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60 Minutes to Interview Obama, Romney

They'll appear separately this weekend

(Newser) - Well, it's almost like a debate: 60 Minutes will feature separate interviews this Sunday with Mitt Romney and President Obama, reports USA Today . CBS promises that both will get similar questions on the economy, health care, national security, and the like—and no doubt some on Romney's "... More »

MSNBC Boots Pat Buchanan

Conservative blames axing on 'thought police'

(Newser) - Pat Buchanan is leaving MSNBC after a decade, an apparent victim of the network's swing toward the liberal and a backlash against his Suicide of a Superpower book, in which he warns of "the end of white America." Buchanan had been suspended from the network for four... More »

Blacks Duped by Propaganda on Lefty 'Plantation': Pat Buchanan

Stands by Herman Cain, agrees African-Americans were 'brainwashed'

(Newser) - Pat Buchanan agrees with Herman Cain that African-Americans were “brainwashed” into being Democrats—in fact, they “bought a lot of liberal propaganda on the liberal plantation,” he told Martin Bashir on MSNBC yesterday. “I think the African-American community has embraced Great Society liberalism which has been... More »

We Can't Ignore Oslo Gunman as 'Lone Crackpot'

It's 'too easy,' and he's got too many sympathizers: Timothy Egan

(Newser) - Glenn Beck wasn’t justifying murder when he likened the victims of the Oslo massacre to Nazis. “He was merely muddying the humanity” of Anders Breivik’s victims, writes Timothy Egan in the New York Times . But the comments on his website The Blaze were brimming with sympathy for... More »

Do Not Underestimate Michele Bachmann

Steve Kornacki: Think of her as today's Pat Buchanan

(Newser) - A lot of people are eager to write off Michele Bachmann’s potential presidential run , but they’re making a mistake, argues Steve Kornacki at Salon , because Bachmann has a real chance to rock the apple cart here. Bachmann is “plainly more viable” than a host of “no-shot... More »

Affirmative Action Keeps White Guys in NBA

MSNBC host smells an injustice

(Newser) - You know you’ve really stepped in it when Eugene Robinson and Pat Buchanan agree that you’re wrong. Chris Matthews was talking about affirmative action with those two on Hardball last night, when he declared, “I think a lot of NBA teams carry white players.” Robinson and... More »

Beck Dons GDR Getup: Too Timid to Do Nazi?

Host scales new heights of stupidity for cover of Arguing With Idiots

(Newser) - Glenn Beck's decision to don an old East German army uniform for the cover of his latest book is as ridiculous as the paranoid rantings that no doubt lie within, Silbey writes at the Edge of the American West. It's not clear what statement Beck's trying to make, Silbey notes,... More »

Obama TV Has Become a Snore

(Newser) - Say what you want about President Nixon, but at least his press conferences were entertaining. “It was the Colosseum, and everybody’s thumb was down,” recalls staffer Pat Buchanan. “It was something worth watching.” The same can’t be said of President Obama’s all-too-frequent appearances.... More »

MSNBC's Brzezinski Mugged in DC

Anchor out $6 after early-morning attack in front of hotel; assailant wanted $20

(Newser) - MSNBC Morning Joe co-anchor Mika Brzezinski “was very scared” when she was mugged early this morning outside a Washington hotel, the Post reports. As she waited for a car, a man approached her and said, “Give me your money and you won’t get hurt.” Brzezinski gave... More »

Obama Should Seek Detente With Medvedev: Buchanan

Russian leader leaves opening to derail march toward new Cold War

(Newser) - President Dmitry Medvedev is signaling that Russia and the US could have a less contentious relationship under Barack Obama, and Obama should heed the call, Pat Buchanan writes in the American Conservative. “Russia does not want the Cold War II that the departing neocons wish to leave on his... More »

Maddow Is Sharp, But Still Just Another Partisan Pundit

Host only shines in clashes with the right

(Newser) - Despite all the hype and the glowing blogosphere reviews since she got her own MSNBC slot Sept. 8, Rachel Maddow’s program has turned out to be a clone of the Keith Olbermann vehicle that precedes her: “less a show than an annex,” Alessandra Stanley writes in the... More »

Meet the Conservatives' New It-Girl

If McCain wins, can President Palin be far behind?

(Newser) - Sarah Palin may have been a risky choice for John McCain, but “it’s paying off, big-time,” writes Pat Buchanan for World Net Daily. She's quickly become the greatest asset the conservative movement has, according to Buchanan. The pick will energize conservatives, and give McCain a puncher’s... More »

Why McCain Has More 'Friends' Than Facebook

The candidate wants to be your buddy

(Newser) - John McCain wants to be your friend. He regularly and repeatedly addresses audiences as “my friends,” Paul Collins writes for Slate, calling the habit  "the most mystifying verbal tic of any politician since Bob Dole." FDR and William Jennings Bryan shared the habit, but in recent... More »

Not Far Enough Off His Rocker

Duncan Hunter is too boring to be a successful fringe candidate

(Newser) - Duncan Hunter may be the “hard-ass conservative” running for president, the New Republic’s Eve Fairbanks allows, but the congressman dubbed “Pat Buchanan with a smile” is simply too boring to fill the fringe niche. Sure, he wants a double fence on the Mexican border and to withhold... More »

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