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141 Companies on Limbaugh Ad Exodus

McDonald's, NBC, US Army join the anti-Rush list

(Newser) - The Limbaugh advertising stampede is now officially an exodus. What was "only" 45 companies listed last week has expanded into a mass migration of 141 advertisers, according to an internal Premiere Radio Networks memo obtained by the Traffic Directors Guild of America . The memo lists 96 national companies that...

What Jay-Z and Glenn Beck Have in Common

Rap and right-wing talk radio are more similar than you might think

(Newser) - After listening to hours of Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin on the radio while driving the Nebraska countryside, a peculiar thought occurred to David Segal: conservative talk-show hosts are surprisingly similar to gangsta rappers, he writes for the New York Times. Consider the parallels:
  • Huge egos. Both groups

Beneath the Growl, Michael Savage Is a Softie

(Newser) - Michael Savage is on a roll: First the Brits take him off the "hate promoters" list that had him banned from the country, and now Kelefa Sanneh has an affectionate profile of the heretical conservative shock jock in the New Yorker. The toxic soundbites that emerge from Savage's show,...

Righty Radio Host Savage Off 'Banned in Britain' List

Conservative talk-show still suing former UK home secretary for libel

(Newser) - Radio talk-show host Michael Savage can again enter the UK after Britain’s new home secretary decided to take him off the country’s “banned in Britain” list, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The conservative pundit is still suing the former home secretary, Jacqui Smith, for libel after putting...

Savage: Limbaugh 'Is the Biggest Fraud'

(Newser) - Trouble in the land of right-wing radio. Michael Savage blasted Rush Limbaugh today as "the biggest phony of them all," reports Media Matters. Savage was speaking about the people who have supported him since Britain branded him a hate-monger and told him to stay away. Limbaugh, however, did...

Barred Savage Calls for British Boycott

Savage, Phelps lash out at UK's hate speech penalty

(Newser) - Right-wing radio mouth Michael Savage has branded British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith a "witch" and urged his listeners yesterday to boycott the country's products and cancel trips to Britain, the Daily Telegraph reports. "I suggest you stop buying English made goods," fumed Savage, who has been barred...

Martha's Banned From Britain, Too

(Newser) - American shock jock Michael Savage is only the latest celebrity banned from entering the UK; Mental Floss compiles a list of other notables:
  • Martha Stewart: “It’s frankly hard to believe that any country would want to ban Martha, domestic goddess of all that is clean and organized and

Savage May Sue Britain for Banning Him

Radio host fumes over making extremist list

(Newser) - Radio yakker Michael Savage isn't amused that he's ended up on a list of people banned from Britain for spreading hate. The conservative talk show host told the San Francisco Chronicle he's considering legal action. "Today it's me. Tomorrow it's someone else," he said. "The land of...

UK Publishes List of Banned 'Extremists'

US radio host Savage named among those fostering 'hatred'

(Newser) - Britain for the first time has published a list of people barred from entering the country for what the government says is fostering extremism or hatred. The list includes popular US talk-radio host Michael Savage, who has called the Koran a "book of hate” and has enraged parents of...

Conservative Radio Sees Boom Ahead
Conservative Radio Sees Boom Ahead

Conservative Radio Sees Boom Ahead

Limbaugh, Hannity & Co. ready to play foil to Obama White House

(Newser) - Where Bill Clinton’s presidency triggered Rush Limbaugh’s ascent, many see a new boom coming for conservative talk radio under President Obama, the New York Times reports. Limbaugh is touting the “rebirth of principled opposition,” and Sean Hannity claims to lead “conservatism in exile.” Says...

Savage Defends Attack on Autistic 'Brats'

Radio host infuriates parents after blaming them for spoiling kids

(Newser) - Right-wing mouth Michael Savage isn't backing down from his remarks characterizing autistic kids as nothing more than "brats," outraging thousands of parents, the New York Times reports. The radio host said in a broadcast last week that autism was a "fraud" and 99% of cases were created...

Muslims See Hypocrisy on Hate Speech

Radio host's slur seen as evidence of US double standard

(Newser) - After radio host Michael Savage took potshots at Islam, the relatively muted response has left Muslim Americans with a question: Where's the outrage? A handful of advertisers have pulled out, but the reaction is nowhere near as strong as it was, say, when Don Imus made an anti-black slur, the...

12 Stories
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