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Cookbooks May Be Lost at Sea
Cookbooks May
Be Lost at Sea

Cookbooks May Be Lost at Sea

Authors take news in stride on Instagram

(Newser) - Two new cookbooks may be literally lost at sea, and now fans will have to wait a few more months to dig into them, People reports. Containers collapsed on a cargo ship headed to New York, presumably sending new copies of Melissa Clark's Dinner in One: Exceptional & Easy ...

Instagram Star's Cookbook Recalled Due to Possibly Dangerous Recipes

Johnna Holmgren's 'Tales From a Forager's Kitchen' called for the use of wild mushrooms, berries

(Newser) - Instagram star and blogger Johnna Holmgren, aka Fox Meets Bear , chronicles her family's life in the woods of Minnesota, which sometimes involves foraging for food. Her first cookbook, published in May, reflected that lifestyle: Tales From a Forager's Kitchen included recipes readers could make by foraging wild mushrooms,...

Green Code That Opens The Matrix Is Surprisingly Mundane

Simon Whiteley shares its origins

(Newser) - If you're the type who would take the blue pill and would prefer to "just wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe," stop reading. If you want to discover the truth about a mystery of The Matrix, pop the hypothetical red pill...

Just in Time for the Holidays, Dali's Surreal Cookbook

'Les Diners de Gala' a republishing of famous 1973 Salvador Dali tome

(Newser) - One doesn't usually think of a cookbook as "lavish and erotic," but that's how the Guardian is describing a reissue by Taschen of a famous cookbook first published in 1973. Described by Food and Wine as "more Hieronymus Bosch than Anthony Bourdain," Salvador Dali'...

IBM's Supercomputer Chef Releases a Cookbook

Now you can sample recipes developed by a digital chef

(Newser) - IBM's Watson supercomputer has been dabbling in the world of cooking for a while now; last year, for instance, it offered up its own barbecue sauce , which was reportedly a hit. Soon, you'll be able to try some of Chef Watson's recipes in your own kitchen. The...

Officials Investigate Paleo Cookbook ...for Babies

'Baby formula' involving chicken feet raises concerns

(Newser) - You're never too young, it seems, for a trendy diet. The release of an Australian paleo diet cookbook has been delayed amid concerns over its recipes for babies, Australia's ABC News reports. Officials are investigating Bubba Yum Yum: The Paleo Way For New Mums, Babies and Toddlers, which...

5 Actors Who've Penned Cookbooks

They still enjoy some domestic duties

(Newser) - A person can, apparently, be rich and famous and still enjoy slaving away in the kitchen ... as proven by these 11 celebrities with their very own cookbooks, rounded up by ETOnline . Click through the gallery for a sampling or check out the full list here —especially if you want...

Now Available: Synthetic Meat Cookbook

You just can't cook with it... yet

(Newser) - If cannibal snacks and meat ice cream sound like something you might call tasty, you're in luck: The makers of the $330,000 "Frankenburger" are developing a cookbook for all your lab-grown meat needs, LiveScience reports. Using indiegogo , the team hopes to dish out the In Vitro Meat ...

It's Tough Not to Mock Gwyneth's New Cookbook

Paltrow's 'It's All Good' out April 2

(Newser) - The New York Post got an early look at Gwyneth Paltrow's second cookbook, out April 2, and it deems the tome "a recipe for ridicule." It's All Good starts with Paltrow telling a story about how, in 2011, she thought she was going to die. Turns...

And the Oddest Book Title of the Year Is ...

Other contenders included books about chicken sexing, office chairs

(Newser) - There were plenty of odd book titles last year, such as Estonian Sock Patterns All Over the World and A Taxonomy of Office Chairs. But the winner of the Diagram prize for strangest book title of the year is Cooking with Poo, reports the Guardian . Actually, Cooking with Poo is...

Ebert Can't Eat, But He Can Cook

And to prove it, he's publishing a cookbook

(Newser) - Cancer left Roger Ebert unable to eat or speak —but it didn’t rob his ability to cook. The beloved film critic, who often reminisces about the foods he misses (root beer, Steak ‘n Shake) on his blog , doesn’t mind sharing a restaurant meal or a kitchen...

Recipe Calls for 'Freshly Ground Black People'

Penguin reprinting 7K cookbooks over 'silly mistake'

(Newser) - Some 7,000 copies of an Australian cookbook are being reprinted after readers discovered a recipe calling for "freshly ground black people." Books already on the shelves will not be recalled. Penguin Group Australia spokesman Bob Sessions said he found the misprint "quite forgivable" because "proofreading...

7 Celebs Who Shouldn't Have Cookbooks

Would you really trust Miss Piggy in your kitchen?

(Newser) - They call them the “Real Housewives,” but does that actually mean they know how to cook? Apparently at least one of them thinks she does: Teresa Giudice, whose Skinny Italian proves that “all you have to these days to be considered an authority on cooking is flip...

Jessica Seinfeld Wins Cookbook Copycat Case

Deceptively Delicious wasn't plagiarized, federal judge rules

(Newser) - A federal judge in New York has tossed out a suit claiming that a cookbook by Jerry  Seinfeld's wife plagiarized a rival's book. Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious, like Missy Chase Lapine's The Sneaky Chef, shows parents how to sneak vegetables into their kids' food—an idea nobody can copyright, the...

Now In Child's Old Kitchen, No Meat—or Butter!

Vegetarian occupants hope chef 'is not rolling over in her grave'

(Newser) - The sacrilege! Not only has the kitchen in Julia Child’s former Cambridge home—familiar to millions of devotees of her show—been renovated to within an inch of its life, the Boston Globe reports, its new owners have hung a picture of a cow with the caption: “Nobody...

48 Years Later, Julia Child Tops Bestseller List

(Newser) - Nearly half a century after it was published, Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking is entering the New York Times bestseller list—at No. 1. The film Julie & Julia, starring Meryl Streep as the famous chef, has electrified sales of the cookbook despite its antiquated recipes...

Woman Sues Hasselbeck Over Cookbook Plagiarism

Says View co-host stole celiac disease idea

(Newser) - A woman who sent Elisabeth Hasselbeck a cookbook to help deal with an autoimmune disorder now claims The View co-host pirated the ideas for her own tome, the Boston Herald reports. Self-published author Susan Hassett’s federal lawsuit claims she sent Living With Celiac Disease to Hasselbeck in 2008, and...

Paltrow Adds Cookbook to Off-Camera Plate

(Newser) - Gwyneth Paltrow won’t be onscreen again until 2010, but she’s filling her time with a gym, a PBS TV show, a website, and now a cookbook, the New York Daily News reports. The book, My Father’s Daughter, will stress the importance of families sharing the table. “...

Cooks' Books: Can You Try This at Home?
 Cooks' Books: Can 
 You Try This at Home? 

Cooks' Books: Can You Try This at Home?

Rarely the same, but effort offers insight

(Newser) - Restaurant cookbooks allow you to tap into a chef's genius, but rarely do they yield perfect re-creations of beloved dishes, notes food writer Lauren Shockey for Slate. Shockey tries her hand at recipes from a couple of Manhattan's renowned restaurants— Shopsin's, Carmine's, and Chantarelle—and goes on-site for a taste...

Colicchio Saves Cookbook Writer From Choking

Top Chef star does Heimlich maneuver at benefit dinner

(Newser) - He runs multiple restaurants, hosts one of TV’s top cooking shows, and, it turns out, he could just save your life. Tom Colicchio saved Joan Nathan’s life last night, writes witness Ezra Klein on the Internet Food Association. Nathan, a James Beard Award-winning cookbook author, was holding a...

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