovering the joys of baking bread, the pandemic home-cooking trend among Americans apparently has reached its shelf life. A new Gallup-Cookpad survey examining 2022 trends across 142 countries shows that in North America, people are back to ordering out or eating in restaurants more than any...

On Equal Pay Day, a 'Particularly Strange' Finding

Gender wage gap continues to narrow, but it's seen a big slowdown over past 2 decades

(Newser) - Tuesday is Equal Pay Day in the US, a shifting annual marker that documents the gender pay gap by indicating how far into the new year women have to work to catch up to what their male counterparts made the previous year. The good news is that, even as recently...

In America's Largest City, a Big Change in Job Listings

New York City now requires companies with 4 or more workers to disclose salary ranges

(Newser) - It's not only a new month on Tuesday—it's the first day in the nation's largest city where job seekers will finally know how much most positions pay before they get too deep into the application process. A new law has officially gone into effect in which...

Gender Divide Marks States' Abortion Debate

'I'm tired of older, rich white men deciding our fate,' one demonstrator says

(Newser) - Outside the West Virginia Legislature's chambers, the marble foyer was packed with young women in T-shirts, ripped jeans, and gym shorts holding signs with uteruses drawn in colored marker. "Bans off our bodies," the signs said. "Abortion is essential." Inside, a group of lawmakers, almost...

Gender Parity Index Puts Japan Near Bottom

Report says world has a long way to go for equality—about 132 years

(Newser) - The World Economic Forum's new Gender Gap Report found that Japan compares well with other nations in women's access to education and health. In Japan's political and economic fields, however, women's participation is still low, driving the nation's ranking to 116th among the 146 countries...

Pay Gap? In These US Cities, It's Flipped

Young women outearn their male counterparts in NYC, Washington, per new Pew analysis

(Newser) - Equal pay may seem a distant dream we won't reach for hundreds of years , but for women just starting out in the workplace, the news is bright in certain parts. A new Pew Research Center analysis, which pored over Census Bureau stats from 2015 to 2019, finds that in...

In Return to Jobs, a Huge Gender Gap

BLS stats show 1M-plus men went back to job market in Jan. amid pandemic; only 39K women did

(Newser) - The pandemic struck a huge blow to the American workforce, but January's jobs report brought some hopeful news, with employers adding 467,000 jobs last month. But the news appears to be better for men than for women, per Axios , which cites a "jaw-dropping" gender disparity in labor...

Women's Housework, Child Care Is Worth Trillions

Around the globe, it's actually worth more than what the top 50 companies made in 2018

(Newser) - Women carry out a lot of unpaid jobs, from housework to child care and beyond. Just how unpaid is it? For International Women's Day, coming up Sunday, Gus Wezerek and Kristen R. Ghodsee looked at an Oxfam analysis that calculated how much women would have made had they been...

Here Are the Best, Worst States for Gender Equality

Maine is looking good for women's rights

(Newser) - Despite making up more than half the US population, women are still lagging behind their male counterparts in pay and in leadership positions, and still claiming the lion's share of minimum-wage jobs. Some states are making better strides than others in closing the gender gap, per WalletHub , which looked...

Female BBC Editor Just Shamed Broadcaster Over Pay

Carrie Gracie leaves her high-profile post in China in protest of wage gap

(Newser) - The BBC's China editor has resigned her position in Beijing in protest over what she called a failure to sufficiently address a gap in compensation between men and women at the public broadcaster. Carrie Gracie said she would stay with the BBC and "return to my former post...

Finally, Equal Pay for Women ... in the Year 2186

WEF report shows progress on gender wage gap is slowing—or even reversing

(Newser) - Women may now be equal with men in terms of their drinking , but it could take another 170 years for them to achieve pay parity, Reuters reports. The World Economic Forum said Tuesday that even though last year's guesstimate put gender paycheck equality at around the year 2133, that...

Girls Saddled With Far More Chores Than Boys

Worldwide, they spend 40% more time on them than boys

(Newser) - In every corner of the world girls do more housework than boys, and this gender gap starts young and only widens with age. So reports UNICEF in a global analysis that finds girls on average spend 40% more time on household chores than do boys, and that this amounts to...

Soccer Star on Lack of Equal Pay: 'We Are Done With It'

Carli Lloyd explains why US women's players filed suit against US Soccer

(Newser) - Carli Lloyd loves playing soccer—so much so that she helped the US national women's team to two gold Olympic medals and the 2015 World Cup . What she doesn't love: the estimated 40% wage discrepancy between men and women players paid by US Soccer, leading her to join...

Shrinking Gender Gap Could Give Economy Huge Boost

Increasing equality could add $2.1T to GDP

(Newser) - Shrinking the gender gap in American workplaces could give the US economy a boost almost as big as the GDP of California, according to the latest McKinsey Global Institute study. The institute found that while the economy could grow by $4.3 trillion if the gender gap was completely eliminated,...

Women More Devout Than Men: Study

Gender gap in Pew study may be explained by both nature and nurture

(Newser) - Every pope, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, and most other major religious leaders have been men, and many religions have either only recently let up restrictions on women officiants or continue to ban them, the Guardian notes. Yet a new study from the Pew Research Center finds that women are the ones...

Women Make 77 Cents for Every Dollar a Man Makes

Census Bureau shows little change in recent years

(Newser) - The gap in pay between men and women seems officially stuck in place: New Census Bureau stats show that women earned 76.5 cents for every dollar that men made in 2012, an amount that hasn't changed much in a decade, reports the Wall Street Journal . Overall, men who...

80% of New Jobs Since 2009 Have Gone to Men

More men moving into retail sector

(Newser) - Men were hit hardest by job losses during the recession, but they have been way ahead of women in landing newly created jobs since the downturn officially ended in June 2009, the Los Angeles Times finds. Some 80% of the 2.9 million jobs created over the last three years...

Female Doctors Earn $365K Less Than Men in Career
Female Doctors Earn $365K Less Than Men Over Career
study says

Female Doctors Earn $365K Less Than Men Over Career

One possible reason: They don't negotiate for raises

(Newser) - The gender wage gap exists even among top physicians. While analyzing a group of 800 doctors who won a competitive research grant, researchers from the University of Michigan and Duke were surprised to discover that the female physicians in the group earned on average $12,194 less a year than...

Why You Should Tell Everyone Your Salary

 Why You Should 
 Tell Everyone 
 Your Salary 
in case you missed it

Why You Should Tell Everyone Your Salary

Because transparency tends to breed fairness

(Newser) - Maybe you really don't want your coworkers to know how much you make, but for the sake of pay equality, you should probably get over it, argues Irin Carmon of Salon . Many women are blissfully ignorant of how much less they're making than their male colleagues, she argues,...

Behind Wikipedia's Millions of Articles: Mostly Men

Just 13% of its contributors are woman; it wants to boost that to 25%

(Newser) - Wikipedia is one of the Internet's biggest success stories, with more than 3.5 million articles in English, and millions more in some 250 languages. The one thing it seems to be missing? Women. A study by the Wikimedia Foundation discovered that just 13% of the online encyclopedia's contributors are...

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