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Fehr's Whiff on Steroids Tarnishes Great Legacy

(Newser) - If not for one pesky scandal, “Don Fehr might rightly be hailed as one of the greatest leaders in the history of American labor,” Ken Rosenthal writes for Fox Sports of the retiring baseball players union boss. “Alas, he missed on steroids, missed about as badly as...

Fehr, Head of Baseball Players Union, Will Retire

(Newser) - Baseball players union chief Donald Fehr said today he’ll retire by March 31, the New York Times reports. His likely replacement as executive director will be Michael Weiner, the union’s general counsel. In Fehr’s 26 years at the helm, the average player salary rose from $289,000...

Canseco Calls for Major League Drug Summit

Says he can help baseball quit steroids

(Newser) - Former slugger Jose Canseco, who blew the lid off steroid use in two controversial books, is seeking to meet with baseball commissioner Bud Selig and union head Donald Fehr to discuss his plans to run drugs out of the game, reports AP. "I think I have the ear of...

MLB Expanding Anti-Drug Push
MLB Expanding Anti-Drug Push

MLB Expanding Anti-Drug Push

Selig announces creation of investigative unit for illegal substances

(Newser) - Taking its cue from the Mitchell Report's findings, Major League Baseball today announced it has established a permanent investigations unit to check allegations of drug use by players in the grand old game. An ex-NYC cop and former FBI agent will lead the department - whose goal is "protecting...

Players Won't Testify at Congressional Hearings

Not expected on Jan. 15th, according to new report

(Newser) - A newly released report suggests that the only MLB personnel expected at the Jan.15th congressional hearings will be Bud Selig and Donald Fehr, ESPN reported last night. The 86 players named in Senator Mitchell's investigation are likely to be under no obligation to speak before the committee, and Rep....

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