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Tom Waits Wows Film Critics, Ticks Off His Mom

Singer's turn as Satan causes trouble at home

(Newser) - Tom Waits is 60 years old, but his mom can still get to him. The gravelly-voiced singer plays Satan in Terry Gilliam's latest trippy film, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, and that isn't going over well with his mother. She's religious, you see. "She's really upset," he says.... More »

Obama the Anti-Christ? Maybe in New Jersey

(Newser) - New Jerseyans are apparently having a difficult time figuring out whether the president is the devil or not, the Washington Independent reports. To be sure, a Public Policy Polling questionnaire has 79% of respondents responding “No” to the question “Do you think Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ?” But... More »

Prejean: 'Satan Set Gay Trap for Me'

She rejected devil and 'stood up for God' on gay marriage, Prejean tells Dobson

(Newser) - Miss California has told a Christian radio program that "Satan tried to tempt me" with the gay marriage pageant question that rocketed her into controversy. "I wanted to sound politically correct" and win the Miss USA pageant, Carrie Prejean told evangelical leader James Dobson yesterday. "Then God... More »

Where Bernie's Headed: Dante's Ninth Circle

Hell's worst area is frozen land ruled by Satan

(Newser) - If 150 years in prison seems like meager penance for Bernie Madoff, consider where he would go in Dante's Inferno: the Ninth Circle of Hell. There, the world's worst sinners—betrayers—freeze in an iceworld kept cool by Satan himself. "Betrayal destroys the trust that binds humanity, and... More »

Amish Blast ID Cow Chips as 'Mark of the Beast'

Farmers sue USDA over Michigan's mandatory tag program

(Newser) - A group of Amish farmers has launched a federal lawsuit against the USDA claiming that electronic ID tags on cattle are the mark of Satan himself, not merely of the Michigan Animal Identification System, Wired reports. The farmers say the mandatory program, aimed at tracking livestock diseases, violates the "... More »

Devil, US May Care About Satanist's Custody Fight

Mom wants kids to spend Sunday morning in church instead of with devilish dad

(Newser) - An Indiana man says he is a loving father who just wants to share his faith with his kids—but his Christian ex-wife would prefer their daughters spent Sunday morning in church instead of with their Satanist dad. The custody case raises thorny church and state issues, the Chicago Tribune ... More »

Romney Slams Huckabee's Ungodly Jabs

Connection of Jesus, devil irks Mormon Republican candidate

(Newser) - Mitt Romney is rebutting Mike Huckabee’s suggestion that Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers, saying Huckabee “is really going too far” by “attacking” his religion. The former Massachusetts governor said it’s “just not the American way” to impugn personal beliefs. Mormon faith does not... More »

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