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Obama's Super PAC Scrambles for Big Donors

Fundraisers emboldened by Obama's endorsement

(Newser) - Now that President Obama has changed his tune on his super PAC , officials at Priorities USA Action have kicked into overdrive attempting to recruit deep-pocketed liberal donors who have largely been inactive since 2004. Ex-Obama aides held dozens of meetings with potential donors in LA, New York, and elsewhere yesterday,...

George Soros: Double-Dip Recession Is Here

Rejection of stimulus a big mistake: investor

(Newser) - Worry no longer about an impending double-dip recession—it’s already here, says George Soros. “I think we are in it already,” the billionaire investor told CNBC , citing Republicans’ rejection of fiscal stimulus as a key problem. “We have a slowdown and basically a conflict about whether...

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, George Soros Among Richest Americans on Forbes List
 Bill Gates  

forbes rankings

Bill Gates Richest American Again

His $59B tops Warren Buffett's $39B

(Newser) - Forbes is out with its annual ranking of the richest Americans, with some familiar names up top. Highlights from the magazine and MSNBC :
  1. Bill Gates, $59 billion
  2. Warren Buffett, $39 billion
  3. Larry Ellison (Oracle), $33 billion
  4. (tie) Charles Koch, $25 billion
  5. (tie) David Koch, $25 billion

George Soros Sued for $50M by Spurned Ex

Brazilian soap star, 28, angry she didn't get swank digs

(Newser) - Billionaire financier George Soros is often in the news, but not often for such sordid reasons: 28-year-old Brazilian soap star Adriana Ferreyr claims he was violent in bed and reneged on a real estate gift to the tune of $1.9 million. Ferreyr filed a $50 million lawsuit against Soros...

Bloomberg Footing $30M Bill for Minority Youth Push

Hizzoner opens wallet for blacks, Latinos

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg thinks his city doesn’t do enough for black and Latino youth—and he’s putting his money where his mouth is. The mayor is pushing for a $130 million program designed to help New York City youth, and in an unusual move, he’s offering to chip...

Soros Kicks Investors Out of His Hedge Fund

He'll manage exclusively family assets from now on

(Newser) - From now on, George Soros’ hedge fund is strictly a family affair. The billionaire has decided to oust all outside investors from the fund, in order to duck new federal regulations requiring hedge funds to register with the SEC, Bloomberg reports. From now on, the fund will manage Soros’ own...

Soros: Euro on Verge of Major Collapse

'Inevitable' a country will leave euro, he warns

(Newser) - Billionaire investor George Soros had harsh words for the euro zone yesterday, saying it had "fundamental flaws," "no plan B," and that the system is "on the verge of an economic collapse," reports Reuters . The core flaw, says Soros, is that the euro is...

Rabbis Urge Murdoch to Rein In Beck, Fox News

Coalition slams constant use of Holocaust, Nazi imagery

(Newser) - A coalition of 400 rabbis have had enough of Glenn Beck's use of Nazi and Holocaust imagery and attacks on George Soros . The group is urging Rupert Murdoch to sanction Beck and Fox News chief Roger Ailes. It has bought a full-page ad in one of Murdoch's own papers, the ...

Slate Presents '80 Over 80'
 Slate Presents 
 '80 Over 80' 

Slate Presents '80 Over 80'

Influential octogenarians, from politicians to celebrities

(Newser) - Thirty under 30? Pshaw. Slate offers up its annual 80 Over 80, a list of politicians, industry leaders, and other icons who also happen to be really old, ranked in order of power and importance. The top five:
  1. Thomas S. Monson: The Mormon president, 83, acts as divine prophet for

George Soros Sours on Obama

Tells other donors their money may be better spent elsewhere

(Newser) - Plenty of President Obama's supporters are disappointed after the midterms in his performance, but this one in particular has very deep pockets. Here's the quote attributed to progressive-minded billionaire George Soros: "We have just lost this election, we need to draw a line. And if this president can't do...

ADL Rips Beck for 'Horrific' Assault on George Soros

Jewish liberal helped send Jews to camps, he said

(Newser) - The Anti-Defamation League is blasting Glenn Beck for accusing liberal philanthropist George Soros, who is Jewish, of helping Nazis send Jews to their death. Soros at the age of 14 "used to go around with this anti-Semite and deliver papers to the Jews and confiscate their property and then...

Why We Need to Legalize Pot
 Why We Need to Legalize Pot 
george soros

Why We Need to Legalize Pot

Our war on marijuana does more harm than good

(Newser) - What will happen if we legalize marijuana? Simple: Police will be able to “focus on serious crime instead,” writes George Soros in the Wall Street Journal . The liberal billionaire and philanthropist outlines his reasons for supporting California’s Prop 19 , with the bottom line being that “our...

Soros: I'm Done Donating to Democrats

Says last 3 elections were 'exceptions,' sees GOP 'avalanche'

(Newser) - Like many Democratic über-donors, liberal billionaire George Soros is sitting this election out, but says throwing money at elections is something he didn’t like to do in the first place. “I made an exception getting involved in 2004,” Soros tells the New York Times . “...

Democrats' Big Money Men Sitting Out 2010

Conservative groups outspending liberal ones by 7 to 1 margin

(Newser) - The Democrats' normal stable of megadonors has largely failed to show up for the 2010 race, while their Republican counterparts are going wild, the New York Times reports. Even reliable donors like George Soros are sitting on their wallets—Soros “believes that he can be most effective by funding...

Left-Right Coalition Presses US on Prison Rape

Groups criticize Eric Holder for delay in new rules

(Newser) - The issue of prison rape—and the Justice Department's delay in addressing it—has brought together an unusual coalition of conservative and progressive groups, the Huffington Post reports. Focus on the Family and the American Conservative Union joined the ACLU and George Soros' Open Society Policy Center yesterday in calling...

Hedge Fund Managers Rake In Record $25B

Top 25 managers cleaned up by betting on bank bailout

(Newser) - Betting correctly that the federal government would not let more banks fail after the cruel denouement of 2008, hedge fund managers engineered a record payday for themselves in 2009. The top 25 brought in $25.3 billion, topping 2007’s record by a healthy margin, and the $4 billion taken...

America's Top Philanthropists

Annual list tracks most generous of 2009; Bill and Melinda Gates are 3rd

(Newser) - The recession took a bite out of charitable giving last year, but some very wealthy, very generous people kept their checkbooks open. Slate delivers its annual list of the 60 biggest donors in the country, who together came up with $4.2 billion in new commitments to charity last year....

Soros to Spend $50M to Reinvent Economics

Fund manager's think tank charged with reinventing the field

(Newser) - George Soros has decided to spend $50 million to launch a new think tank charged with reinventing the field of economics, which the Hungarian-American billionaire calls "a dogma whose time has passed." The Institute of New Economic Thinking, whose board members include luminaries such as Joseph Stiglitz and...

Soros to Invest $1B to Develop Clean Energy

He's also creating advisory group for policy-makers

(Newser) - George Soros is putting his vast resources—or at least $1 billion of them—behind his passion for the environment. Soros plans to invest that amount into developing technology to create clean energy. He's also starting an organization called the Climate Policy Initiative, which will be based in San Francisco,...

Soros: Time for Philanthropists to Step Up in Public Sphere

Gives $200 to every underprivileged NY kid

(Newser) - George Soros is giving $200 to each and every underprivileged kid in New York state, the billionaire announced today, for a total $35 million bill that will make the state eligible for another $140 million in stimulus money. Some have criticized it as a welfare-style handout, but Soros tells Time...

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