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Man Asks Court to Let Him Settle Divorce Dispute With Swords

He wants to meet ex-wife 'on field of battle'

(Newser) - A divorced Kansas man who wants to talk to his children more often probably hasn't helped his cause by asking a court to let him kill his ex-wife and her attorney with a sword. According to court records seen by the Carroll Times Herald , 40-year-old David Ostrom asked a... More »

Man: Girlfriend's Samurai Attack 'Scared Living Poop Out of Me'

Alex Lovell was attacked on March 3

(Newser) - Alex Lovell says he spent 12 to 13 hours a day playing a computer game in which players fight to the death. But when his girlfriend allegedly came at him with a real sword, "it scared the living poop out of me." Emily Javier, 30, is charged with... More »

High Priestess of Tokyo Shrine Killed With Samurai Sword

Police say her brother also killed accomplice before taking own life

(Newser) - The former high priest of a famous Tokyo shrine killed his older sister, an accomplice, and finally himself with a samurai sword Thursday in what police believe was a feud over succession. Police say 58-year-old Nagako Tomioka, the high priestess of the Tomioka Hachimangu shrine, was killed by her brother,... More »

Actor Killed by Prop Samurai Sword

Tokyo cops aren't sure if it was an accident or murder

(Newser) - Police in Tokyo are investigating a bizarre incident that sounds like a plot rejected by a detective show for being too clichéd. NBC News reports that 33-year-old theater actor Daigo Kashino died on Monday after a 28-inch replica samurai sword pierced his belly while he was practicing for a... More »

Cops: Modern-Day Samurai Busted at Apple Store

The incident was posted to social media, of course

(Newser) - Authorities say a man was taken into custody after swinging a samurai sword inside an Apple store Friday in Manhattan. It happened shortly after 4pm local time at a store on Fifth Avenue. A police spokesperson says the man appeared to be emotionally disturbed. Officials say there were no reported... More »

Mormon Bishop Scares Off Attacker With Samurai Sword

Kent Hendrix is also a martial arts instructor

(Newser) - When Kent Hendrix woke up yesterday to his teenage son telling him someone was being attacked in front of their house, he did what any self-respecting Mormon bishop/martial arts instructor/fourth-degree black belt holder/weapons collector would do: He grabbed his Samurai sword, ran outside, drew the sword on the attacker, and... More »

Police Arrest Naked, Sword-Wielding Man

There was a standoff as guy brandished sword at cops

(Newser) - San Jose police certainly started off the new year with a bang. They were alerted this morning that a man was outside a home with an assault rifle; he left before they arrived. When they pulled him over, he got out of the car naked ... and wielding a large Samurai... More »

'Samurai Vigilante' Breaks Up Train Fight

Video of Phoenix train attack has already gone viral

(Newser) - Two men punching and kicking a guy on a Phoenix train a couple weeks ago got a little surprise—when a passenger threatened them with a Samurai sword, the Huffington Post reports. The Bushido vigilante, wearing a baseball cap and headphones, inched forward until the terrified attackers fled the light... More »

Child Porn Suspect Wields Samurai Sword on Computer

He strikes as police enter his apartment

(Newser) - Yesterday's line of the day from the crime blotter involved a disassembled gun hidden inside a bunny, a bear, and Mickey Mouse. The Miami Herald may have topped it today with a lede spotted by BoingBoing .
  • "A Florida man stabbed his computer with a Samurai sword after being
... More »

Man Robs Arby's With Samurai Sword

(Newser) - It's increasingly becoming the weapon of choice: A samurai sword-wielding robber turned up at an Arby's in Killeen, Texas, last night. He poked one person, who was uninjured, in the course of his robbery and made off with an undetermined amount of cash, reports KWTX . Though he may have been... More »

Bin Laden Hunter: Crazy, but on the Right Track

Gary Faulkner was searching exactly where the terrorist might be

(Newser) - Don't be too quick to laugh at the mental image of Gary Faulkner, Osama bin Laden bounty hunter, armed with a samurai sword and searching the forests of northwest Pakistan, writes Dexter Filkins: He was on the right track. Faulkner was actually searching where some of the sharpest intelligence analysts... More »

Lawmaker to BP Exec: As a Samurai, You'd Kill Yourself

Cao gives lesson in 'Asian culture'

(Newser) - Florida congressman Cliff Stearns asked BP chairman Lamar McKay to resign during McKay's congressional testimony today. And he was the nice one. Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao, a Vietnamese-American who represents New Orleans, delivered a pointed history lesson, notes CBS . "Mr. Stearns asked Mr. McKay to resign," he... More »

Johns Hopkins Student Kills Burglar With Samurai Sword

Johns Hopkins student defends home with lethal results: police

(Newser) - For those thinking of burglarizing hapless eggheads, think again: A would-be burglar met his end at the hands of a Johns Hopkins student armed with a samurai sword early today, the Baltimore Sun reports. The student, who lives off-campus, told cops he heard a sound and went downstairs, to... More »

Hollywood Scientology Guard Kills Samurai Man

Shooting of former church member was self-defense, police conclude

(Newser) - A man brandishing two Samurai swords was shot dead by a guard inside a Hollywood Scientology church yesterday. A security tape revealed that the guard used his automatic weapon to protect himself and two colleagues, police concluded. The sword man had a history with the church, but was not a... More »

NY Cops Bust Bizarre Hit Job

Jealous spouse gave undercover officer samurai sword to kill wife, retrieve $27K ring

(Newser) - A Brooklyn man was arrested yesterday for attempting to get a hit man to kill his wife—and retrieve the $27,000 wedding ring he had given her, the New York Daily News reports. Rockefeller Auguste, 35, enraged by jealousy, gave an undercover officer posing as a contract killer a... More »

UK Bans Samurai Swords

Move follows a wave of high-profile attacks in recent years

(Newser) - British authorities are cracking down on a deadly, if unconventional, weapon—the samurai sword. The government banned the sale of the Japanese blades this week following at least 80 serious attacks, including five deaths, in the last few years, the Guardian reports. Collectors and martial arts practitioners will not be... More »

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